Low-Cost Creative Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Low-Cost Creative Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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The marketing budget is usually very low for many small companies and startups. This can limit the moves you can make as a firm when marketing the brand. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune for you to realize the benefits of marketing. Below are low-cost creative marketing tips to boost your brand awareness and credibility.

1. Create a GMB Account

This is a free and effective technique that can help market your business. Setting up a GMB (Google My Business) account enables your startup to appear on local searches, Google Maps, and Google searches. Please note that signing up for a GMB account isn’t enough. You need to verify ownership and optimize your profile to enjoy higher ranks. 

2. Be Active on Social Media

On a slow day at work, we spend a lot of time browsing through social media. What if we told you that the same social media platforms could be used as marketing tools? It would be best to have a social media profile on various platforms as a business. From there, you can post, engage and build an online community. There are many social media platforms. Choose those that resonate with your business. 

Many businesses have some social media presence, but they are not active. If you want to market your business, you must communicate with your audience by posting and responding to comments. You can also share blog posts and get traffic from social media. 

Another marketing tip worth exploring is tagging people on social media. This engages your audience. It’s also essential to add a human touch to your brand. 

3. Engage in Local SEO

The main advantage of local SEO is that it levels up the playing field for big and small companies. Google algorithms rank your site depending on content quality and relevance. You don’t have to pay for you to leverage the benefits of local SEO. 

Local SEO efforts take a while before they can become effective. But it’s worth the wait. You can start by using location-based keywords and publishing content relevant to your local neighborhoods.

4. Use Lots of Infographics

Infographics are taking over in the content realm. These visual pieces of information are appealing, easy to consume, and boost the traffic your site receives. Infographics are easy to create as long as you know what you are doing. There are plenty of tutorials out there that you can learn from. Once you have the skills, what follows is downloading a free tool such as Canva that will help you create infographics for your website. 

5. Apply for Business Awards

Business awards and badges increase credibility. This cost-effective marketing technique can help you cultivate trust from potential clients. You can apply for awards from various organizations. Don’t hesitate to flaunt it all over your website and social media when you get the award. 

6. Step Up Your Content Marketing Game

If your marketing budget can’t accommodate costly adverts, you have to put in more effort. Content can take your website to page one of Google search results. Being at the top of search engine result pages will market your business to many people. This is because consumers rarely go past page one of Google search engine result pages. 

Create relevant and quality content. Write your articles in a language that everyone can understand. Remember, research is vital if you want to publish factual information. If you are too busy, you can always look for content writing services. This is whereby you hire an agency to be in charge of your content creation. This shouldn’t strain your marketing budget. 

7. Post Useful Videos

Sometimes, the best marketing techniques don’t have to be direct. As an expert in that field of business, you can create helpful videos and post them on YouTube. Within the content you will be sharing, you can add links to your site, which should drive traffic to your website. 

Marketing can be highly beneficial to small businesses. The problem is that marketing solutions can be costly. If you don’t have enough money, these tips can be quite helpful. Alternatively, you can have a chat with Marvel Marketing experts, and we can tailor marketing solutions that fit your business budget. You can call us at 1-800-427-7113. 

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