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Search Engine Optimization

First page Google rankings with our Calgary SEO services can be priceless for your sales and business growth.

Website Design & Development

Marvel Marketing provides Calgary web design services that create engaging online experiences with your consumers.


Increase leads with the Google AdWords and social media PPC using geo-targeting & retargeting techniques.

great Digital Marketing services are recognized

Marvel Marketing Is an award-winning digital agency In Calgary

Marvel Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company in Calgary, AB providing innovative digital marketing services to help businesses like yours succeed in today’s competitive online world. In 2021, Marvel Marketing continues to grow and continues to be recognized for multiple awards in the internet marketing industry.

trusted digital marketing experts in calgary, ab

Marvel Marketing is respected as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Calgary when it comes to online marketing and SEO services. This reputation has been built through a honest, transparent approach to our work and our clients. With hundreds of clients projects handled successfully throughout the years, we have a deep understanding of all areas of digital marketing including SEO, SEA, PPC, social media and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

trusted digital marketing experts in calgary, ab

Marvel Marketing is respected as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Calgary when it comes to online marketing and SEO services. This reputation has been built through a honest, transparent approach to our work and our clients. With hundreds of clients projects handled successfully throughout the years, we have a deep understanding of all areas of digital marketing including SEO, SEA, PPC, social media and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

we expect high expectations

Marvel Marketing accepts the challenge to impress you.

Marvel Marketing owes its success to keeping with the high standards that are set by our clients. We put ourselves in your shoes and we consider what you would expect and how important your brand is to you. We don’t believe in rushing to the next project or taking priority to the higher paying client. We finish what we start and we do so with integrity and passion.

It's not easy but we accept the challenge of keeping our digital marketing standards set high and we never settle for less. Going into 2021 and beyond, quality digital marketing content is essential and should be expected from every client. When you hire Marvel Marketing to take on your Calgary digital marketing, we approach every project as a full-on partnership with you - so we can build your brand to its fullest potential.

Enough with the hiding from digital marketing agencies in Calgary. At Marvel Marketing we lay it all out on the table and will explain in depth the details of approach we are taking for your business. After all, we are supposed to be a partner in your success. Digital marketing can be confusing but we try our best to explain everything we do in a way you can understand. 

Innovative marketing campaigns have changed the fate of many businesses. Successful marketing is all about executing a winning strategy. Here, we share the innovative marketing strategies of top brands that have helped them beat their competitors in the market and achieve success.

Marketing is more than just delivering a message to the right people, it's about building relationships with your customers. We investigate innovative marketing strategies and how they can help you grow your business.


The most effective strategy is one that utilizes both new and proven techniques to accomplish your goals. Marvel's strategic planners can identify trends in the market to develop content that resonates effectively with both current and future customers to provide targeted digital marketing campaigns.


We harness the power of creativity to deliver high-impact and dynamic brands. Our approach to design is highly collaborative and iterative—a designer's framework for success. We marry the strategy of user-centered design with several other disciplines to define your brand value.


We are a passionate team of designers and developers that craft digital experiences for companies looking to grow their business. Contact us today to learn more about our next generation development services. We believe that websites should be accessible, functional and responsive.


Marvel Marketing takes an approach to digital marketing with precise targeting and in-depth research. Building your online presence through search engine optimization, Google AdWords and social media marketing to have your brand's voice heard. Take your industry by storm with effective digital marketing.

Ready to talk about your digital marketing goals?

Get In Touch With Us and discover how we can help!



    Ready to talk about your digital marketing goals?

    Get In Touch With Us and discover how we can help!




      Companies trust Marvel Marketing services

      We take pride in providing digital marketing services that go beyond client expectations. Are you ready to see what we can do for your business?

      Tiffany Petite
      Tiffany Petite
      Marvel Marketing has been a phenomenal Calgary Web Design Company for my small business. As a outstanding Calgary SEO Services company, we have been able to see results that have exceeded our expectations and this has taken our business to the next level. We had an outstanding experience with this Calgary Marketing Company. I would highly recommend Marvel to anyone who needs support to grow their business. Each and every member of their team has been professional and caring with our concerns. A+ Experience.
      Sharon Numerow
      Sharon Numerow
      Ryan at Marvel is fabulous to deal with. Been working with this Calgary Marketing company for just 3 months, and google requests are already increased and more solid leads. He is also very responsive! At this point, wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
      Laure Forsberg
      Laure Forsberg
      I was referred to Ryan and Marvel Marketing by a friend to help support me in creating a website for my business. It was all so new to me. Ryan was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient throughout the process. He guided me with what he needed from me and clarified everything for me each step of the way. In addition to all of that, I truly LOVE my website and it definitely checked all the boxes of what my needs and goals were with it. I highly recommend Ryan and the entire Marvel Marketing staff for your business needs!
      Kelsey Paul
      Kelsey Paul
      5 Stars for showing me cool Web/IT stuff! I implemented the Google listing recommendations to make it easier for our clients to review us on our Google Business Listing and in the past month we've seen a huge uptick in 5 star reviews. Marvel has a great Google My Business guide as well if you need help setting up your listing.
      TEA RENA
      TEA RENA
      Marvel Marketing has helped me understand the importance of good web Design and SEO practices for local and national business. Their private education is amazing and provided me with the tools I needed to help my businesses grow!
      K Payne
      K Payne
      I went to Marvel Marketing for a 1 on 1 consultation service for learning how to do local marketing for companies as I wanted to have some knowledge for my job. I learned so much and I'm so happy that I followed through doing this with Marvel Marketing. I learned about SEO and how to rank on google, online marketing strategies to help with consumer click through and so much more. Ryan didn't hold back on answering all my questions throughly and I can't thank the Marvel team enough!
      Deb Humphries
      Deb Humphries
      David Chan
      David Chan
      Great service! SEO and online campaigns have helped grown my business. highly recommend! Ryan is an absolute professional.
      Tracy Glover
      Tracy Glover
      Ryan is a master of his craft!! Very knowledgeable and personable. I'm pretty technologically challenged and he helped me every step of the way. We ran a Google campaign that brought my business a ton of interest!! Thank you so much, Ryan - I owe you one!!
      Denise Baez
      Denise Baez
      I personally know Ryan McRae and can only say good things about his personal and professional qualities. This young man is destined for great things, follow his path and you’ll see.

      no industry is off limits!

      You have found a digital marketing company in Calgary that has proudly helped businesses across North America reach new heights online within their industry.

      we get to work with amazing brands

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      What We Do For Your Business

      Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization

      As a full-service digital marketing agency, we work hand in hand with our clients to understand the true needs and objectives of their businesses. We develop proven strategies for generating, nurturing and converting traffic into leads. This allows you to acquire new customers for pennies on the dollar.

      Online Presence & Digital Footprint

      It’s our mission to help you succeed by embracing a holistic approach to digital marketing and expert, personalized service. From website development to social media services, our team will work together to position your brand and convey your message through every facet of marketing: blogs, social media and advertising.gether to position your brand and convey your message through every facet of marketing: blogs, social media and advertising.

      Accelerated ROI & Peace of Mind

      We are one of the fastest growing SEO agencies in the world. We know enterprise, mega-corps, mid-sized and even small businesses face unique challenges for their varying needs. This is why we have a dedicated marketing team to craft individualized solutions for clients of all sizes. Our main goal? To deliver more value to you faster than our competitors while ensuring a greater-than-expected ROI.

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      more than a digital marketing company, we are your Partner

      Marvel Marketing believes in growing partnerships, not just digital marketing clients. As an award winning, industry leader and the #1 growing internet marketing company in Calgary, you can rest assured that Marvel Marketing is a strong choice for your digital marketing experts. 


      always improving digital marketing strategies to provide the best results for your business

      Through years of trial and error, hours of testing and an unmeasurable amount of caffeine, we have built our marketing procedures and strategies that help businesses gain visibility organically and through paid advertising. We continue to test and improve our strategies on a daily basis, using the latest technology and platforms within the digital marketing space which we strategically apply to your marketing campaigns.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The difference between a digital marketing company and your traditional marketing company, the services are focused towards online strategies. ROI and results are the name of the game, with analytics tracking that can provide invaluable information. A digital marketing agency can build your brand and create online campaigns that become a lead generating engine.


      A digital marketing company is focused on a relatively specific aspect of online strategies. In the case of an all-inclusive digital marketing company you would be hard pressed to find any traditional marketing promotional activities such as direct mail, TV commercials or radio advertisements. Sure, there will be some small percentage of advertising dollars spent on TV and radio where there is huge brand recognition and long-term connections made with consumers. But for the most part, the digital marketing company will focus on optimizing, promoting and exploiting online strategies in order to bolster your brand in today’s marketplace.

      The advantage of hiring a digital marketing agency compared to hiring a marketing employee internally can be an extensive list, but we will point out the main advantages.

      • First off, its usually cheaper. Hiring process, training, vacation pay, taxes, fun. 
      • Hiring an agency will give you a team of digital marketing experts that breathe, sweat and live digital marketing 
      • We have a reputation to keep in good standing. if we do not deliver, it hurts our rep. An employee does not have this to worry about which can result in a lack of desire to produce results.

      These are just three points, there are many more. At Marvel Marketing we LOVE to show off the companies we work with and the results we provide them. Hiring us a digital marketing partner for your business will give you the advantage of having a group that is hungry to provide results.

      It depends what you think expensive is. But you also have to consider how much you value your business and brand. What do you want your brand to be? It will take money to grow your business with online marketing just as it would with traditional marketing.


      We are in 2021 now and if you look around everyone is looking at a screen - it could be their phone, laptop, tablet, computer - whatever it be, consumers are not looking at billboards, magazines and newspapers anymore. If you ask us, putting your budget towards marketing strategies that actually reach your audience makes financial sense to invest.


      To answer your question - we are not cheap. If your looking for a cheap marketing service, Marvel Marketing is not your answer.


      Are we fair? yes. Took a look at just a few expenses we have to be able to deliver the best digital marketing services in Calgary.


      • CRM Software for client management
      • Project management software to ensure projects are on time and kept in good order
      • Our highly talented team
      • Research and Development to create the most effective marketing strategies for you

      we're always ready for a new mission

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