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We assist Edmonton businesses in building authentic connections and maintaining a consistent social media presence.

Social Media Company in Edmonton

Marvel Marketing is a reputable Edmonton social media marketing firm that connects businesses with its target audience on various social media platforms. We craft persuasive messages that resonate with your followers and result in company growth. Marvel Marketing offers a wide range of social media services to help you establish a vast online community. 

As the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton boasts of a thriving economy. All businesses located in this beautiful city, whether big or small, can benefit from social media marketing. Companies without an in-house social media department or solopreneurs who don’t have the time to create and share content for their profiles/accounts should partner with a reliable social media agency. 

Marvel Marketing has been offering innovative solutions for the last ten years. We have a brilliant team of social media experts who will develop, execute and manage effective campaigns for your business. Whether you have already established an online presence or your company is yet to create a profile on Facebook or Instagram, Marvel Marketing can offer all that and much more. Our services can be customized, and as our clients, you are assured of measurable results and timely delivery.

Social Media Company in Edmonton

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What Edmonton Social Media Services Do We Provide?

Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most frequently requested services by Edmonton businesses. To reap all the benefits of social media marketing, you must have a well-thought-out plan. Things such as research and campaign execution are pretty time-consuming and tiresome. That's where Marvel Marketing chips in. We can manage all your social media campaigns, from signing your business up on various social media platforms to answering comments from followers.

Social Media Marketing

Considering how competitive Edmonton businesses are. It's advisable to explore as many marketing platforms as possible. Since there are thousands of active social media users in Edmonton, we can help you channel your marketing campaigns toward these platforms. When you hire us for social media marketing services, we will share engaging posts with your target audience, significantly boosting lead conversions.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Are you interested in utilizing paid ads on social media to generate more leads? We can help you out with that. Marvel Marketing is highly experienced with the paid ads features on various social media platforms. Not only do we promise to ensure the paid ads are cost-effective. But you are assured of increased brand awareness and targeted advertising that provides a return on investment.

Social Media Brand Management

Having a recognized brand in the Edmonton social media environment sets aside your business as an authority figure. Once you achieve that status, it will be much easier for you to gain more clients. Marvel Marketing can utilize creative content and follower engagement to build your brand on social media. With our assistance, your business will amass a huge following.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a hidden gem in the digital marketing community. If utilized correctly, Facebook can do wonders for your brand. For the many years, we have been offering Edmonton social media solutions. We have learnt the tricks and tips on marketing brands on Facebook. We can run successful marketing campaigns for your business using text, videos or images.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is another platform you should also be marketing your Edmonton business. This platform is known to rely on visuals which is ideal for spreading marketing messages. We can create quality infographics, videos and images to post on your business profile. We can also help you grow your following on Instagram, which can help increase leads and conversions.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is most lucrative for B2B marketing. Using hashtags and discussing trending topics, we can make your business part of conversations made by Edmonton social media users. Twitter grants businesses an opportunity to go viral in an instant. Marvel Marketing doesn't rely on chance or luck when it comes to Twitter marketing. Our strategies are thoroughly researched and creative enough to capture the attention of Edmonton tweeps.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok's short videos and advanced algorithm that shows users the content they want makes this platform one of the best for marketing, especially if you are targeting gen Z. Marvel Marketing has studied TikTok. We have a clear understanding of how it works. We can optimize content that will help your brand go viral by using hashtags and challenges. We have a creative team that will ensure your messages are well-received.

Content Writing

On social media, you will need content to interact with your target audience. Marvel Marketing can regularly supply you with quality content, ensuring that your business remains relevant. Your Edmonton customers on social media are constantly bombarded with lots of information. Our copywriters can ensure that your business is still part of the conversation by crafting and sharing engaging posts. Besides engagement, we also use content to convert followers into customers.

Awards and reputation

Marvel Marketing Named Top Social Media Marketing Company in Edmonton by Clutch, Upcity & More

Why Choose Marvel Marketing As Your Edmonton Social Media Agency?

Personalized Services

Every brand in Edmonton has different requirements regarding social media campaigns. That is why Marvel Marketing offers personalized services. Every social media solution provided by our agency is designed to cater to your brand’s needs. As a result, that drives more results. 

Increased ROI

Our social media marketing solutions aim to increase business revenue. As we are growing your following on various social networks, running campaigns and engaging followers. The end goal is to bring more leads to your business. When your business goes viral, most Edmonton social media users will want to be associated with it. By hiring us as your social media agency, you are assured of a return on investment. 

Skilled Social Media Experts

We are the best Edmonton social media agency because our experts are highly skilled. Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of which are the ideal channels for you to run social media campaigns. They will develop effective campaigns, execute and monitor them on behalf of your brand. With such a team by your side, your business will be unstoppable. 

Creative and Innovative

The social media space thrives on creativity and innovation. Fortunately, Marvel Marketing performs really when in these two sectors. Our social media experts are always looking for new ways to promote businesses on social media platforms. By utilizing different types of marketing, we can execute creative campaigns that will help you attain an authority status. 

Focused Campaigns

Before we even deliver social media services, Marvel Marketing first identifies your target audience. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that the messages are delivered to the correct recipients. Unless your business serves people of all demographics, you can benefit immensely from focused social media campaigns.

Timely Delivery

If you have just discovered the benefits of social media marketing, you are definitely interested in executing new campaigns as soon as possible. We work around the clock to meet your brand’s objectives. Every service offered by our agency is considered a high priority. We don’t play around with deadlines. 

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