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Today, all businesses are working around the clock to discover effective and fast methods of reaching out to potential customers. PPC advertising is one of these methods, and if utilized correctly, it can be highly profitable for any business or company.

Marvel Marketing is the best Pay Per Click marketing agency that can help boost your brand’s visibility and sales. Our PPC campaigns are optimized to be effective, profitable and guarantee a return on investment. Hire an online marketing company like Marvel Marketing today, and we will upgrade your PPC campaigns so that your brand can reach out to thousands of prospects.

The biggest challenge facing most businesses is low sales volume. That’s attributed to not having many customers. Without sales, it can be challenging to sustain the business, let alone grow it. Pay Per Click is a marketing technique that delivers immediate results. 


A clearly laid out PPC marketing campaign can deliver tons of potential clients within a short duration. Unlike SEO, PPC ads often work fast, and brands can get more sales. Our Pay Per Click services are suitable for new and old businesses that need an immediate boost in sales. 


Here at Marvel Marketing, we follow a hands-on approach when it comes to PPC marketing. We create effective strategies while ensuring we stick to a reasonable budget. Our success often results from our experience in PPC marketing and several A/B tests. With us, you are assured of a return on investment from your PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Marketing

SEO vs. PPC: Which is the Best Marketing Technique for Your Brand?

Most businesses usually struggle when choosing between SEO and PPC. SEO is known for its long-term benefits. On the other hand, PPC will boost your site traffic, leads, and conversions almost immediately. Which of these two marketing techniques is ideal for your brand? Let’s find out. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO and PPC both deliver the same benefits. However, SEO often takes longer. For your brand to gain trust, credibility, loyal following, and more traffic, it can take around six months. 

If you want to rank for a particular keyword, it can take up to a year of execution of SEO campaigns. To convert your website into an authority figure using SEO takes more time. 

Because of the above reasons, many brands cannot meet their objectives within the set time. Pay Per Click is an impressive marketing technique that delivers results much quicker and more flexibly.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click has been around for as long as we can remember. During that period, it has been used by almost all successful brands on search engine result pages. 

Through PPC, you can get your business to the right audience at the right place and time. This strategy is effective and can save a lot of your money as long as it’s executed correctly. 

With PPC advertising, you can speed up the buying process. When you run a PPC campaign, you can attract clients in their research stage. If you have a good landing page, persuading them to make a purchase will be effortless.

Boost Traffic and Conversions

Boost Traffic and Conversions with Our Reliable PPC Marketing Services

Marvel Marketing is here to help you get the most out of PPC marketing campaigns. Our team of experts are well versed with Pay Per Click advertising, and they can help you boost traffic, leads, and conversions. It doesn’t matter whether you have never engaged in PPC or have been unsuccessful. Our team will ensure you meet your goals on time. 


Our experts are always available for consultation if you still have doubts about PPC or have any inquiries. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how Pay Per Click advertising can benefit your business.

What is Pay Per Click and How Does It Work?

Understandably, it’s not everyone who is familiar with PPC. That’s why before you hire us, we often take the time to explain what it is and how it works. 


PPC is a branch of paid advertising. It’s a strategy that thousands of businesses invest thousands of dollars in. Don’t let the huge figures scare you. PPC campaigns bring the best Return on investment, especially if managed by an experienced consultant.

What Is Pay Per Click And How Does It Work
What is PPC

What is PPC?

PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click, is a digital form of advertising where the business pays a fee every time a person clicks on their ads. It is a smart advertising approach because it ensures a brand’s advertising funds don’t go to waste. 


One of the most popular types of PPC advertising is Google ads. However, there are many types of Pay Per Click ads that can be utilized to boost sales.

The Different Types of PPC Ads

As mentioned above, there are many types of PPC ads, and they can all be used to promote your business to target audiences. Marvel Marketing can help you identify the best PPC ads for your brand that will deliver more traffic, sales, and leads. Here is a list of the different types of PPC ads; 

Search Ads

This is the most popular type of PPC ad. Search ads are displayed to customers looking for a product or service you are selling. Search ads are perfect for one-time campaigns and short sales. When you hire Marvel Marketing, we will refine your search ads and ensure they are displayed to the most suitable prospects.

Display Ads

They are often shown on Google partner websites. They are industry-specific and are very effective when it comes to outreach. With our help, we can create the best display ads for your brand that will capture the attention of your potential clients using quality graphics. Display ads are an ideal choice for long-term marketing.

Social Ads

You must have seen social PPC ads when browsing your favorite social media platform. As the name suggests, these ads are placed on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They are designed to reach potential customers depending on their interests. Marvel Marketing will segment your audience and ensure your message reaches your target clients.

Google Shopping Ads

Have you ever searched for a particular product only for you to see listings displayed on the carousel above the results? These are shopping ads. Their goal is to direct potential customers straight into the sales funnel. Google shopping ads tend to have a high return on investment because if a client clicks on them, there is a high chance the customer will buy the product.

In-stream Ads

YouTube receives millions of views per day. The good news for brands is that they can tap into these views and market their products via in-stream ads. In-stream ads often play in videos or within search results. For in-stream ads to be effective, you need an expert to research and identify your potential clients and the content they may consume on YouTube.

Local Services Ads

This is the PPC version of local SEO. It displays leads for local services such as plumbers, electricians, and other providers. This type of PPC is often under-utilized but can be highly rewarding. When you hire Marvel Marketing, we will utilize local services ads to enhance your brand visibility and boost leads by directing you to potential customers within your area of operation.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

We can all agree that there are millions of Gmail users. The good news is that you can also attract traffic from this platform. Our PPC experts can create Gmail-sponsored promotions that reach out to leads directly in their inboxes. One of the perks of GSM is that it has a click-to-call feature that encourages potential clients to reach businesses easily.

Amazon PPC Ads

You need to leverage the benefits of Amazon PPC ads if you have an Amazon online store. Through Amazon PPC ads, your ads can be strategically placed within the platform. As a result, you will enjoy more awareness, sales, and store visits. Like other types of PPC ads, to succeed in this venture, you need to partner with a reputable agency that is experienced.

Remarketing Ads

Sometimes, it takes more than one attempt to convert a potential into an actual customer. Marvel Marketing can run a remarketing PPC ad campaign for your business. We will reach out to prospects who have already visited your website and remind them about your products or services. You will be glad to know remarketing has a higher ROI because it deals with clients already showing interest.

How Does PPC Marketing Work?

Even though our PPC specialists will handle everything for you, from research to execution, we think it’s vital that our clients know what is involved in PPC marketing. 


Pay Per Click advertising often starts with keyword management. We identify potential search phrases for your brand or products using tools such as Adwords. Please note that the keyword determines the price of the advert. For instance, keywords with a lot of competition are often priced much higher.


Another factor that needs to be considered in PPC marketing is where your keywords will be displayed. Take Google’s homepage, for instance. Here, the competition is high. Therefore, you must compete with other brands in an ad auction to get a spot. 


You need to partner with an experienced PPC specialist to ensure your ad is placed in a suitable position and you can enjoy a lower cost per click. For this to happen, your ads need to be customized to relevant demographics, use the right keywords, and your landing page needs to be search engine optimized. Google also looks at your click-through rates. 


There is a lot that is involved in PPC campaigns. The agency you entrust to work on your PPC campaigns needs to understand how the process works and how to execute it best.

How Does PPC Marketing Work

We Will Manage Your Pay Per Click Campaigns and Ensure You Get More Clients

The team at Marvel Marketing is adequately trained and experienced to help you meet your PPC marketing goals. We will identify your target audience, create highly persuasive ads, ensure they are strategically positioned for maximum results, and work towards lowering your PPC costs. 


You should also know that our team works closely with the SEO department to ensure your PPC campaigns are highly optimized. Marvel Marketing will not only get you more leads, but we will ensure your PPC campaigns are cost-effective.

Why Should Your Business Invest in Pay Per Click Services?

So far, you already know that PPC will boost traffic, leads, and sales. However, what makes it different from other marketing techniques? Check out the following benefits of investing in PPC services. 


For a recently launched brand, PPC marketing gives you an equal opportunity to compete for clients with brands that have already established their names. Unlike SEO, PPC campaigns can be implemented quickly, and you will notice results ASAP if your campaigns are managed by an expert firm.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

You can get your brand name out there through PPC ads by placing these campaigns in areas your customers spend most of their time in. It's a quick and easy strategy to grow your brand awareness as you also engage in SEO on the side. By boosting sales, PPC enables more people to learn about your brand.

Deliver Fast Results

Out of all marketing strategies, PPC ads are the only ones that deliver immediate results. Once a campaign is launched, and your ad is posted, every click will introduce a customer to your sales funnel. Because PPC involves several tests, the first few months can be used for data collection.

Advanced Targeting

Unlike regular ads that often land on broader audiences, PPC ads allow you to target a particular demographic. This is achieved through monitoring clients' online activities and behaviors. PPC also allows you to take the extra step o identifying the most potential clients interested in making a purchase.


Another perk of PPC campaigns is that they can be launched once or periodically. Suppose you are running a startup and have a small budget. With PPC, you can only launch a one-time campaign. Alternatively, you can also execute a short sales cycle. It's budget-friendly and suitable for businesses that don't have much money to spend on marketing.

Room for Experimentation

With PPC, you can quickly identify what works and what doesn't. For instance, when you delegate PPC management to us, we perform A/B split tests. The purpose is to identify the strategies that work most. Once we know which one is more effective, we launch it, and all you have to do is wait for more clients.

A Wider Outreach

When listing the different types of PPC ads, did you realize that these campaigns can be launched on different platforms? With PPC, you can use Google, YouTube, Gmail, and many different platforms. That means your campaigns have the potential to reach a vast group of people and convert lots of potential customers.

Guaranteed Traffic

With PPC, there is no guesswork when it comes to generating traffic. With a clearly laid out strategy, all you need to do is execute your paid ad campaign and wait for traffic to start streaming to your site. And the best part is that you don't have to wait months to notice the boost in traffic, leads, and conversions.

Facilitates Thorough Customization

Another perk of Pay Per Click marketing is that you have the option to customize campaigns so that they can be more appealing to your target audience. This freedom of customization ensures better performance of adverts. Even when you partner with our PPC agency, we will customize your ads using keywords, audience demographics, and other tools.

Measurable Data

In this day and era, your brand shouldn't invest in a marketing strategy that doesn't provide measurable data. With PPC, you can track how much traffic your website has received. With the help of Google Analytics, you can learn about the number of clicks your ads have attracted. This information is highly resourceful in helping you gauge performance and effectiveness.

PPC Search Engine Marketing

A while back, most digital marketers used search engine marketing to refer to PPC and SEO. However, search engine marketing, commonly abbreviated as SEM, relates only to paid search advertising or PPC. 


Therefore, in your quest to find the best PPC marketing agency, you must understand it relates to search engine marketing.

How Does PPC Search Engine Marketing Work?

When listing search engine results, Google places sponsored ads at the top or beside the first result. This is how search engine marketing works. By using the right set of keywords, your paid ads can be displayed to clients at the right time. 


With the help of search engine marketing, you can fine-tune your paid ads. For instance, you can set parameters on who should see your ads or when they should appear. This unique strategy ensures that your PPC ads are only displayed to high-intent consumers who are most likely to purchase from you. 


Marvel Marketing is very keen when it comes to search engine marketing. We use advanced keyword research tools to identify competitive keywords based on industry relevance and volume. We also identify negative keywords that may harm your PPC campaigns and eliminate them from the list. 


Our PPC experts also go the extra mile to develop a highly persuasive ad copy that guarantees you win the ad auction we mentioned earlier. We will also optimize your PPC ad to boost its performance. Contact our agency today if you want a robust search engine marketing strategy that creates successful PPC ads.

PPC Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Keyword Research & Analysis

The first and most important aspect of PPC is keyword research and analysis. Marvel Marketing utilizes a wide range of techniques to determine keywords your potential clients will key in on the search box. We are very keen on your target audience's behavior and search patterns to identify the correct phrases they are most likely to use. Here at Marvel, keyword research is an ongoing process, and the list is constantly updated depending on your audience's behavior.

Landing Page Optimization

Capturing the attention of potential clients is the first phase. Next, we optimize your landing page to ensure a higher chance of conversion. The quality of your landing page heavily determines whether a client will convert. To ensure high conversion rates, we develop clear call to action, integrate quality keywords, and use strong, captivating headlines. We will optimize your landing page according to the best PPC practices in the game.

PPC Management

PPC takes up much time and resources like all paid ad campaigns. If you are too busy handling other aspects of your business, Marvel Marketing has a team of PPC specialists who can manage your campaigns from the beginning to the end. Our agency will perform keyword research and A/B tests, develop a unique strategy, and implement and monitor it on your behalf.

Paid Search Advertising

Are you interested in leveraging paid ads to bring more traffic to your business? Marvel Marketing is only a phone call away. Our team will optimize your paid ads while making them more cost-effective. You are assured of better ROI and more sales from our paid ad solutions. If you haven't been successful with paid ads before, it's time to partner with a professional PPC agency.

A/B Split Testing

A pro tip you should use when looking for the best pay-per-click marketing agency is always to inquire if they perform A/B ads testing. What we have learned over the years is that ads need thorough experimentation before being launched. That's the only way you can come up with compelling ad campaigns. Here at Marvel, we perform thorough A/B testing to identify the ads that will perform the best.

Conversion Rate Optimization

When you hire Marvel Marketing, we will boost your conversion rate optimization using PPC ads. Our unique strategies are designed to reach your target audience and drive them down your sales funnel. Our PPC ads are highly persuasive and thoroughly tested for performance and efficiency. We will also create high-quality landing pages and capture forms that also promote higher CRO.

Google Ads Management

Undeniably, Google is the most popular search engine. If you are struggling with getting more leads from Google ads, you should let a professional team handle them for you. Our PPC experts will perform intensive keyword research and audit to identify your target audience and how best to reach them via Google. We will then optimize all ads to ensure they bring in more leads and conversions.

Social Media Advertising

Considering that almost 75% of your potential clients are on social media, there is no reason why you shouldn't be running ad campaigns on these platforms. Through social media advertising, you can tap into the vast market on social media, narrow down your target audience and share your PPC campaigns. With our assistance, we can determine which platform is ideal for you.

Nextdoor Advertising

If your business is not yet enrolled on Nextdoor, then you are missing out on many local sales opportunities. Our PPC management company can utilize Nextdoor to advertise your business to local clients. Nextdoor can also help with brand awareness and the growth of your following. We will also monitor these ads for you and track performance.

Amazon PPC

For ecommerce website owners with an Amazon store, you should also consider partnering with a reputable PPC specialist. We can create highly informative ads integrated with the right keywords to attract many buyers and boost your sales. With our Amazon PPC campaigns, you are guaranteed a higher ROI.

YouTube Ads

Since YouTube is also a popular platform, you shouldn't overlook it when creating a PPC strategy. Marvel Marketing's PPC specialists are exceptionally creative and will develop unique videos to advertise your products to your target audience. Through YouTube ads, you can boost brand awareness and, at the same time, attract more traffic.

Remarketing Campaigns

Our PPC specialists also focus on developing remarketing PPC campaigns. We start by identifying your previous campaigns and handpicking the most successful ones. We then proceed to optimize and remarket these campaigns so that you can get more value from your ads. Our remarketing campaigns are customized to ensure they don't appear to the same person more than once. This ensures cost-efficient spending.

What Differentiates Marvel Marketing from Other PPC Agencies?

PPC campaigns can be advantageous. But these campaigns’ success heavily depends on the agency you have partnered with. Marvel Marketing has been offering pay-per-click marketing solutions since 2014. Therefore, we have the skills and experiences needed to increase your client base using PPC.  But besides experience, here are a couple of things that distinguish our PPC agency from the rest;

Certified PPC Specialists

Led by our founder, Ryan McRae, our entire team of PPC specialists comprises certified experts who have an in-depth understanding of PPC marketing. This team regularly undergoes training and refresher courses to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in PPC. When you hire us, you can be rest assured that your campaigns are in professional hands.

Regular Reports

We are not the kind of agency where you have to guess the progress of your PPC campaigns. We are dedicated to ensuring you are updated with the progress of your project. You will receive regular reports documenting keyword rankings, essential analytics, and the overall performance of your PPC campaigns. Using these reports, you can track the success of your campaign.

Thorough PPC Audits

When offering PPC services, we tend to be very thorough with the audits. The reason is that we want to identify any issues with the campaign to optimize the ad to perform better. Part of our PPC audit entails a thorough audit of key performance indicators, analytics, remarketing techniques, and, most importantly, ad structure.

A Dedicated Team

PPC ads management is no easy work. That's why a lot of businesses don't leverage this marketing technique. The good news is that our team is dedicated to working 24/7 to improve your PPC campaigns. This dedication is the secret ingredient behind the success of our pay-per-click marketing campaigns

Multi-Location PPC Services

We understand that some businesses may be operating in multiple locations. For instance, if you are running a franchise. Here at Marvel, you can also get multi-location PPC services. We will create a structure comprising PPC campaigns for all your target demographics. Each campaign will be unique and personalized depending on the location.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure your Pay Per Click marketing campaigns exceed your expectation. We listen carefully to your goals during the consultation to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services. We also evaluate your previous campaigns to check for any weaknesses. We then use this data to create an exceptional PPC campaign. This approach ensures that our client's needs are fully met.

Reasons Why Your Brand Should Focus on PPC Advertising

Did you know that PPC ads have a higher conversion rate than organic traffic? The reason for that is that PPC ads quickly provide information to clients. PPC ads are not only effective at boosting conversions, but they also promote immediate brand visibility. Here are more reasons you should invest in PPC; 

Reasons Why Your Brand Should Focus on PPC Advertising
  • PPC allows you to target local online communities 
  • Clicks from PPC convert more than organic clicks 
  • PPC doesn’t need a lot of attention or maintenance
  • Millions of Google searches are done in a day (These are all sales opportunities)

The number of online shoppers is at an all-time high. Whether you are selling a product or service online, PPC can help you boost your sales significantly. 

Has your business implemented a PPC campaign? If the answer is no, or if you have not noticed any tangible results, it’s high time you seek the services of a PPC agency such as Marvel Marketing. With our professional help, you can gain more conversions from paid traffic while reducing your advertising costs.

Pay Per Click FAQs

It stands for Pay Per Click, a marketing strategy where businesses only pay for ads depending on the number of clicks. It's one of the oldest and most effective digital marketing techniques. 

It's a service offered by a digital marketing agency where a group of experts manages your PPC campaigns to boost performance, effectiveness, and expenditure. 

The rates for PPC differ depending on the size of the business, niche, competition, and services needed. When you contact our team, they can provide you with a more detailed price breakdown for a PPC campaign for your brand. 

The main goal is often to boost sales. However, PPC ads can also increase brand exposure and newsletter sign-ups. 

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