Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Why is Responsive Web Design Important

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All clients these days want a responsive web design. It is a requirement that has become prevalent in the digital environment. There are a couple of reasons why online entrepreneurs crave responsive web designs. It improves user experience, and this promotes online success. If you have or plan to create a website and want it to adapt to any device, be it desktop or mobile, it’s imperative that you understand all the benefits that come with a responsive web design. 

What is a Responsive Web Design?

Even before we can get to the benefits, we must define what a responsive web design is in the first place. This is a design that can adapt to various viewing platforms. A responsive web design can scale its data to suit the size of your users’ screens. This aspect makes your site user-friendly, making accessing and viewing content easier. 

A good example of a responsive web design is the Marvel Marketing website. If you view this website via desktop, you will see the original version. However, if you view the same page via a mobile device or tablet, it should adjust to fit your screen better whilst giving you access to the entire website. 

Now that most consumers use mobile devices when accessing content, a responsive web design is a must-have. 

The Importance of a Responsive Web Design

So, what benefits do you get from a responsive site?

1. It Boosts Client Intake

More than half of modern clients agree that they wouldn’t recommend an unresponsive site on mobile devices. Also, unresponsive sites tend to have the highest bounce rates. As an online business owner or blogger, these are two things that can come in the way of your online success.

Having a responsive web design is the exact opposite. It boosts client intake. If your site is responsive, you are assured of retaining clients and increasing your audience outreach through referrals.

2. It Guarantees Consistent Leads

A responsive web design also ensures consistent lead generation and conversion. By making it easier for your clients to view products, make payments or even inquire about certain services. All these factors go a long way in guaranteeing more leads. By opting to have a responsive web design, you are assured of getting more sales every day. 

3. Saves A Lot of Resources

If your business runs two websites, one for mobile and another for desktop, then you need to re-evaluate your online marketing tactics. Running two websites is exhausting and consumes a lot of resources. We understand that you may want to improve the user experience for clients using both desktop and mobile. But is having two sites worth it?

A responsive web design allows you to focus on only one website. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It’s what we do here at Marvel Marketing, and we have witnessed immense growth.

4. Leads to Higher SEO Rankings

A responsive website is one of the qualities Google algorithms look at when ranking websites. Making your site responsive means many clients will spend more time on your page. To Google, that indicates that your content is relevant and informative. As more people visit your site, your SEO rankings will go higher. Considering that many consumers nowadays access the internet via phone, tapping into this type of audience can do wonders for your SEO rankings. 

5. It Helps You Make a Great First Impression

The second thing that contributes to making an impression on your visitors is the site’s responsiveness. The first one is the layout. A responsive web design promotes a better user experience. Therefore, if it’s someone’s first time accessing your site, they will see that your brand has a professional touch to it. They will, therefore, visit it over and over again.

There are plenty of benefits of having a responsive web design. The responsiveness of a site goes a long way in improving the customer experience. This results in increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. Several factors come into play when it comes to making a site more responsive. Marvel Marketing has a team of skilled web developers and designers who can build a responsive site for your business or company. Get in touch with us today (1-800-427-7113).

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