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Digital Marketing Workshop

Fundamentals of SEO and digital marketing with one-on-one or group training

Business Owner

Business Owners

Our training is amazing for business owners who want to have a better understanding to tackle themselves or before hiring a third party marketing company.

Sales Teams

Want to have your sales teams at their best with marketing? Our digital marketing training is great for educating and giving fresh knowledge for sales.


As an executive of any business or corporation its important you know what's going on with your marketing. Let us teach you so you have good understanding.
SEO Training

Search engine optimization (SEO) training program

SEO is more complex than just using keywords and links in content. SEO requires a good understanding of how Google search works along with a strategy to achieve a given goal such as increased rankings.

This comprehensive SEO training course discusses methods and strategies within the context of Google, and how they apply to real-life scenarios, such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, technical SEO and much more.

This course is one day (6hours)

The purpose of our SEO training program is to provide you or your team with high-level SEO knowledge, online marketing skills and effective application techniques. And this is just the beginning. We have high-quality SEO courses specially designed for those who find themselves in specific roles like content developer, webmaster, social media manager and so on.

Here is what we will cover:

  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO Important?
  • What Works and What Doesn't
  • Steps For A Successful SEO Campaign
  • How To Be Prepared For SEO in The Future

If you are looking to gain a solid understanding of the basics of SEO, and how it can affect your business, then this is one of our best selling courses. This course covers the fundamentals of SEO, including keywords and key phrases, which it explains are often confused with each other, as well as Google rankings.

Online Live Training

  • 6 Hours of Training
  • Zoom or Skype
  • Online Module
  • PDF Course Material
  • Free Email and WhatsApp Support for 30 days 

Price: $1,800cad (additional costs for in-person and/or travel)

*Booking is 2 weeks in advanced pending open availability.

Upon completion of the training you will be eligible for 15% off any of our SEO services or ongoing consulting.

At this time during Covid-19 we are doing the majority of our training virtually through Zoom or Skype.

If you require in person training at your location there is an additional fee of $500 for travel and printed materials. Any travel outside of Calgary will incur extra travel and accommodation costs.

Booking Required 2 weeks in advance for all training.

Meet your teachers.

Our teachers are each a specialist in their field and have years of experience and success.

Ryan McRae

Noelle Payne

Project Organization & Content Creation
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