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SEO Services in Edmonton

Marvel Marketing is an Edmonton-based SEO company that can help you climb to the top of search engine result pages. Our SEO experts utilize white hat techniques and the latest strategies to enable your business to grow in organic search. At our agency, you can get a wide range of SEO solutions ranging from on-page, off-page to technical SEO and much more. 

When you choose Marvel Marketing, you get to work with innovative, ambitious, and dynamic Edmonton SEO professionals who will guide your brand toward achieving online success.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a set of techniques that are aimed at improving your positioning on organic search results. It’s the process of improving your website visibility when people search for products or services related to your Edmonton business. 

Through SEO, your website will be more visible to potential clients. Therefore, you will notice a boost in traffic and sales. If you are running a business in Edmonton, engaging in local SEO can do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

What is SEO
How does SEO work

How Does SEO Work?

Marvel Marketing follows a six-step process for SEO which was invented by our founder, Ryan McRae, a renowned digital marketer. 

Every Google update comes with new ranking factors. For SEO to work, website owners and digital marketers need to ensure that they engage in ethical practices which are in sync with Google algorithms. For the average business owner in Edmonton, navigating through these numerous updates, ranking factors, and complex Google algorithms can be challenging. That’s why it’s a brilliant idea to seek the services of a reputable Edmonton SEO agency like Marvel Marketing. Our digital marketers eat SEO for breakfast. You can rely on our expertise to get your Edmonton business to page one of Google search results.

An audit is a crucial step in the SEO process because it determines the success of this campaign. When you hire Marvel Marketing for Edmonton SEO services, we will audit your website, target audience, and previous SEO campaigns. The goal will be to unearth any issues affecting your rankings and anything else you may have been doing wrong. 

Before embarking on any SEO campaign, it's imperative for your business to perform keyword research. We can identify the search phrases your potential clients are most likely to use through research. Marvel Marketing engages in intense keyword research to find search phrases that will most likely bring you more conversions. 

After identifying the best keywords for your brand, we can start with on-page SEO. This often entails writing and publishing quality content, optimization of titles, meta tags, and images. Part of on-page SEO also entails internal linking, which helps Google algorithms easily crawl through your site. 

Though often overlooked, technical SEO can significantly impact the amount of local traffic your Edmonton business can generate. As the name suggests, this type of SEO deals with technical aspects such as site speed, website optimization for mobile devices, 404 errors, sitemaps, redirects, URL structures, and schema markup. Don't worry if you can't understand any of these terms. Our technical SEO team can set up everything for you. 

These are strategies applied out of a website to increase its rankings. Off-page SEO entails getting links from other sites or pages which vouch for your Edmonton business. This form of SEO really helps with creating a perception about a brand, its trust, and relevance. If you don't know where to start with off-page SEO, we have an incredible formula that can attract quality links to your site. 

The best part about choosing Marvel Marketing as your Edmonton SEO company is that we deliver measurable results that you can access via an SEO report. In this report, you will find details of how our services have improved your visibility, rankings, and click-through rates. 

Why Is SEO Important for Business Success in Edmonton?

SEO is one of the few things your Edmonton business can’t ignore. Many consumers in Edmonton use search engines to find products and services. With the help of SEO, you can target and capture these leads as they are in the process of making a purchase. 

Local SEO makes your business more visible to potential buyers. Therefore, if you are interested in increasing sales, you need to engage in professional SEO services. 

Also, contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t only valuable to eCommerce stores. Businesses with a physical store in Edmonton can also leverage SEO to increase in-store purchases. 

The business market in Edmonton is highly competitive. It’s only through SEO that you can increase brand awareness, boost engagements, and make more sales.

Local SEO services
How much does SEO cost

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The rates for SEO services in Edmonton depend on various factors, such as the objectives and size of the company. Many SEO agencies here in Edmonton offer a standard package for all companies. But this approach isn’t usually practical because businesses have varying needs and requirements. 

Here at Marvel Marketing, we offer customized SEO solutions that align with your brand’s goals. That is why we will first run an SEO audit and give you a quote.

Why Choose Marvel As Your Edmonton SEO Agency?

We are a Reputable Digital Marketing Company

Marvel Marketing is an award-winning SEO agency in Edmonton and all over Canada. We are known for offering exceptional SEO solutions to businesses of all sizes and niches. Therefore, you can trust us to handle all aspects of your brand's SEO.

Customized SEO Solutions

Unlike most Edmonton SEO companies that offer the same services to different businesses, Marvel Marketing takes the time to listen to your needs. From there, we create a custom SEO plan that will deliver more results for your business.

We Treat Clients As Partners

We have a habit of treating our customers as partners because we treasure long-lasting relationships. As your SEO partner, we will work around the clock to achieve your goals and objectives. Our SEO experts are always available to answer any questions you may have.

A Dedicated and Results-Driven Team

Led by our founder Ryan McRae, Marvel Marketing is home to ambitious, dedicated, and passionate Edmonton SEO experts. This team is committed to helping businesses increase their online presence by offering innovative SEO services.

In-Depth Knowledge and Experience in SEO

Marvel Marketing has been offering SEO services for the past eight years. Therefore, we are highly experienced with search engine optimization. It's worth mentioning that our team is constantly refreshing its knowledge to keep up with the latest Google updates and ranking factors.

White Hat SEO Practices and Strategies

When you choose us, you can expect only white hat SEO practices. This ethical approach allows us to bring in organic search results without going against Google guidelines which may result in severe penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

An SEO company utilizes various strategies to increase your website rankings on search engine result pages and increase traffic. Working with an SEO agency enhances your site visibility to potential consumers in Edmonton. 

There are many types of SEO. However, the most common are; on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. 

It's possible to execute SEO campaigns by yourself, but you need expertise, knowledge, and various tools. An SEO agency comes in handy if you lack the above three. Using the experience of an SEO agency can make a big difference in the success of your marketing efforts. 

Your web design has a direct impact on user experience. Therefore in some ways, it is part of SEO. If your web pages are taking forever to load and the site isn't responsive, it can hurt your SEO and lower rankings. Therefore, as you focus on SEO, you must ensure your web design is flawless. 

SEO Client Reviews

Justin Mihaylnuk
Justin Mihaylnuk
Marvel Marketing did a fantastic job at building our company website. Their attention to detail was superb as we had a ton of changes along the way. They were extremely accommodating to our requests and the end product was more than we could have asked for. Thank you Ryan and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Carleen Mckinley Cummins
Carleen Mckinley Cummins
We hired Marvel Marketing to help us with some online marketing as well as B2B marketing campaigns. So far the campaigns that have been created have already seen results and we have increased revenue because of it. If your looking for a marketing agency in Calgary, I'd recommend checking out Marvel and talking with their team.
Dennis Fleming
Dennis Fleming
I hired Marvel Marketing to help our real estate brokerage Oceanside Real Estate with website development and search engine optimization. The web design process went really well and they completed what the previous web developer was not able to finish. Marvel Marketing is now managing our social media along with our monthly blogging creating content to build our brand. We are a few months in and their marketing team is working diligently, and consistently meeting my expectations. If you're looking for marketing services I would recommend Marvel Marketing.
Barb Michalko
Barb Michalko
Ryan and his crew were very professional and the easy to work with. Made some great suggestions and then when we wanted to make some changes they were flexible and gave us some great feedback. Thank you!
Dylan James
Dylan James
Ryan has been helping me with SEO optimization for my business. What a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend Marvel to any business owner
Tam R
Tam R
A friend referred me to Marvel Marketing for SEO Consulting. Ryan and his team were super helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them if you want to grow or start your business!!
Tiffany Petite
Tiffany Petite
Marvel Marketing has been a phenomenal Calgary Web Design Company for my small business. As a outstanding Calgary SEO Services company, we have been able to see results that have exceeded our expectations and this has taken our business to the next level. We had an outstanding experience with this Calgary Marketing Company. I would highly recommend Marvel to anyone who needs support to grow their business. Each and every member of their team has been professional and caring with our concerns. A+ Experience.
Sharon Numerow
Sharon Numerow
Ryan at Marvel is fabulous to deal with. Been working with this Calgary Marketing company for just 3 months, and google requests are already increased and more solid leads. He is also very responsive! At this point, wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Laure Forsberg
Laure Forsberg
I was referred to Ryan and Marvel Marketing by a friend to help support me in creating a website for my business. It was all so new to me. Ryan was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient throughout the process. He guided me with what he needed from me and clarified everything for me each step of the way. In addition to all of that, I truly LOVE my website and it definitely checked all the boxes of what my needs and goals were with it. I highly recommend Ryan and the entire Marvel Marketing staff for your business needs!

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