Why Website Speed Is Crucial For SEO

Why Website Speed Is Crucial For SEO

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Why Website Speed Is Crucial For SEO?

We live in an era where everything moves fast and people expect their needs to be seamlessly catered for. Anyone with a website and especially those tailored for commercial purposes, knows that the overall user experience is all that matters to create an impressive image about your brand out there. Well, part of what determines the overall user experience is the website’s speed.

Having poor website speed can significantly impact your SEO and the overall performance of your site. In this post, we will focus on the reasons why website speed is essential for your SEO.

First things first, what is website speed?

Website speed is the length of time it takes your website takes to display its content. It can also be defined as the time a browser takes to load your site’s functional webpages. If you want your site to remain top in search results, then you should not settle for a slow website. With more than 50% of the traffic now coming from mobile devices, your site should be fast for smartphone accesses too.

Does website speed really matter for SEO?

Yes, as slow site speed can significantly hinder advancement up in search rankings. Today, every first page of any Google search results will only be occupied by the sites that take less than 3 seconds to open. Although this is a combination of many other ranking factors, it is clear that Google values their users’ experience now more than ever and they will stop at nothing to seeing this happen, even if it means leaving website speed as the only ranking factor.

It is not just about what Google and the users require, SEO is essential for you as the website owner and thus is website speed. If you have a slow loading site, visitors will not stick around (a higher bounce rate), which will significantly affect your conversion rate. Think of all the traffic you could lose if more than half of the people who visit your site are intolerant and cannot wait till the information they need is displayed. To lead visitors on their path to conversion, you need to provide a fast and easy-to-navigate site.

Can you measure how speed affects SEO?

Currently, this is not possible as Google still keeps their search algorithms a secret. Despite this being hard to quantify, you will not fail to notice how your SEO is impacted by a slow loading page, especially when you try to sell products with your website. Just try to search for content that resonates with your website and see how fast the sites that appear at the top of the search results perform in terms of loading speed. You will be surprised to note that your products are even more refined than theirs, but just because their site loads faster, most customers will prefer to click and buy their products.

Closing thoughts on website speed and SEO

Page speed is one of the top SEO factors and should be taken seriously as any other on-page optimization SEO factor. Now that the leading search engine, Google prioritizes delivering information to users quickly, it makes sense that website speed is now a crucial SEO aspect. With this in mind, you should see to it that your site’s performance, especially on mobile devices, is optimum to boost your SEO and your conversions in the long run!

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