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Marvel Marketing’s search engine optimization specialists know how to help businesses in Calgary grow their online presence.

We are Calgary’s full-service SEO and Web Design Company that fully understands how to create and maintain search engine rankings that reach your desired audience.

Working with Marvel Marketing’s SEO team will ensure your working with established and award-winning calgary seo professionals that will help you grow your sales and revenue.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of strategic on-page and off-page optimizations to a web page so it will improve search engine rankings for relevant keyword phrases. Showing up higher on google organic rankings will increase your brand trust and authority, and will attract more traffic to your website.

Calgary businesses who want to increase local online visiblilty will want to include a local SEO strategy in their marketing plan.

What is SEO
How does SEO work

how does sEO Work?

We look at search engine optimization (SEO) as a six step process created by our founder and lead SEO strategist in Calgary – Ryan McRae.


Creating an effective SEO marketing plan involves proper communication with search engines and utilizing effective optimization techniques for the ranking algorithms. SEO companies need to stay up to date with ranking formulas that continue to be effective as algorithms are constantly changing. At Marvel Marketing, our SEO experts are always keeping up with the latest Google ranking factors so we always have the most effective ranking formulas.  

How Google Search Works

An SEO audit is a way to do some preliminary research and get an idea of what Calgary-area businesses are up against when it comes to SEO. We'll check your website for current issues, give you actionable advice on how to move forward, then provide ongoing assistance.

Keyword Research will help you know what your consumers are searching online and will determine what search terms you should target. The best SEO companies in Calgary will know how to find "conversion keywords" that help you convert your website traffic into sales. At Marvel Marketing our SEO planning focuses on these types of high-converting keywords that will grow your revenue.

In order to rank higher in organic search results, you need a structured website design that includes on-page SEO. Quality content writing and images, optimized meta titles, heading tags, ALT text, and internal linking are some of the on-page ranking factors for search engines.

The most important factor here is your website speed which is measured both on desktop and mobile. Website speed is a major ranking factor and the goal is to minimize load times for your audience. Other items that will be adressed; your website schema markup, URL structures, HTML Sitemap, redirects, 404 pages, and canonical tags. While technical SEO wont be seen by the human eye, it is a very important aspect to a successful SEO plan.

SEO extends beyond your website in the form of Link Building with relevant websites, guest blog posts on popular blogs, citations from links found within both high and low domain authority sources, social media optimization, and the right off-page SEO formula to rank above the competition.

Tracking your success with Calgary SEO is easy when you work with Marvel Marketing. Our SEO ranking report will show you the performance of your Calgary website with regards to rankings, CTR, and much more.

Letting us manage your local SEO, you will experience a team that wants to help and support your business during the process and see higher ROI.

Why is SEO Important For Business success?

Local SEO will make your business more visible to your desired customers and prospects. If your local business in Calgary has a storefront, utilizing SEO strategies can bring more customers through your doors and generate more sales.

Google has stated that more than a third of internet users search for local business online using their mobile devices. The majority of consumers who conduct online searches for local businesses lead to in-store purchases.

Ranking on google for local search will improve your brand recognition and will increase user engagement with your website. Not taking advantage of local SEO could have your business losing out on sales.

Local SEO services
How much does SEO cost

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The cost of SEO services in Calgary will vary depending on your business goals and existing online presence. While some SEO companies in Calgary will offer standard SEO packages with the same tasks for all clients, we believe it is more effective to create a custom SEO strategy for each business.

The determining factors will be number of keywords to target, website and content status, your competition, and your niche. A quote can be provided after we do an in-depth SEO audit for your business.

Why choose Marvel Marketing as your calgary SEO agency

Award-Winning Recognized Services

Our years of experience helping businesses gain exposure and grow sales with SEO has resulted in recognition we are very proud of. Recognized by multiple organizations as the best SEO company in Calgary.

Tailored SEO Strategies

Every business and brand is different, which means your SEO strategy should be as well. We dont use "cookie-cutter" SEO packages for our clients. Every client of ours gets an in depth and well thought out strategy to get the best ROI as possible.

We Value Long-Lasting Partnerships

Marvel Marketing is your all-around digital marketing partner and we treat all our clients as partners in success. Our Calgary SEO team is so grateful to have established great partnerships with our clients, assisting in their goals and visions.

Transparent Process & Reporting

There are a lot of SEO agencies that struggle with being transparent. Marvel Marketing takes pride in being completely transparent and showing you what we are doing and why we are doing it. Every month you get a detailed seo report showing campaign progress.

SEO Team With Extensive Knowledge

We know its very important to see ROI for a business investing in marketing. Our Calgary SEO experts take the time to assess your business goals and objectives. With years of testing and learning the best strategies, we aim to keep the best minds in the SEO industry.

Dedicated Work Ethic and Strong Culture

When you choose our SEO company in Calgary, you will experience a group of individuals who display a high standard of integrity and innovation towards solutions. SEO is our passion and because of this, Marvel has become a top Calgary SEO agency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a marketing strategy that allows companies to garner extra visitors to their site through search engine rankings. Of course, you can’t just jump into SEO and expect to see results right away; it takes time, effort, and patience. Perhaps the best way to put it is that PPC is short-term while SEO is long-term. If a company’s goal is to gain as many potential customers as possible in the shortest amount of time, then PPC advertising may be a better choice. However, if the goal is to gain revenue over the long-term and create a customer base that will be actively loyal not just now but in the years to come, then a local SEO strategy would be the better choice.

In conclusion, the two services are solving different problems and it's important to decide which one is best for you. If your budget allows for it, utilizing both SEO and Pay per click can increase your online visibility instantly and in the future. Using both methods effectively can help build your brand reputation and grow sales which can yield a great ROI.

SEO often requires years of experience, a range of specialized skills, and a thorough understanding of best practices. Unless you are willing to invest in quality services for your online presence, there is an excellent chance that you could end up with a damaged domain due to improper optimization techniques by cheap SEO services.

Marvel Marketing has an extremely talented staff that allows us to offer complementary products and services like social media marketing, content writing, branding, PPC management, that are related to driving traffic to your business online. This will help keep your SEO costs to a minimum as we dont outsource any of these services.

If your website doesn’t handle mobile users well, you’re likely to lose your rankings. Having your website be mobile responsive should be a priority for any design, even eCommerce sites that attract mostly desktop users. When creating a mobile strategy for your site, keep in mind what Google wants from websites using its search engine - it wants them to be user-friendly and useful to the user.

  • If SEO is not implemented properly, it can hurt your marketing efforts instead of helping.
  • Finding the right strategic keywords for your campaign is important or you will be wasting time.
  • Using cheap SEO tools from website builders will give you no competitive edge.
  • Hiring cheap SEO services have the chance of damaging your website reputation.
  • Google is very diligent in finding companies that partake in spammy techniques and flagging them.

Hiring an SEO professional with experience will avoid the chance of making mistakes and causing problems with your online reputation with Google.

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