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An electrician’s worst nightmare is sitting in the office all day with no appointments. You may have handed out business cards, posted fliers around town and engaged in several other forms of marketing. But have you given digital marketing a try? 

The electrical service industry is getting more competitive by the day. More electricians are getting into the market, causing a ripple effect on demand vs supply. Most property owners use the internet to look for electrical services. If you still rely on word of mouth, you may miss many opportunities. 

Due to the above reasons, it’s imperative that you have online visibility whether you are a freelance electrician or an electrical company. Since digital marketing isn’t your field of expertise, you may be wondering where to start. Marvel Marketing can help you with that. 

We can develop a successful digital marketing strategy for your electrical business. This strategy will ensure that your website ranks higher in local searches and that your clients can easily find you. As a result, you will get more leads and never have to spend an entire day at the office with no appointments.

Marvel Marketing is a leading provider of electrician digital marketing solutions. We won’t just take your business online, but we will use SEO and PPC ads to place your business ahead of the competition. We will develop strategies that will drive more leads to your website. Our agency will also boost your brand awareness through social media and ensure your business achieves an authority status. 

Electrician Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Marvel Marketing can perform keyword research on your behalf and identify the keywords ranking for your electrician business. These keywords will be used in content to bring quality leads and boost site rankings. Our experts will also engage in different types of SEO; on-page, off-page, technical and many more.

Website Design

This is one of the most frequently requested electrician digital marketing services. Our web developers can design a functional and responsive site if you don't have one for your electrician business. For those who already have one, we can revamp it to the latest design and trends. Websites created by our agency are optimized for SEO and all devices, including mobile.

PPC Advertising Campaigns

If you struggle with appointments, PPC can help bring quality leads to your business. Using PPC ads, we can create engaging and persuasive targeted ads. These ads will communicate directly to your potential customers. As a result, they have a high conversion rate and ROI. Though effective, PPC ads require in-depth understanding for them to be successful. The good news is that we have PPC gurus with years of experience.

Copywriting Services

Since you are busy dealing with other aspects of your electrical business, Marvel can supply your website with fresh and informative content. It's through content that you can rank on SERPs. We have a team of in-house copywriters and editors with nine years of experience. This team will identify suitable topics and create blog posts, landing pages and web pages relevant to your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Remember when we said we could turn your electrician business into an authority status? Well, we will use social media to achieve that. Nowadays, more than 90% of your potential clients are on social media. Our social media gurus will utilize this platform to boost engagements through content. Don't worry if you don't have a social media profile for your business. We will set one up.

Digital PR

When you venture into online marketing, digital PR is mandatory. When clients look up your electrician business online, they will read reviews. If the reviews are negative, you can lose out on sale opportunities. That's where digital PR comes in. Marvel can oversee your online reputation. We can manage and ensure you get lots of positive reviews.

Why Choose Marvel Marketing as Your Electrician Digital Marketing Company?

Marvel takes pride in having helped many electrician companies with setting up a robust online presence. We can also do the same for your business. Here are reasons why you should choose us. 

If you hire Marvel Marketing to work on your electrician website SEO, we will provide a comprehensive report of how your website has achieved a higher rank and a boost in traffic at the end of the service. Let alone the report, as the owner. You will notice tangible results in terms of an increase in revenue and brand awareness. 

From pricing to service delivery, Marvel Marketing is quite transparent. We do not exaggerate or misinform our clients. Every data provided by our team is factual and accurate. This honest approach has turned our agency into an award-winning provider of electrician digital marketing solutions. 

Whether you are interested in web design or content writing for your electrician business, Marvel Marketing offers the best services. After consultation, we will pair you with an account manager who will provide insight into your project's development. We encourage client participation and use advanced tech to ensure success. 

No matter how complex or lengthy the service you need is, we will deliver it on time. During the consultation, we will offer a time frame on the estimated duration for service delivery. From there, our team will work around the clock to ensure services are completed on time. We don't rush products because that may sacrifice quality. At the same time, we don't take forever to offer clients what they need. 

For all our electrician digital marketing services, we utilize thoroughly researched strategies to guarantee the project's success. Before we embark on any digital marketing campaign, we thoroughly assess the client's brand and niche. Using that data, we execute carefully planned strategies. This approach ensures our clients get the best from our agency. 

Electrician Digital Marketing FAQs

These are online marketing solutions explicitly crafted for electricians. It includes web design, SEO, social media marketing and digital PR. 

Consumer patterns are leaning more towards internet research. If a homeowner wants to hire an electrician today, the first place they will check is online. With the help of local SEO, electricians can tap into the online market and get more appointments. 

All of our services offer specific benefits to electricians. However, the most frequently asked are web design and development, SEO, PPC and copywriting. 

The fees vary depending on the services requested. You can contact our sales representatives for a free quote. 

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