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An Award-Winning Franchise SEO Partner

Marvel Marketing is a highly experienced franchise SEO agency that utilizes proven tactics and strategies. When you partner with our internet marketing company, we can deliver quality leads to your website and brick & mortar stores across all locations. Marvel takes pride in having the best franchise SEO experts who can implement locally-focused campaigns. With our franchise SEO services, we can take your business to the top of search engine result pages in the areas that your serve. We provide  Calgary SEO Services, Toronto SEO Solutions, Vancouver SEO Agency, and all across Canada!

An Award-Winning Franchise SEO Partner
Grow Your Franchise Business With Strategic SEO Services

Grow Your Franchise Business with Strategic SEO Services

Marketing a small business or a local company is completely different from marketing a franchise. The biggest mistake most franchise businesses make is to focus on their national or international SEO. But such an approach often doesn’t help with generating local traffic and leads.

Here at Marvel Marketing, our franchise SEO solutions target both local and international internet users. Through this large-scale approach, your franchise can gain more visibility and bring in lots of traffic. 

According to recent research, franchise businesses in Canada are growing at an alarming rate. Whether you have been running a franchise for years or have recently joined the market, you must step up your SEO if you want to beat the growing competition. 

Amidst this increase in franchise businesses, many players in this market continue to face challenges such as inadequate lead generation, insufficient data, and poor brand visibility. Marvel Marketing is here to eliminate these challenges by introducing a customer-centric SEO approach for your multiple-location business.

Franchise SEO for Multi-Location Businesses

It is estimated that more than 4 billion people use Google. For a franchise, this vast number of active internet users is a marketing opportunity. When you partner with a reliable franchise SEO company, your business can research and segment internet users and send out targeted SEO campaigns that will bring in more traffic.

Undeniably, franchise SEO isn’t easy. Multiple locations often make marketing a business a little bit challenging. That is why you need to partner with a franchise SEO company with the tools, resources, experience, and knowledge to generate consistent leads across all your businesses.

Business Growth with Local SEO For Your Franchise

Here is a sneak peek at how our franchise SEO agency can increase traffic, leads, and sales for your business;

Customized Franchise Marketing Solutions

Over the years, we have worked with various franchises specializing in different sectors and sizes. This experience has equipped us with the knowledge needed to create innovative and customized franchise marketing solutions. As a result, you are guaranteed franchise SEO solutions tailored to meet your company objectives.

Data Management Systems

Marvel Marketing thrives on building partnerships with franchise businesses when it comes to the dissemination of SEO services. That is why we use advanced data management systems, which we will grant your team access to. This makes it easier for your franchise to keep track of projects and recent developments.

Vast Knowledge of Franchise SEO

Marvel Marketing was founded in 2014. We have been offering SEO services to many franchise businesses for the past eight years. Thanks to our experience, we know the best franchise SEO strategies and approaches. Our professional team also undergoes regular training so that they can be equipped with the latest SEO trends and techniques.

Effective Communication During Implementation of SEO

We understand the importance of collaboration when delivering franchise SEO solutions. Our project managers will maintain around-the-clock communication with your franchise. This approach is highly rewarding because it enables us to offer solutions that meet your expectations and demands.

Transparent Approach

One of the reasons we are the best Franchise SEO company is because we operate transparently. Our project managers will keep you in the loop regarding all online activities and campaigns. Before making any changes to your SEO campaign, you will be notified. It's also worth mentioning that we have a transparent pricing policy.

Professional Guidelines

Marvel Marketing can be more than just your franchise SEO partner. We often go the extra mile to offer professional guidance on branding, design, content, and site optimization. Because SEO is a vast practice, these guidelines can be of immense value, especially boosting rankings for your multiple-location stores.

Provision of Updates and Reports

Our franchise SEO services deliver measurable results. These results are often indicated in the monthly reports and regular updates shared by our project managers. In these franchise SEO reports, you will find details about your rankings, growth in traffic, page visits, and all matters related to search engine optimization.

A Dedicated Team

It's not just our SEO department. Every team member at Marvel Marketing is passionate about what they do. That is why our team is 100 percent dedicated to improving your franchise SEO. With such a dedicated team, you will enjoy quick turnaround times, data-driven solutions, thorough research, and the latest trends in franchise SEO.

Franchise SEO Services

Keyword Research & Strategy

That keyword research is a fundamental part of franchise SEO. Our SEO experts don't just research general keyword phrases. We identify potential keywords based on the location and interests of its demographics. We also identify long-tail geo-modified keywords and use them to develop a robust strategy.

Local SEO

Having obtained potential search phrases for your multiple-location business, Marvel Marketing then creates local SEO campaigns. During the optimization of keywords, we will have a look at your competitor and see what strategies they are employing. Our team will also create local landing pages, link building, and citations.

Link Building

For all your franchise stores, our SEO experts will work on attracting local links. Through link building, we can significantly boost your brand's local visibility. An integral part of link building entails the development of content that is relevant to your target audience. Using our local SEO skills, we can organize meetings with other businesses to enhance your online visibility.

Social Media Marketing

Our franchise SEO services are not all about search engines. We can also bring you more traffic from social media platforms. Our team of SEO gurus can create social media campaigns, and leverage paid ads to bring more leads to your business. To strengthen your franchise's social media presence, we will set up accounts and grow your following.

Content Writing Services

Identifying potential keywords is only one piece of the puzzle. Content creation plays a pivotal role in the execution of franchise SEO services. We have a team of content creators who can include competitive keywords in blog posts or videos, increasing your rankings. Through content, you can also establish your franchise as an authority figure.

PPC Management

To compliment your franchise SEO efforts, Marvel Marketing can also run PPC ads. What we love about PPC is how it can bring traffic and leads to your franchise business within a short duration. We will segment your audience and recommend the best PPC ads to bring more results to your franchise stores.

On-Page SEO

Across all your multiple-location websites, we can engage in on-page SEO services such as increasing site speed, fixing URL errors, optimizing title tags and descriptions, making your site more crawlable. Our on-page solutions will attract search engine crawlers by ensuring your website is 100% user-friendly.

Technical SEO

You can expect a comprehensive approach if you hire Marvel Marketing to work on your franchise SEO. Besides on-page and local SEO, you will also get technical SEO solutions such as enhancing web images and videos, removing cross-links, website speed optimization, and clearing redirect errors. Our team will handle all the technical SEO aspects of your franchise websites.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Another important aspect of our franchise SEO solutions is conversion rate optimization, popularly known as CRO. We will improve the rate your franchise business converts leads by improving page speed, creation and optimization of landing pages, A/B testing, and a wide range of services.

Your Full-Service Franchise SEO Company

We can’t emphasize enough how local SEO is important for franchise businesses. If your business is struggling with generating traffic in several areas, local SEO can increase visibility on search results and display your business to potential customers. When it comes to local SEO, our experts leverage online reviews, local citations, and NAP (name, address, and phone number) to grow your ranks. Here is an overview of the approach our SEO experts will use;

Optimization of Content

It's in the public domain that SEO content can significantly boost your rankings. Marvel will optimize your web pages and blog posts to attract nearby customers. Within the content, we will add geo-specific search phrases, local landmarks, and even local news. This will show Google algorithms and your potential audience that your franchise business is relevant to that location.

Landing Page Development

After attracting nearby customers from search engines, you need a quality landing page to guide the new leads down the sales funnel. The good news is that we have a creative team that can create unique call to actions and selling propositions. When designing your landing page, we will conduct audience segmentation and include conversion-focused messages.

Mobile SEO

Many of your nearby customers use mobile devices to access the internet. Marvel Marketing is well aware of that, and it's why part of our local SEO entails the optimization of your franchise website to be more mobile-friendly. From web pages to pop-ups, we will ensure your site is responsive to mobile devices, significantly lowering bounce rates.

e-Commerce Marketing

Does your franchise business also sell products or services online? Then you can also leverage eCommerce marketing solutions. Marvel can offer SEO services to Shopify and WooCommerce businesses. Through e-commerce marketing, your franchise will attract more customers and make a lot of sales.

Online Reputation Management

From an international perspective, your franchise business may have a positive reputation. However, locally, the situation could be different. That's why when working on local SEO, you need to address the online reputation of every franchise. Our team can manage your online reputation and ensure you only get positive reviews. This will make your brand more credible to local clients.

Full-Service Digital Marketing

Besides offering local SEO solutions for franchises, Marvel Marketing is a full-service digital marketing. Our goal is to make it easier for you to run and manage your business. You can also contact us for web design, copywriting services, PPC management, social media marketing, and any other digital service your franchise business may be interested in.

Corporate SEO Solutions for Franchise Organizations

Large corporate franchise businesses always assume that they don’t need SEO because they are already established, but that is untrue. You can be surprised at how many sale opportunities you are missing out on because of ignoring SEO solutions. 

Through our corporate SEO for franchise companies, you can navigate the dynamic digital marketing arena and stay at the top of your brand. These days, more than 75% of online consumers perform internet searches when looking for a product or service. Without SEO, your established corporate business will not rank, and that’s why you may have been experiencing stunted growth for the past few years. 

Marvel Marketing can customize a robust franchise SEO strategy that features current trends and internet marketing practices. These solutions don’t just boost sales, but they can also increase brand awareness, loyalty, and trust. Through corporate SEO, you are assured of an improvement in visibility across all your locations.

Corporate SEO Solutions for Franchise Organizations

Partner with a Corporate SEO Agency That Will Take You Much Closer to Your Objectives

Corporate SEO can be a highly rewarding investment for any company. Marvel Marketing is a results-oriented corporate SEO agency that delivers measurable results. We have worked with nearly all industries in the corporate arena. We will partner with your team and implement corporate SEO solutions to promote growth. 

Part of our corporate SEO solutions for franchise businesses also entails reputation management. Our PR team can ensure your brand only has a positive perception both at a national and local level. If your franchise company hasn’t been keen on corporate SEO, it’s high time you bring in the experts to upgrade your strategies.

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