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Marvel Marketing is a digital marketing company that can help your Montreal business increase its brand awareness and sales through social media. We have a team of social media experts who are highly experienced in leveraging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to market your products and services. Our Montreal social media services are available to businesses of all sizes and niches. 

Being the second most populous city in Canada, Montreal is a great place for anyone to do business. It is strategically located, which allows businesses to access local and international markets. The costs of starting and operating a business in Montreal are a bit lower, which is perfect for investors and the business community. 

However, apart from having such a lucrative business environment, the competition here in Montreal is quite stiff. Business owners must be innovative if they want their brands to stand out. One of the ways a Montreal-based business can beat the competition is by unlocking the power of social media branding and marketing. 

When you hire us to run your social media campaigns, we will widen your audience outreach all over Montreal and its environs. Marvel Marketing is highly experienced with infiltrating different social media platforms and making your brand popular. We can also create compelling messages aimed at marketing your products and services so that you can get a boost in sales.

Social Media Agency in Montreal

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What Montreal Social Media Services Do We Provide?

Social Media Management

Establishing a social media presence entails more than just sharing posts on various platforms. You need to have a plan and a set of objectives. Marvel Marketing, during the consultation, we will take note of your goals. Whether you want to boost brand awareness or sales, we will devise an innovative plan and execute it on your behalf.

Social Media Marketing

If used correctly, social media can drive thousands of sales to your Montreal business. As an experienced social media agency in Montreal, Marvel Marketing can market your products or services to potential clients, thus boosting sales. Our team will research and segment your audience before sending personalized messages designed to convert them into clients.

Social Media Paid Advertising

For brands that are relatively new to the Montreal business market or need to increase their sales quickly, paid ads is the way to go. Here at Marvel Marketing, we can create compelling ads for your brand, post them on social media and track their performance. Our team can also tweak and refine these ads depending on the reception we get from your audience.

Social Media Brand Management

Your brand is an essential part of your business identity. This is why you need to let the experts manage it for you. Brand management is part of our Montreal social media solutions. Marvel Marketing can run your social media profiles, grow the following and engage your audience. We will also run campaigns aimed at giving your brand a positive image.

Facebook Marketing

A good percentage of Montreal residents are on Facebook. That means there are a lot of clients you can fish from this social media platform. With our help, your business can convert Facebook friends and followers into clients. Our team can also grow your brand awareness by engaging with your target audience. Facebook has lots of nifty tools that can be used to grow a business.

Instagram Marketing

No matter what niche your Montreal business falls under, it can benefit significantly from Instagram marketing. Marvel Marketing can use pictures, captions, and hashtags to drive more sales to your business. Our team can also use new Instagram features, such as reels, to get your marketing messages to relevant audiences.

Twitter Marketing

If your Montreal business deals with other businesses, you should contact us for Twitter marketing solutions. Through trends and hashtags, Marvel Marketing can leverage Twitter to promote your products and grow your brand name. As a business owner, we understand that you may not have time to keep tweeting all day. Why don't you delegate such duties to a reputable social media agency?

TikTok Marketing

The young generation in Montreal is in love with TikTok. If your business sells its products mainly to this group, you need to have a solid presence on TikTok. Marvel Marketing understands TikTok's complex algorithm. And we can use this knowledge to make your posts go viral and reach as many people in Montreal as possible.

Content Writing

Irrespective of whichever social media platform you plan to use to market your business, you will need content. The good thing is that you don't have to seek these services elsewhere. Marvel Marketing has a team of copywriters with more than eight years of experience. This brilliant team can provide creative content for your social media messages, ads, and campaigns.

Awards and reputation

Marvel Marketing Named Top Social Media Marketing Company in Montreal by Clutch, Upcity & More

Why Choose Marvel Marketing As Your Montreal Social Media Agency?

When you pick Marvel Marketing as your Montreal social media agency, you will never have to seek any service from another company. Our agency offers all social media services your business may need. Do you need to market your products on social media, or are you looking to build your brand? You can get these and much more from our company.  

It doesn't matter what time it is. You can always reach out to our social media experts. We understand how it feels when you hire a certain company to offer a particular service only for them to be unreachable. You will never have to go through such an experience with Marvel Marketing. Our team will always be there to answer your call or respond to your text. 

We have been offering social media solutions in Montreal for the past eight years. During this period, we helped many businesses boost their online engagements, grow their brand, and increase sales. When you choose Marvel Marketing, you are assured of successful campaigns. 

Led by our founder Ryan McRae, Marvel Marketing is home to Montreal's best social media managers and marketers. This team is exceptionally gifted and experienced in social media marketing and management. Therefore, you can expect quality solutions that will exceed your expectations. 

To us, you are more than a client. Marvel Marketing will treat you like a partner. We will channel our time, effort, and dedication to help your business thrive on social media. 

Because you are working with the best social media agency in Montreal, you can be assured of a return on investment. 

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