Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing

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The marketing industry has witnessed significant changes over the past few decades. Can you remember the days of TV, radio, and billboard ads? Growing up, almost everyone had a favorite advert. Fast forward to the 21st century. Do you remember an ad you have seen recently on TV or heard over the radio? If you do remember, you must be very perceptive. 

Most people don’t even know which ads are running on TVs these days because there are so many of them. Most of which are either irrelevant or not targeted to them. Due to the above, a lot of consumers are ignoring traditional marketing. And this is forcing many businesses to take their marketing to digital media. 

Why is Digital Marketing Taking Over?

Besides the shift in consumer behavior, there are many other reasons digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. 

1. It is Cheaper

For those who are in business, have you ever seen the rates of renting a billboard or running a marketing campaign on TV and radio? The rates are abnormally high. With digital marketing, you can invest a fraction of that money in web development, design, SEO and enjoy thousands of organic traffic all year round. 

2. It is Measurable

Unlike traditional marketing, where you can’t determine the number of people it has reached, you get exact figures with digital marketing. For instance, with a campaign posted on social media, you can measure the number of people who have interacted with it. The same goes for emails. You can calculate the open rate. 

3. It Can be Used to Target Potential Clients

With digital marketing, it’s easy to acquire demographics and channel your marketing campaigns to reach your ideal target audience. With traditional marketing, it is impossible to target. You have to air your marketing campaigns and hope that potential clients will see them. 

4. There is Room for Feedback

When you run a TV ad, there is no way of telling whether your audience is pleased. But if you opt for digital marketing, whether it’s done on your website or social media channels, your viewers can make comments which translate into valuable feedback on the marketing strategy. 

5. It’s Less Intrusive

The bitter truth is that people watch Tv or listen to the radio because they are interested in a particular program or want to be updated with the latest news. When an ad is fixed between shows, it is very intrusive. People choose the ads they want to watch or listen to with digital media. When dealing with such an audience, your conversion rates will be high. 

Does that Mean Traditional Marketing is Irrelevant?

Time changes, and so do the people. A while back, traditional marketing was super effective. That’s because the only means of communication was through traditional media. People often read about ads on newspapers, billboards, flyers, and on TV or radio. But then the internet started becoming prevalent in the early 2000s. Currently, almost everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet. 

Instead of listening to adverts, consumers these days prefer to research a product and service. Thanks to Google and other search engines, you can know all you want about a product or service. Let’s also not forget that people aren’t watching TV channels these days. This is all thanks to streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. 

Digital marketing is taking over, but traditional marketing is still relevant. That’s because traditional media is still part of our society, and it will be that way for a while. 

Will Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

If you were around when email became prevalent, people claimed that it was the end of post offices. Years later, post offices are still there. Even though they aren’t popular as they were back in the day, they were not phased from existence. 

The same can be said for traditional marketing. Some day digital marketing will replace traditional marketing, but that won’t happen right away. Many businesses and companies are still using traditional marketing. A clear indication that it’s still beneficial for improving brand awareness. 

Why Businesses Should Partner with a Reliable Digital Marketing Company

For businesses that have been relying on traditional marketing and want to switch to online marketing. It’s important to know that this field is quite competitive and dynamic. You will need an experienced digital marketing company such as Marvel Marketing to guide, nurture and provide insight into navigating digital media. Get in touch with our team via (587) 387-2323.

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