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Ryan McRae at Marvel Marketing

Ryan McRae

Founder & CEO, Marvel Marketing

Ryan McRae is the Founder and CEO of Marvel Marketing Agency . Captivated by the powerful relationship between marketing and its ability to create strong connections between businesses and customers, Ryan has dedicated his entire career to mastering this craft. As the driving force behind the founding of Marvel Marketing in 2014, Ryan has successfully guided his talented marketing team, establishing fruitful partnerships with more than 300 companies. Together, they have boosted brand visibility, improved performance, and significantly increased revenue, consistently demonstrating their expertise in the world of marketing.

When Ryan isn’t in the office or working with clients, he is spending his time indulging in numerous other passions such as playing hockey, coaching youth hockey, volunteering at dog rescues, or traveling with family. Ryan is also a big advocate in continuous education and staying ahead of the curve, so he is constantly attending seminars and events in different industries.

Marvel Marketing Results Guarantee

At Marvel Marketing, we are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Our guarantee to you is simple and straightforward: “NO RESULTS, NO PAYMENT.” If, after 90 days of partnering with us, you do not witness tangible, positive outcomes, we will continue to work for you at no extra charge until those desired results are achieved. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities, and we stand behind our expertise and dedication to deliver the results you deserve. Partner with Marvel Marketing and experience the confidence of knowing that your investment is backed by our unwavering commitment to your success.

1.) PPC Advertising Campaigns – measured in terms of increased website visits, higher conversion rates, more leads, or improved return on ad spend (ROAS).

2.) SEO Marketing – includes achieving higher search engine rankings, increasing organic website traffic, improving keyword visibility, or enhancing the overall online presence.

3.) Social Media Marketing – involves increasing the number of followers, boosting engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares), driving website visits from social media, or achieving a particular conversion rate.