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Marvel Marketing is a leading website developer in Edmonton of customized and highly functional websites. 

Website Design Company in Edmonton

If you want a website for your business, our Edmonton website design team is ready for your call. Marvel Marketing has been in the web development and design industry for more than eight years. Therefore, we have all the relevant skills and experience needed to customize a functional website for your Edmonton business. When you choose us, you gain access to a team of qualified web developers, ecommerce gurus, SEO specialists, and copywriting experts to build your new high-performing website. 

As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton recorded a GDP of 86.8 billion in 2016, which has grown tremendously since then. It has a population of more than a million, spread across Beverly, West Edmonton, North Edmonton, Jasper Place and Strathcona. All these statistics point to one thing: that Edmonton is a great place for people to do business. 

Marvel Marketing can help you grow your business by creating a stunning website design that will attract lots of traffic and convert them into sales. With a professional website, you can tap into Edmonton’s online market and increase revenue production. To ensure that your website is effective, it has to be SEO-friendly, responsive and offer your visitors an exceptional user experience. These are all key qualities we consider when designing websites for businesses in Edmonton.

Website Design Company in Edmonton

benefits of a professional website for your business

Reach your audience

Customers today want to be able to learn more about your business from a simple Google search. With a functional website, you can tell your clients more about your Edmonton business, such as what products or services you offer.

Builds Brand Credibility

Another key characteristic of modern customers is that they want to transact or do business with people they trust. A website proves that you are a credible business operating in Edmonton or all over Alberta.

Increase Your Sales

With a website such as an eCommerce online store, your business will be running 24/7. That means clients can buy from you whenever they want and wherever they are. In the long run, owning a website will boost your sales tremendously.

What to expect with An award-winning web designer In Edmonton

If you are interested in a website, you need to know that not all websites are built equally. To ensure that your site ranks higher and brings more traffic, you should partner with a reputable digital marketing agency in Edmonton, such as Marvel Marketing. We understand the qualities of a good website. And we will incorporate all these crucial features into your website. 

A responsive website is fundamental if you want to survive the cutthroat competition in Edmonton. Since most internet users these days access the web through smartphones and tablets, it's only fair that your site is optimized for performance on such devices. Without a responsive web design, you will lose a lot of valuable traffic. 

Marvel Marketing has been in this game for too long to understand the importance of site security. When creating a site for your company, we will implement crucial security strategies to guarantee your and your visitors' safety. Some security strategies we may develop include installing SSL certificates and encrypting data. 

You have probably heard of SEO and how it can impact a website. Unlike most web design agencies that think of SEO post-launch, we perform search engine optimization during website development. That's why all our sites are SEO-friendly and start to rank much sooner after delivery. Besides SEO, we also guarantee better site performance by improving usability, website speed, indexation and reliable hosting. 

As mentioned earlier, we have a transparent web design process that entails informing our clients what content management system we will use to build their websites. WordPress and Shopify are our top picks because of how easy they are for our clients to use to manage websites. We also use Drupal and WooCommerce depending on the client's needs. 

When getting a new website, the thought of redesign may not be in your mind. But after a few years, it's crucial to redesign your website. Marvel Marketing can revamp your old design with something more exciting. We can also update content and improve user experiences on your site. If your site was developed years ago, you can hire us for website redesign services. 

Marvel prefers to establish long-term relationships with our clients because your site needs maintenance to run healthily post-launch. Websites are just like cars. Errors will pop up from here and there. Certain plugins will need updates. With us by your side, you don't have to worry about errors affecting site performance and rankings. We will maintain your site and ensure everything runs perfectly. 


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What Kind of Website Does My Business Need?

There are different types of websites, each designed to cater to various business needs. Before hiring an Edmonton web designer, you need to familiarize yourself with the common types of websites to know which you should get. 

A static website allows you to separate your front-end interface from your content. As a result, you can communicate more efficiently with clients. Static websites lack a database, making development much quicker and more cost-effective. Startups interested in venturing into Edmonton's online market can benefit the most from static websites. 

Dynamic websites are developed on content management systems such as WordPress. They are integrated with modules that enable access to data from a database. With a Dynamic website, your audience can easily source data when needed. These websites enable the owners to display content as it suits their preferences. 

These are websites that bring your business online. An ecommerce online store features a product catalog, a cart and a payment gateway. It's exactly like a traditional brick-and-mortar, only that customers can make purchases from anywhere in Edmonton or Canada. By having Marvel Marketing create an online store for your business, you can grow your number of customers. 

WordPress Web Design - Marvel Marketing

WordPress (CMS)

On WordPress, our developers can create a high-converting site that will improve your brand presence. For the years we have used this CMS, Marvel Marketing has acquired the title of the best Edmonton WordPress website design company. Our designers can play around with different plugins and themes to create a responsive and professional website for your business. 

Shopify (eCommerce)

Using Shopify, we can create a functional online store that will be available for access 24/7 and will increase your conversions and sales. The perk of hiring a web design agency like Marvel Marketing, is that we can customize a suitable Shopify theme that blends with your brand. Also, we can ensure that your visitors have the best experience and reward you with their loyalty.

Shopify Web Design - Marvel Marketing
Custom Web Design - Marvel Marketing

Custom Web Development

A custom website plays a critical role in proving credibility and converting visitors into customers. You should contact our web developers if you need a unique website that stands out from competitors. Our web team will ensure that every aspect of your website is original and customized to suit your business objectives. We provide our clients a mockup and wireframe for every custom website build. Therefore, you will have a say in how the website looks and feels during the web design process. 

Get the Perfect Website For Your Business

Trusted Process for website design in Edmonton

1. Consultation

To ensure the web design looks stunning, professional and functional, we must hold a consultative meeting at the beginning. You will inform our web developers of your website design needs during this meeting. We will list these objectives and add them to our plan.

2. Research & Planning

Sometimes, we may need more information to create the perfect website for your business. This is where research comes in handy. We will do more digging into your niche and brand. We may also have a look at the competition. During the research, we will also discover suitable topics and sub-topics.

3. Wireframe & UI

We will be ready to create and share page schematics with all the information we may need. These are prototypes from which your website will be built from. It's crucial that the wireframe reflects how it will guarantee a better user experience.

4. Development

Our developers can get to work when you approve the prototype provided in the above step. The development phase entails the actual building and designing of the website. We will incorporate visual elements as well as functions on the website.

5. Testing & Delivery

When your website is ready, it will be tested. All functions will be checked, and if they are working okay, your site will be delivered to you. We examine site performance and other essential details such as scripts and forms during testing.

6. Maintenance

We listed maintenance as one of the key qualities of a good website design. Post-launch, you can benefit from our maintenance packages. We will fix errors on your site, make updates and even check site speed which is critical for improving user experience. Revisions are also a crucial part of maintenance.

Wow Your Clients with a Brilliant Web Design

Why Choose Marvel Marketing As Your Edmonton Web Developer?

The importance of having a website for a business in Edmonton can’t be over-emphasized. However, not all websites are built equally. It’s crucial to partner with a professional web design agency such as Marvel Marketing, which will craft a functional and high-converting website. We have years of experience building high-performing websites and can create one for you. 

SEO Friendly - Search Engine Optimization

Marvel Marketing utilizes a unique approach to SEO and web design. Instead of doing the SEO later, we incorporate these techniques simultaneously during web design. For instance, we conduct keyword research and marketing audits to ensure the final web design is SEO-friendly. To achieve this, our SEO experts work alongside web designers.

web design and development

Your website is the face of your business. Therefore, it needs to look flawless. Our web designers and developers will create a neat and stunning website that will impress anyone who visits your website. We strive to keep up with the latest trends in web development that will guarantee more traffic and better conversions.

content writing for your website

Your site needs content to rank. And not just any type of content. Marvel Marketing has a team of experienced copywriters with a decade's worth of experience. Our copywriters will provide your site with a steady supply of quality content. From blog posts to reviews, our content writing experts are experienced in nearly all niches.

Website hosting

Your Edmonton website needs a host to be available online. Marvel Marketing offers WordPress website hosting solutions. We like WordPress because its hosting solutions are the most reliable. Also, when you subscribe to our hosting package, you will get around-the-clock technical support whenever a problem arises.

WordPress Experts

If you own a WordPress website, working with web designers familiar with this content management system can really pay off. Irrespective of how complex the problem with your WordPress website is, our developers will solve it in a jiff. We can also make updates on your WordPress website and ensure better performance.

Prompt Delivery

Our web design services for Edmonton businesses and residents are delivered on time. We understand how urgent getting a website is. Therefore, our developers and designers stick to a strict deadline to ensure your site is available on time.

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Marvel Marketing has the knowledge, experience, and tools to create a functional and high-converting website for your business in Edmonton. We also offer maintenance and redesign services that guarantee your site performs better.


Client Testimonials

Tiffany Petite
Tiffany Petite
Virtuous Circle Counselling
Read More
Marvel Marketing has been a phenomenal Calgary Web Design Company for my small business. I would highly recommend Marvel to anyone who needs support to grow their business. Each and every member of their team has been professional and caring with our concerns. A+ Experience.
Justin Mihaylnuk
Justin Mihaylnuk
Tightlines Plumbing & Heating
Read More
Marvel Marketing did a fantastic job at building our company website. Their attention to detail was superb as we had a ton of changes along the way. They were extremely accommodating to our requests and the end product was more than we could have asked for.
Kathleen Burgar
Kathleen Burgar
Irontek Land Developments
Read More
They went above and beyond helping us create our website and market our company. The marvel team worked swiftly and produced high quality work. Great Company, Great Work and Great People!

Website Prices & Packages

Our web design services come in a package whereby the costs depend on the services provided. You can choose from a Shopify or WordPress website. The rates for custom websites are available upon request. 

WordPress Website Packages


We will build a template WordPress website based on your samples provided, direction and brand guidelines.
$ 2,995
  • 5+ Pages
  • WordPress Template
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Photo Sourcing
  • Social Media Integration
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions


We will build a customized WordPress website based on your samples provided, direction and brand guidelines.
$ 4,995
  • 5+ Pages
  • Customized WordPress Theme
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Photo Sourcing
  • Social Media Integration
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions


We will build a website from scratch with mock-ups on a WordPress CMS based on your requirements.
$ 11,995
  • 5+ Pages
  • Custom WordPress from Scratch
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Photo Sourcing
  • Social Media Integration
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions

Shopify Website Packages

5 Page Shopify

We will build a custom 5-page Shopify website with a template.
$ 3,995
  • 5+ Pages
  • Basic Mockup
  • Contact Form
  • Copywriting Optional
  • Mobile Friendly Design

10 Page Shopify

We will build a custom 10-page Shopify website with a custom theme.
$ 5,995
  • 10+ Pages
  • PSD Full Mockup
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Mobile Friendly Design

15 Page Shopify

We will build a custom 15-page Shopify website with a custom design.
$ 7,995
  • 15+ Pages
  • PSD Full Mockup
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Mobile Friendly Design
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frequently asked Web Design questions

On average, it takes about four weeks to build a functional website. However, some websites will take longer or shorter. For instance, static websites have quicker development cycles.

We recommend WordPress hosting since it's reliable and our developers offer technical support. However, we can also accommodate such requests if you prefer another host. 

That depends on the package you will have chosen. We can create as many pages as you need. 

If you have a busy schedule, we can manage the website if you are interested. We will supply it with content and also perform search engine optimization. We will also share analytics for you to measure the website's success. 

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