YouTube Marketing

YouTube is all about videos. And at the moment, it’s the second most visited platform on the internet.

Getting more than a billion visits every month, you have every reason to be engaging in YouTube marketing. Are you confused, not knowing where to start? Get in touch with us, and we can put you on the right path.

Professional YouTube Marketing Services

There is no doubt that YouTube is a big deal. It can help with website SEO. And because YouTube is owned by Google, you can be assured that it will blend seamlessly with your site. Marvel Marketing is a full house digital agency that provides a wide array of services, YouTube marketing involved. We will cover all aspects of your YouTube marketing strategy ranging from profile development and content creation.

As a digital agency skilled in YouTube marketing, we will refine your target audience, optimize your channel, help with content development, and any other service you may be interested in. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of YouTube Marketing, we will create unique campaigns that will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Below, we will dig deeper into the YouTube Marketing services offered by Marvel Marketing. This will help you know what to expect from us.

Video Creation

This is the most demanding aspect of YouTube marketing. Through content, you can reach out to potential and existing clients. The content you air on YouTube must be unique and informative. To facilitate that, our agency has the best scriptwriters, videographers, voice-over artists, editors, and producers. This is the team that will be in charge of your content production. Here are some of the YouTube videos we can help you create;

• Video blogs
• Video testimonials
• Event coverage
• How-to videos
• Social engagement videos and many others

YouTube Channel Management

To help better your YouTube campaigns, Marvel Marketing would like to introduce our in-house social media management team. This comprises of social media experts that can offer the following services;

• Launch your company’s YouTube channel
• Partner with content creators
• Share your videos on other platforms
• Provide you with analytics and reports of YouTube campaigns
• Engage your viewers in the comment section
With this team by your side, they can assist you in solidifying a strong presence on YouTube and other social media networks.

Video SEO

Wherever content is involved on the internet, SEO follows. YouTube works the same way Google does. There are algorithms that determine where your content ranks. If you want to appear at the top of YouTube search results, you must engage in Video SEO. Our professional YouTube marketing services also include video SEO, where we; 

  • Establish channel authority 
  • Engage your viewers 
  • Incorporate backlinks and embeds 
  • Perform and use the right keywords in the pages, titles, and video descriptions 
  • Ensure your article is of adequate length 
  • Promote your videos on other social media platforms and your website (vide syndication)
  • Edit your videos so that they can look professional
  • Track metrics and gauge which SEO practices are effective

Video Description Copywriting

Just because YouTube is all about videos, that doesn’t mean you don’t need expert copywriting services. Video descriptions contribute significantly to YouTube ranking as well as Google rankings. This is why you have to focus keenly on writing video descriptions.

If you don’t possess copywriting skills, Marvel Marketing has got some of the best copywriters in the game. They will craft keyword-optimized video descriptions. The copywriters will also add links, secondary keywords, and other essential details that guarantee your video will rank higher. We can also create landing pages and add links to your YouTube videos if you are interested. This way, you can drive traffic from YouTube to your website.

PPC Video Ad Campaigns

For companies or businesses in a hurry to get more traffic, pay-per-click advertising can give you faster results. When you consult with our YouTube marketing service providers, they will advise you on which platform is best for your YouTube video ads. Depending on the type of content, we can recommend LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Display Ads, and YouTube itself. We won’t just refer or recommend the best advertisement platforms. Our team will pick the best ad format, negotiate during bidding and do everything in our power to ensure the campaign is successful.

YouTube ads can be confusing for those who aren’t accustomed to them. There are TrueView in-display video ads, In-stream, overlay, and remarketing video ads. All these are different, and each has its pros/cons. We will explain what all these ads entail and recommend the best one for your business.

YouTube Analytics

For every YouTube campaign, we launch, Marvel Marketing provides analytics. These track the success and usefulness of each campaign. Through our regular YouTube analytics, you can gauge, eliminate or add various strategies to increase return on investment.

YouTube Audit

Do you already have a channel that is up and running? Is it not performing as per your expectations? Well, you can benefit from Marvel’s Marketing YouTube audit. This service entails a full analysis of your YouTube channel. We will look at the video SEO, quality of content, campaigns done so far, and everything else on the analytics. This will reveal the good, bad and ugly. From our expert insight, you can make relevant changes that will put your YouTube marketing efforts back on track.

Why Should You Make Us Your YouTube Marketing Agency?

Navigating the YouTube marketing jungle by yourself can be scary and difficult, more so if you don’t have relevant skills and experience. Our digital marketing agency has what it takes to infiltrate this platform and put your channel at the top. With our assistance, you can create optimized video content to attract more leads to your channel. Here are more reasons why you should hire us.

1. We have a vast knowledge of YouTube marketing.
2. Our team offers all services related to YouTube marketing. Please see above.
3. Marvel Marketing also offers customized YouTube marketing services.
4. We employ a wide range of strategies. No wonder our campaigns are always successful.
5. Our clients receive regular analytics and reports so that they can gauge performance.
6. Other than YouTube marketing, we offer plenty of services.