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A Premier Google Ads Agency in Calgary with Years of Experience

Since 2014, Marvel Marketing has been offering Pay-Per-Click solutions to a wide range of businesses in Calgary. Our Google Ads agency utilizes proven tactics and advanced tools to grow your brand, increase traffic and conversions. 

Our Google Ads managers are highly experienced in paid search marketing. We will develop personalized campaigns to ensure Google ads’ success and a high return on investment. Our team of experts can target keywords that will drive more leads to your business. We are very keen on research and will help you figure out the most cost-effective approach to paid search marketing.

Google Ads Agency In Calgary With Years Of Experience

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Calgary Google Ads Manager?

During the many years we have been offering PPC services, we have discovered that Google ads is one of the most effective strategies. Unlike other marketing strategies, Google ads allow you to target your potential audience by specific keywords or locations. Google ads are scalable. They can tap into a high source of traffic and can boost your leads. 

There is no denying that Google ads are an effective marketing strategy. However, the success of your Calgary Google ads campaigns depends on the techniques implemented, experience, and level of understanding of this marketing concept. A professional Google ads manager ticks all these boxes, and they can offer you plenty of other benefits, such as;

Measurable Results

As your Calgary Google ads manager, we will offer you measurable results using Google analytics. We follow an honest approach, and that's why when you hire us to manage your Google ad campaigns, we will give you insight into click-through rates, number of clicks, impressions, and many others.

Quick Results

Thanks to our years of experience managing Google ads, we can create a campaign and post it within days. That means you can start getting a boost in traffic immediately after we launch your Google ads campaigns.

More Efficient Targeting

Instead of targeting a large group of people who are unlikely to buy from your business, we prefer to refine your demographics and target a smaller group that is 100% sure they are interested in your products or services. This approach ensures more clicks.

Thorough Keyword Research

Some tools can provide you with potential keywords. However, an expert Google ads manager goes the extra mile to find specific keywords under the guidance of analytics. General keywords often end up targeting the wrong audience. That's why you need a professional to narrow down your keyword list.

Remarketing Solutions

If you have never run a Google ad campaign before, you may not realize the benefits of remarketing. But an expert will. Our team can remarket your Google ads and display them to users after visiting their website. This can significantly boost conversions.

Return on Investment

Contrary to what most Calgary business owners think, Google ads management brings in better ROI than running these campaigns by yourself. With an expert running your campaigns, you will get professional ad optimization, and they can set limits depending on your marketing budget.

Marvel's Google Ads Management Process

Are you ready to attract more traffic to your website with Calgary Google ads management? Here is an overview of our process; 

This is the most crucial step because it gives us insight into your business's marketing needs. During the consultation, we will ask basic questions about what you are looking for in your Google ads campaigns. Our managers can also ask for geo-location, landing page URLs, a few keywords that you may want us to use, and your budget. All these factors help us determine how to personalize your campaigns. During this stage, you will also be assigned an account manager.

Regarding Calgary Googles ads management, our team will research two vital things; keywords and target audience. For the keywords, we will look into terms commonly used in Calgary and its nearby environs. Our focus will be on phrases that make the most sense to your brand. Our Google ads managers will also evaluate your target audience so that we can identify your target audience.

With the above details in mind, we can develop a suitable Google ads campaign. The development stage is where all the magic happens. It often entails building ad groups, writing ads, and creating extensions such as snippets and site links. We will also engage in bidding, landing page designs, and setting up the tracking.

Unlike other agencies, we don't launch campaigns without our clients getting the opportunity to review the developed Google ads campaigns. You can take a peek, and we are open to making any changes suggested. Therefore, don't hesitate to let us know if you want to amend anything on the Google ad.

Once you approve the ad campaign, we will proceed to put it live. Obviously, your account manager will notify you about the launch, and you can review it again. What sets Marvel Marketing from other Calgary Google Ads agencies is that the launch of your campaign is the beginning of our long-term partnership.

Post-launch, we engage in thorough customization of your Google ads campaigns. The purpose behind this step is to ensure the success of your Google ads.

Remember when we said that a professional Google ads manager needs to provide measurable results? You will be glad to know that Marvel keeps an eye on your campaigns and measure success in terms of clicks and impressions. All this information is compiled and sent to you in a report.

Key Factors that Determine High-Performing Google Ad Campaigns

Powerful Call to Actions

Google ads are all about persuading clients to make a purchase. That can best be achieved by using a powerful call to action. 

A Responsive Landing Page

Part of our Google ads management entails the creation of a landing page. You are going to need one if you want to boost conversions and sales. 

A Clearly Outlined Advert

The success of a Google ad depends heavily on the message. The ad should contain the problem or benefit that your product promises to solve or offer. 

Customer Research

Your ad needs to be displayed to the right group of people and at the right time. That’s the only way you can be assured of high conversion rates. 

A Cost-Effective Bidding Strategy

When you partner with a professional Calgary Google Ads agency, we will manually bid for your Google ads. This allows us to refine the bidding process so that your ads can be displayed on page one of Google. 


Potential customers see your ads through keywords. If you use the wrong set of keywords, there is a good chance that your ads won’t be displayed to your ideal target audience. In the development of a Google ads campaign, keyword research plays a crucial role.

The best Google Ads Management company for your Calgary business needs to understand the above crucial factors in-depth. It’s the only way you can be guaranteed of successful campaigns. 

Marvel's Google Ads Management Services

Objective-Oriented Google Ad Campaigns

Before we can implement a Google ad for your Calgary business, Marvel carries out a consultation meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to know your brand's objectives. Once we identify your goals, all your Google ad campaigns will be designed to meet these particular objectives.

Account Management and Optimization

When you hire us as your Calgary Google ads agency, we will manage every aspect of your Google ads account, from idea to execution. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as stocking up on inventory because you will receive a massive customer boost.

A/B Testing

Our Google ads solutions are so successful because we engage in thorough A/B testing. This test allows us to determine which ads perform better. As a result, every campaign executed by our team is designed to bring you more traffic and leads.

Landing Page Development and Customization

After obtaining traffic from Google ad campaigns, you need to direct them to a well-designed landing page. If you don't have a landing page, Marvel can create some for you. Our landing pages are designed to be responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and highly converting.

Unique and Creative Graphics

As for the graphics used on your Google ads and landing pages, we have a creative team that will develop catchy images and texts to help persuade your site visitors to perform a particular action.

Ad Spend Management

Every Calgary business must adhere to a marketing budget irrespective of its size. During the consultation, we will ask about your marketing budget. And then, we will optimize your ads to ensure they are effective but don't exceed your spending limit.

Search Ads - marvel marketing

Search Ads

These are text ads that are displayed on the search engine result pages. They are mostly placed on top of organic search results. Search ads are the best option if you are looking for people interested in making a purchase immediately. Marvel Marketing can create the best search ads for your Calgary business. We will achieve this by creating a compelling ad copy, integrating your brand within the campaign, and creating dynamic and responsive campaigns. 

Display Ads

These image-based Google ads are ideal for targeting potential customers during their initial buying phase. They are perfect for creating brand awareness. With our expert skills, we can create display ads and showcase them to clients who may be interested in your products or services. To ensure the effectiveness of display ads, we focus on their responsiveness and the target audience they are displayed to. 

Display Ads - Marvel marketing
Video ads - Marvel marketing

Video Ads

Considering that YouTube gets millions of views per day, this is a suitable platform for your Calgary business to run video ads. Our Google ads specialists will research your target audience and identify their interests. We will then create catchy but short videos which include your message. 

Shopping Ads

If you are running an eCommerce store in Calgary, you should invest in shopping ads. One of the perks of shopping ads is that they are displayed alongside the name, reviews, and even price. Therefore, they can direct tons of traffic to your website. When it comes to shopping ads, the Marvel Marketing PPC department can create product shopping ads, showcase shopping ads, and local inventory shopping ads. We will ensure your shopping ads are keyword rich and reach your target audience. 

Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads

This type of Google ad can be highly lucrative to Calgary businesses specializing in HVAC, roofing, electrician, cleaning, dentistry, locksmith, plumbing, and other popular service providers. Through local service ads, you can build a name for your brand. When you hire Marvel to manage local service ads, we won’t just bring you more quality leads. Our team will ensure you gain a better reputation, and we can help you secure local Google awards and certifications, which help establish trust and loyalty. 

Calgary Google Ads Agency FAQs

It's the process of hiring an agency to run your Google ads campaigns. Seeking Google ads management services comes with many perks. Besides taking this task off your shoulders, a Google Ads agency offers professional development and optimization of campaigns, thus ensuring campaigns are more successful. 

Of course, you can. But if you are interested in a highly converting Google ads campaign, you are better off partnering with a professional agency with the knowledge, tools, and experience. 

The rates differ depending on the nature of the campaigns, duration, and company objectives. During the consultation, our team can provide you with a free quote. 

Our clients often witness more than 230% ROI after hiring our Google ads management services. When you choose us to manage your Google ads, we work around the clock to deliver more traffic, leads, and conversions. Therefore, you are assured of getting a significant return on investment. 

It should take around two weeks for our agency to research, develop and review your Google ad campaigns. 

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