How Long Will It Take to Design My Website?

How Long Will It Take to Design My Website

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Over the years, Marvel Marketing has launched many websites. One of the questions our clients frequently ask is – How long will it take to design my website? Understandably, clients are always eager to get their websites up and running as soon as possible. However, designing a website does take time. And if you want an impressive and functional design, you must give your web developers ample time to do their job.

The estimated duration of designing a website is between 30 to 40 days. There are a couple of factors that can shorten or lengthen this timeline. For instance, whether we are designing a brand new website or redesigning an old one. Even though the process is almost the same, the latter takes less time since the site already contains some content.

Another factor contributing to how long it takes for Marvel Marketing to design your website is the complexness of the project. The more complex the design, the longer it takes. Upon consultation, our experts should give you an exact estimate of when your website design will be ready. Feel free to contact us for professional web design and redesign.

To understand better why it takes 30 to 40 days to design a website, here is an example of a web design timeline.

An Overview of the Web Design Process (Timeline)

Step 1 – Consultation (At Least a Day)

The first step in designing your website entails consulting a digital agency. Most of the time, you will fill a questionnaire, or they will ask you about your web design needs. This gives us a better understanding of what you are interested in. A web design should promote your brand. Therefore, it’s vital that you share the style of your brand. This includes colors, typography, palette, images, logos, and anything that may give your brand a clear picture. We often give this step a day because clients can, later on, add more details about their ideal design.

Step 2 – Our Team Reviews Your Requirements (Less than an Hour)

Because we have been doing this for a while now, it will take less than an hour for us to go through and understand your requirements. Should we have any questions, we will ask you right away. During this step, you will meet the web developers and designers that will be working on your project.

Step 3 – Creation of Wireframes (Up to 5 Days)

This is a blueprint for the website’s layout. It shows how the main pages will look like. The creation of wireframes will provide our web designers and clients with an overview of the mockup. It comprises boxes that show where various elements will be placed. You will be provided with the wireframes and can make changes before approving them.

Step 4 – Creation of a Mockup (A Week)

For those of you who are new to web design, a mockup is a full-size model of a design. It is created from wireframes, and this is where the real work begins. The mockup will contain your brand typography, colors, and essential elements. By this stage, you should have shared any important designs or instructions with the designer. When the mockup is ready, it is sent to you for approval. Remember, it’s not yet a fully functioning website.

Step 5 – We Give You Time to Review the Mockup (At Least Three Days)

Marvel Marketing values customer feedback, and that’s why we give you three days to look at the mockup. If it pleases you, give us the signal to proceed. Should some aspects need improvement, don’t hesitate to inform us.

Step 6 – Coding and Designing of the Website (10 to 15 Days)

After approving the above, our web designers can now begin coding your website. From now onwards, the ball is no longer in your court. You can occasionally check in, however.

Step 7 – Final Review (2 to 3 Days)

Immediately we are done with coding your website design. Our team reviews it before sending you a preview link. You can check if the design meets the requirement you had provided earlier. We often give this final step two to three days. Should there be some changes you want, let the designer know. If there are none, you can authorize us to launch the new or redesigned website.

Designing a website takes time. If you want a functional and good-looking web layout, you should be patient. A professional digital marketing agency should provide you with a detailed web design timeline.

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