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Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant?

Marvel Marketing is a renowned SEO agency that offers high-quality SEO consulting services. You are assured of long-term traffic and higher website rankings when you partner with us. Our SEO consultants understand the techniques required to get a business to the top of search engine result pages. Using this knowledge and the experience we have acquired over the years. We can optimize your content and make it easier for potential clients to find your business online.

Why Do You Need An SEO Consultant


We Have Been Offering SEO Consulting Services to Businesses and eCommerce Stores Since 2014









SEO Consulting Services

SEO Strategy Audit

A strategy audit is an integral part of our SEO consulting services. Its purpose is to determine your current SEO performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses. When performing an SEO strategy audit, we evaluate your technical SEO and digital marketing campaigns. In our SEO strategy audit, we will check for keyword cannibalization and review meta titles and descriptions.

SEO Progress Audit

We also offer an SEO progress audit to complement the data from our strategy audit. This ensures the implemented strategies are in sync with consumer search trends, the required SEO practices, and search engine algorithm changes. By tracking progress, we can provide detailed reports about business growth.

Competitive Analysis

The success of an SEO campaign is measured by how much you can beat your competitors. To enable you to outrank competitors, we will analyze their optimization strategies, backlinks, and keywords. We will also evaluate there branding, weaknesses, strengths, customer reviews, and anything else that can provide insight into how to outrank them.

Link Building Strategy Review

Search engines like Google often use link building to identify your web pages and determine how they rank. When hired for SEO consulting, Marvel Marketing will review the quality of incoming links and share insight on how you can attract stronger links from authority sites. As a result, you will improve your backlink profile and credibility, increasing your ranks on search engine results.

Current Results Review

For your site to attract quality traffic and rank higher, it needs to be accessible. Marvel Marketing can thoroughly review your website and give you a report on user experience, security, speed, and overall performance. From this review, you can also learn about duplicate content and wrong keyword densities that may be hurting your SEO efforts.

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How Much Does SEO Consulting Cost

How Much Does SEO Consulting Cost?

The rates for SEO consulting are determined by several factors, such as the size of the business, the competition, and brand objectives. Here at Marvel Marketing, our SEO consulting services are designed to cater to all budgets. 

The work done is usually the same. The main thing that affects the prices is the amount of work done. The resources needed to offer SEO consulting services for a big business that sells hundreds of products are more than that of a local company specializing in one service. 

When you contact our SEO consultants, they will provide you with a reasonable quote depending on the above mentioned factors.

How Do Our SEO Consulting Services Work?

Our SEO consulting services often entail the following; 

  • On-page SEO 

  • Off-page SEO 

  • Local SEO 

  • Technical SEO 

  • Content Marketing 

  • Link Building Strategy 

  • SEO Agency Performance 

  • Keyword Relevance

For your business to experience the full benefits of SEO consulting, it can take up to three or four months. Our team will explore your site’s UX, IX, and content marketing campaigns during this period. We will also refine your SEO strategy.

After implementing our professional SEO techniques, our agency will monitor these campaigns to gauge performance. Once we are done discharging our services, you will receive a full audit report indicating the increase in traffic and ranks on search engine result pages. 

After implementing our professional SEO techniques, our agency will monitor these campaigns to gauge performance. Once we are done discharging our services, you will receive a full audit report indicating the increase in traffic and ranks on search engine result pages. 

When Do You Need SEO Consultation Services?

There are a couple of scenarios that call for urgent SEO consultation services. They include;

Website Redesign

If you plan to redesign your website, an SEO audit is critical in determining the proper optimization of your website’s front and back end. Through SEO consultation, you can upgrade site performance and improve UX while boosting revenue.

Website Migration

Website migration can significantly throw off your search engine visibility. To prevent that, you should get an SEO audit from a reputable agency such as Marvel Marketing. This will ensure a seamless migration and zero technical issues. 

Stunted Growth

Are your SEO marketing campaigns not bearing any fruits? There is a chance that you could be ranking for unsuitable keywords, using a poor site structure, or having broken links. An SEO audit can reveal what’s affecting your online growth and help you resolve it. 

Google Algorithm Updates

Google updates are a nightmare for every website owner. After a Google update, you may witness a decline in traffic, and you may unknowingly be going against recommended practices. An SEO audit can let you know where you are going wrong and how to deal with the new changes. 

How Long Do SEO Consulting Services Take?

When you look at what happens during the delivery of SEO consulting services, there are a lot of procedures involved that can’t be done overnight. Therefore, such solutions are offered monthly and retainer basis. The projected timeline for SEO consulting is often three to four months. If rushed, your brand may not get all the benefits of a laid-out SEO strategy. 

Even though SEO consulting follows a long-term approach, it’s known to have the highest return on investment. Therefore, you need not be in a hurry because this investment takes time to deliver tangible results. 

The other thing that will help you understand the duration of SEO consulting services is to differentiate it from SEO auditing. Consultation entails planning, executing, and monitoring of SEO strategies. An SEO audit is only a part of the consultation. That’s why it can be completed much faster than an actual consultation. 

We understand that when you invest in an essential service such as SEO consulting, you expect results as soon as possible. You will be glad to know that our expert team will start working on your project the minute you hire us. They work around the clock to ensure the services are executed precisely and diligently. 

Which Businesses Can Benefit from SEO Consulting Services?

Provided you have an online presence. Your business is an ideal candidate for SEO consulting services. These solutions suit B2C and B2B companies interested in ensuring their potential clients can easily find them online. Here is a quick list of businesses that can get the highest return on investment from SEO consulting solutions. 

Startups and Small Businesses

Businesses that have been launched recently or operate on a small scale can leverage SEO consulting to gain a competitive edge over larger corporations. Also, unlike other marketing approaches, SEO is more lenient on budgets. 

Professional Service Companies

These days, more than 75% of consumers look for services online. It, therefore, makes sense for professional service companies such as healthcare providers, lawyers, accountants, and other experts to seek SEO consulting. 

Home Repair and Maintenance Businesses

Homeowners who need repairs, renovations, or maintenance look for local companies online. If you run a roofing, contracting, electrical, HVAC maintenance, or plumbing business, local SEO consulting services can boost your rankings and traffic. 

Real Estate

The real estate business is becoming quite competitive. Whether you are new or have been around for years, you need SEO consulting to scale the ranks of search pages and achieve authority status in your zip code, city, town, or area of specialization. 


B2B companies like manufacturers can also benefit from SEO consulting. With the help of a reputable SEO consultant agency such as Marvel Marketing, your manufacturing company can get to page one of Google and attract more clients. 


SEO consultation is an integral part of an eCommerce business. Considering that all your customers use search engines to access your services, you need to rank higher. For online stores, eCommerce drives genuine leads to your business and helps convert them into regular clients. 

SaaS Companies

Similar to eCommerce businesses, SaaS companies also operate online. No matter how unique and valuable your application is, it won’t be easy to market it without SEO. Through SEO consultation services, your SaaS company can create more awareness about its application and reach out to a broader audience. 

Are You Ready To Grow Your Brand Online Using Effective SEO Campaigns?

Marvel Marketing is only a phone call away if you need SEO consulting services. We will audit, implement and monitor search engine optimization campaigns that will boost your rankings and bring in more clients. 

Grow Your Brand Online Using Effective SEO Campaign

Why Marvel Marketing Is the Right SEO Consultant Company for You

When you hire Marvel Marketing for SEO consulting services, we won’t just help you reach the top of search engine rankings. Our goal is to ensure your brand dominates the market in terms of traffic, leads, revenue, and customer loyalty. Here are more reasons why you should choose our SEO consulting solutions. 

  • We have your best interests in mind. 
  • You are assured of faster business growth. 
  • Our SEO consultants understand what strategies work and how best to implement them. 
  • Your business will benefit from a significant boost in traffic and leads. 
  • Marvel Marketing’s SEO consultants have a proven track record of getting businesses to page one of search engine result pages. 
  • We have been offering SEO consultation services since 2014. 
  • Marvel has worked with hundreds of businesses in different niches and industries. 
  • We follow a long-term approach which ensures more results.

Customized SEO Solutions

Not all businesses have the same SEO needs and objectives. It is why our consultation services are tailored to meet your brand's requirements. During the consultation, Marvel Marketing will evaluate your goals and implement strategies aimed at meeting these requirements. You will also get monthly reports of progress made. From consultation to service delivery, we strive to keep the needs of our clients in mind.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

If you are skeptical about seeking SEO consultation services, we assure you that your brand will realize tangible results. Using our experience and knowledge, you will witness a boost in traffic and leads. Therefore, there will be a high return on investment. When you hire our SEO consultants, we strive to ensure you get maximum value for your money.

The Best SEO Consultants in Canada

Marvel Marketing takes pride in having renowned and award-winning SEO consultants in Canada. Led by our founder Ryan McRae, our team has years of experience in SEO. This team is exceptionally gifted with several digital marketing skills, from web design to copywriting. When you choose us, you will receive the total package. We have won many awards and are confident in our abilities.

Regular and Detailed Reports

Unlike other SEO consulting firms, we don't just offer our input and leave you alone. Marvel Marketing goes the extra mile to provide factual and detailed reports every month. As a result, you can track your SEO campaigns' success and gauge our services' effectiveness. Marvel follows a transparent approach, and that's why we are the best SEO consulting agency for your brand.

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Marvel Marketing Results Guarantee

At Marvel Marketing, we are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations. Our guarantee to you is simple and straightforward: “NO RESULTS, NO PAYMENT.” If, after 90 days of partnering with us, you do not witness tangible, positive outcomes, we will continue to work for you at no extra charge until those desired results are achieved. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities, and we stand behind our expertise and dedication to deliver the results you deserve. Partner with Marvel Marketing and experience the confidence of knowing that your investment is backed by our unwavering commitment to your success.

1.) PPC Advertising Campaigns – measured in terms of increased website visits, higher conversion rates, more leads, or improved return on ad spend (ROAS).

2.) SEO Marketing – includes achieving higher search engine rankings, increasing organic website traffic, improving keyword visibility, or enhancing the overall online presence.

3.) Social Media Marketing – involves increasing the number of followers, boosting engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares), driving website visits from social media, or achieving a particular conversion rate.