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Social Media Agency in Vancouver

Marvel Marketing is a full-house digital marketing agency that specializes in creating buzz online for businesses in Vancouver. We will equip you with innovative social media strategies that guarantee an increase in brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Our social media agency utilizes content, data and engagement to source loyal followers for your brand on various social media platforms. 

Vancouver is one of the major cities in western Canada. Surrounded by rainforests, oceans and mountains, this city has a spectacular environment. Vancouver is also home to many industries that support Canada’s economy. 

If you are a business owner in Vancouver, it’s important to explore all marketing options that can drive sales. Social media marketing is one of the most effective lead generation methods. On various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can build your brand which results in acquisition of loyal followers. 

Marvel Marketing can hold your hand throughout your business’s social media journey. With a decade’s worth of experience in social media marketing, we have the knowledge, tools and experts that can boost your brand awareness and conversions. If you are interested in growing your business using social media, we are the ideal agency you should partner with.

Social Media Agency in Vancouver

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What Vancouver Social Media Services Do We Provide?

Social Media Management

When you partner with Marvel Marketing, you can delegate all social media duties to us. That gives you more room to focus on other aspects of your business while still receiving more traffic from Facebook and Instagram. We will connect your business to target customers on various social networks. Our agency will develop and execute social media marketing campaigns. We will engage with your audience via content and establish a solid online presence for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

If you have recently entered Vancouver’s business environment or you are launching a new product/service, we can use social media to spread more information about your business. Social media marketing is one of the most effective promotion avenues. Considering that nearly all of your potential clients are on social media, we can leverage data and analytics to send personalized messages to potential customers on different social networks.

Social Media Paid Advertising

PPC campaigns are equally as effective on social media as they are on Google searches. If you are interested in reaching your target audience faster, we can advise you to explore social media paid advertising. Our Vancouver social media gurus can ensure you make the most out of paid ads. We are experienced with how the paid ads systems work in different social media platforms. Through this service, you can attract quality leads and realize a significant boost in visibility.

Social Media Brand Management

Your brand is a crucial part of your business. Through branding, you get to build awareness and a positive reputation. If you are too busy running other aspects of your business, you can let us manage your social media branding. We will help you connect and foster better relationships with your Vancouver audience on social media. Marvel Marketing will also create personalized messages and share them on social media with the aim of boosting lead generation.

Facebook Marketing

Over the years, Facebook has grown to become a suitable place for businesses to market their products. Even though anyone can execute a Facebook marketing campaign, you need an expert to get measurable results. Thanks to the many years we have been offering Vancouver Facebook marketing services, we can use the tools provided by this platform to build loyal customers. Our creative team can takeover content creation and ensure every post shared engages more people and improves your brand visibility.

Instagram Marketing

Though often overlooked, Instagram is a highly lucrative platform especially when it comes to improving brand visibility. By utilizing both organic and paid posts, we can grow your Instagram following and put you miles ahead of competition. Being a visual social media platform, our experts can create media that captures the attention of your target audience. We will also optimize posts using hashtags and relevant keywords to ensure maximum outreach.

Twitter Marketing

For Vancouver businesses that deal directly with other businesses, Twitter is an excellent marketing platform. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter marketing campaigns are best implemented by experts who have an understanding of the network. Marvel Marketing can use this blue bird app to make your business go viral. By hoping onto trending conversations, we can share your brand message to your target audience.

TikTok Marketing

If your business is yet to create a profile on TikTok, then you are missing out on tons of marketing opportunities. Today, TikTok’s popularity is almost surpassing YouTube. This platform which is popular amongst the younger generation can be used to reach more clients in Vancouver. Marvel marketing will set up a TikTok profile for your business. We will come up with creative content and engage your users until you gain popularity.

Content Writing

Content is a pivotal part of social media. Whether Facebook or Instagram, you need quality content that convinces, persuades and converts followers into customers. For all your Vancouver social media marketing campaigns, you don’t have to worry about where you will get content. We have a skilled team of creative copywriters that will provide you with content for all your campaigns. The content provided will also be optimized to increase loyalty and conversions.

Awards and reputation

Marvel Marketing Named Top Social Media Marketing Company in Vancouver by Clutch, Upcity & More

Why Choose Marvel Marketing As Your Vancouver Social Media Agency?

Access to a Wide Range of Services

When you partner with Marvel Marketing, you get access to a plethora of social media services. From management to paid ads, we offer innovative marketing solutions across all social media networks. We ensure that your Vancouver business is at the top of its game regarding social media. 

Ability to Adapt to a Brand’s Voice

Being an experienced social media agency in Vancouver, we know how to adapt to your brand’s voice and tone. Even though we work with multiple brands, we know how to distinguish different tones. Aligning our services to the tone of your brand is crucial as it ensures effective communication with your target audience. 

Proficiency in Managing Several Accounts

To maximize the benefits a business can get from social media, Marvel Marketing encourages its clients to have multiple accounts on different networks. For instance, your business can have a profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are highly skilled in juggling multiple accounts for our Vancouver clients. We will ensure that all your accounts are in sync in terms of captions, content and client support. 

Provision of Engaging and Creative Content

Social media requires content that engages its viewers. It’s through engagement that relationships are established. Part of our Vancouver social media services entails the provision of engaging and highly creative content that will easily capture your audience’s attention.

Comprehensive Analysis of Target Audience

Social media platforms have millions of users. Obviously, not everyone on Facebook or TikTok is your potential customer. That’s why before we execute any marketing campaign, Marvel Marketing performs a comprehensive analysis of your target audience. This ensures that the messages and posts shared on social media reach people who are most likely to be interested in your brand. 

Customized Social Media Services

All businesses in Vancouver have varying social media objectives. When you request for a free proposal, we will have a discovery meeting. Here, you will inform us about your goals.

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