Types of SEO in Calgary

Types of SEO in Calgary

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Types of SEO in Calgary

There are different types of SEO, both good and bad and it is crucial to know which are necessary for your digital market campaign. In this post, we will discuss the various types of SEO in Calgary, their importance and how you can optimize them for maximum benefits.

First things first, what does a Calgary SEO company do?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process that helps your content rank better on search engine’s results page. It is the ultimate strategy for anyone in Calgary looking to take their brand out there and, in the long run, maximize their business profits.

With this said, we can now look at the most common types of SEO in Calgary.

Types of SEO in Calgary

On-page SEO

These are measures you take to ensure that your page is ranked high on search engine results pages. These are the commonly used SEO techniques and majorly involve the use of relevant keywords to optimize your web page content for both search engines and users. Now that this mainly involves keyword implementation, let’s expound on the areas on your website you should focus your keywords strategies on:

• Page titles- The first thing here is to get the right length- use less than 60 words as search engines only display the first 60-70 characters. Draft clear titles with accurate descriptions and make sure to include the keywords in there.

• Header tags- This is simply using headers to break your text, making it effortlessly scannable and readable, hence doing well in search engines. Use the H1 title to introduce the main topic of your page and the H2 for your sub-sections. In the headers, make sure to include the keywords and make them appear as natural as possible.

• URL of each page- Each URL should be structured to be specific for each page and show clearly what the destination page contains to make it easier for the users to use them. Also, limit their length to make it easier for your user to remember or share.

• Meta descriptions- The short condensed descriptions of your content (probably a paragraph of less than 160 words) should include the keyword and be readable to give your user a brief summary of your content. If this section is nicely done, your website will have high click-through rates.

• Alt tags- These are simple descriptions of the images on your website to Google’s search algorithm. The section should include the keywords so that the algorithm understands your images better. Unlike humans, it is difficult for search engines to interpret images; hence the use of alt tags is vital as they help them locate the images and their content. They are also important for users using browsers that cannot process images.

• Content- Don’t forget to use keywords within your content’s first 100 words as Google puts more weight on the terms that appear early on your page. Also, make sure that the keywords appear naturally and as many times as possible throughout your content to give Google confidence that your page is all about that keyword.

Other On-page SEO tips not related to keyword include:

• Design- Use simple and on-point language with small paragraphs and sentences containing exactly what the reader is looking for. You can also provide filters on your design to help users narrow down to what they are looking for, reducing ambiguity when searching online. Use images to replace some information- many people will be attracted to the visuals of what they are looking for. Don’t forget to accompany this with clickable links as this will make sure users stay on your site long enough; a lower rate of bouncing off.

• Navigation-Make sure that your navigation is grouped categorically, self-explanatory and fully expressive of your platform’s potential. This will make your audience access and read what they are interested in, easily making them stay on your site long enough.

• Internal links- These are links from one page to another which guide the visitor to high-value content. They also pass authority from one page to another, increasing search engines’ chances to rank the second page.

These are the things you do outside your site to make sure you are ranked high on Google’s search engine results pages. These include the use of external ranking factors such as building links on similar trusted domains, commonly known as backlinks. Google can recognize the relevance, quality and reputability of your content through the presence of your links on other sites. Some off-page SEO activities you can do include:

• Broken link building- This is finding broken links with information like yours on other sites, followed by informing the owners and then requesting them to use yours as a replacement.

• Bloggers outreach- Working along with bloggers with a big fan base can make their followers reach your content. This can be achieved through sponsored posts, online giveaways, product reviews and others. They can also use your link on their websites, increasing your backlinks.

• Social networking-This involves posting your link on your various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With this, other users on the platforms can use the link to access your website.

This has nothing to do with the website content but deals with optimizing the website infrastructure to help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without problems. Here are some technical SEO improvements that can help your on-page SEO and off-page SEO in Calgary:

• Improve security – Guaranteeing privacy to the users is a basic requirement and Google ranks safe websites higher. With this in mind, you need to optimize your website technically to be secure and safe. You can achieve this by implementing the HTTPs to protect users from attacks launched from insecure networks.

• Do away with duplicate content- Duplicate content confuses the search engine, leading to ranking at the bottom. You can remove the duplicate or indicate the original page or content by use of canonical link element.

• Increase speed- As Google uses the speed factor to rank websites, it is necessary to make yours as fast as possible. Also, most people are not patient to wait for slow opening websites, which can greatly reduce your traffic. To improve speed, you need to do tasks such as clearing browsing cache, cleaning up codes, removing plugins and compressing multimedia.

• Add an XML sitemap- This acts as a road-map for search engines on your site, making sure they don’t miss any content there. The sitemap can be customized in pages, posts, or tags.

• Make responsive website design- Use website designs that are compatible with phones and tablets as this will ensure users using mobile devices can access your content. Keep in mind that Google also uses this factor to rank websites

These are the Local SEO practices that can help you target traffic from your local area:

• Optimize the home page- Make sure to mention your name, where you are located, and what you do for Google to easily understand these elements and display your content to people near your locality.

• Have a map on your website- This will help point out your precise location. You can also add opening and closing hours and give directions using near landmarks.

• List your website on Google My Business- Make sure your website in listed on Google My Business and that your business profile remains as it is on your website.

Bad types of SEO in Calgary

• Negative SEO- These are unethical behaviors of making the competitor’s website sink at the advantage of yours by posting negative feedback, copying content, or hacking.

• Black hat- These are techniques that take advantage of any loophole in the Google algorithm to help rank a website higher. Keep in mind that if you don’t follow SEO regulations, your website can be blacklisted if identified.


Hopefully, you now know the different types of SEO to use for your business. Under no circumstances should you use the bad ones as your website can be blacklisted. Most companies in Calgary use the good SEO strategies to deliver high-quality services to their clients. Before you implement any of the good SEO strategies on your website, consider double-checking to identify if there are any irregularities. Only implement what is correct and works for you and your business in Calgary.

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