What Kind of SEO is Best for Your Business?

What Kind of SEO is Best for Your Business

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Most people think of SEO as a broad term that describes everything you can do to rank higher on search engine result pages. Though true to some extent, SEO is categorized into various sections, all of which impact your online presence differently. Some SEO tactics are more rewarding than others. And, if you are just getting started with SEO, you should know which kinds are best for your business.

On-Page SEO

This is the most popular type of SEO most people are accustomed to. It relates to things that your visitors will engage with when they visit your web pages. On-page SEO first entails the creation of quality content. You will never rank higher on Google if your content is whack. That’s why the first and perhaps most crucial technique in on-page SEO is creating quality content.

What follows in the category is the use of relevant keywords. Your content may be amazing, but if you don’t use the relevant keywords, your readers will have a lot of difficulties finding your content on the web. Before writing a post, you should perform thorough keyword research. This will help you incorporate the keywords into the content.

There is more to on-page SEO other than content and keywords. It also entails having an impressive website layout, an easily navigable website, and essentially anything else on your website pages.

Off-Page SEO

Unlike the above, Off-page SEO techniques aren’t very common, mainly because they aren’t the easiest to implement. The first strategy in off-page SEO is link building. Linking to other sites is easy, but having other sites link to yours, that’s the hard part. The latter has more value since it shows Google that your content is beneficial.

The other aspect of off-page SEO is social media. Getting people to discuss your brand on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can go a long way in increasing your rankings and driving more traffic to your site. An integral part of off-page SEO entails creating mutually beneficial relationships with social media influencers and authority websites in your niche.

Though off-page SEO techniques aren’t given as much attention as on-page SEO, they can be quite beneficial.

Technical SEO

From a general point of view, technical SEO falls under on-page SEO. But for you to understand it better, we decided to categorize it separately. These strategies improve what’s on the site, but they are done behind the scenes—for instance, optimizing the website for mobile use, increasing web page speed, and using a responsive web design.

As you can see, these strategies are slightly more technical than on-page SEO and may require special skills. Technical SEO entails a lot of things, such as uploading detailed sitemaps, caching data, and integrating a secure HTTPS connection, amongst others.

Technical SEO communicates with Google algorithms and helps them figure out what your website is all about. As a result, Google algorithms will be able to link you to relevant audiences.

Local SEO

Whether your business has or doesn’t have a local store, engaging in local SEO is crucial. The majority of your customers are those who are close to you. Even though some businesses don’t operate this way, most of them need the support of local clients.

Local SEO entails setting up a Google My Business Page. This will ensure your contact information and other relevant details about your store are displayed on Google Maps and search results. As you list your business, the content also needs to be optimized. Use the right keywords, accurate descriptions, and clear photos. You can also add a Google Maps marker on your homepage. This will make it easier for clients to find your store.

These are the best kinds of SEO for your business. There are others, such as YouTube SEO and app-store optimization. There is also a new entry known as Voice search SEO. This entails optimizing your site for Siri, Google Home, and Alexa that use voice commands.

It may take a lot of time to learn and sharpen your skills in the above different types of SEO. To ensure your business receives all, you should hire a digital marketing agency. Let’s take Marvel Marketing, for example, our SEO department has the knowledge and skill in all the above types. Give us a call via 1-800-427-711 so that we can discuss how each type can benefit your business.

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