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We are a digital marketing company that uses creativity to promote brands on various social media platforms.

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Marvel Marketing is a renowned social media agency that can develop strategies for your campaigns, manage your handles on multiple platforms and implement effective adverts for your brand. We follow a data-driven approach that guarantees a boost in engagements, traffic and sales.

Ottawa has developed into a major center for government, technology, and education. It is a vibrant and diverse city with a population of over one million people. It is home to numerous national landmarks and institutions, including the Parliament Buildings, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the National Gallery of Canada. This beautiful hosts a wide array of events throughout the year and it’s also a tourist destination with a diverse culinary scene. 

Everything about Ottawa makes it a great place to do business. It doesn’t matter which industry you are interested in, with the right game plan, you can achieve immense success. Being such a technologically advanced city, more than 82% of the population is active on social media. For business owners, this is an opportunity to get your brand name out there and promote your products or services. 

Navigating social media platforms isn’t always a walk in the park for most entrepreneurs. And that’s where Marvel Marketing comes in. Our social media gurus can create buzz around your business. We can grow your followers on various social media platforms while executing campaigns aimed at promoting business growth.

Social Media Company in Ottawa

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What Ottawa Social Media Services Do We Provide?

Social Media Management

We know how busy you are in running your enterprise. With Marvel Marketing by your side, our agency will create high-quality content such as images, videos, and copy that is relevant and engaging to your target audience. We will schedule when this content should be posted. Our team will also monitor and engage your followers while analyzing the performance of various campaigns and sending you detailed reports.

Social Media Marketing

If your goal is to boost sales, Marvel Marketing can use various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to identify your target audience, develop and execute social media strategies. for the many years we have been offering social media services, we have mastered a wide range of marketing techniques that deliver incredible results. our social media marketing solutions guarantee better conversion rates and a boost in sales.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Are you interested in reaching your Ottawa clients faster? Then you should be running paid ads on social media. We have a group of social media gurus who are well-versed with how social media paid ads work. Our team will ensure you get quality leads from these ads while keeping the costs within your marketing budget. We will also help you pick the best social media platforms for you to run paid ads campaigns.

Social Media Brand Management

Maintaining a positive brand image goes a long way in encouraging people to buy from you. One of the ways you can achieve this is through social media brand management. Our agency can manage your brand’s social media profiles. On your behalf. We can post content, engage with followers and even run some campaigns on the side. This engagement will significantly boost your popularity within Ottawa and its environs.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has a lot of marketing tools which can take your Ottawa business to the next level. As your social media agency, we will evaluate whether Facebook is a suitable platform for your brand. We will then proceed to create quality content and schedule when to post it. Our social media gurus will also engage your Facebook followers and convert them into loyal clients.

Instagram Marketing

Part of our social media solutions entails promoting your brand on Instagram. If you don’t have a business account, we will create one for you. We will use various Instagram tools such as hashtags and reels to promote your brand message. We have an exceptionally creative team that will share interesting pictures and videos of your business paired up with catchy captions. Still, on Instagram, we can also run influencer campaigns on behalf of your brand.

Twitter Marketing

If you mostly deal with other businesses in Ottawa, then your brand needs to have an active Twitter profile. Over the years, Twitter has grown to become a lucrative platform for B2B brands. Marvel Marketing is quite experienced when it comes to Twitter marketing. We will ensure your brand participates in local trends and challenges with the aim of boosting brand awareness.

TikTok Marketing

Even though TikTok is a relatively new social media platform, it’s a great place for you to market your business. Ever since TikTok was launched, our marketing gurus have been studying its algorithm. We have identified how you can make content go viral within a short period. When you hire us to run TikTok marketing campaigns, we will set up your profile and come up with interesting content that will boost your brand awareness.

Content Writing

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you intend to run marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, you will still need quality content. Marvel Marketing has an in-house content creation team. They can write powerful social media posts and even come up with branded videos and pictures. Our content is highly engaging and it can help boost your number of followers.

Awards and reputation

Marvel Marketing Named Top Social Media Marketing Company in Ottawa by Clutch, Upcity & More

Why Choose Marvel Marketing As Your Ottawa Social Media Agency?

All Solution Media Services Under One Roof

Marvel Marketing is your one-stop shop for all your social media needs. Whether you need help with advertising, creating content for various platforms or complete brand management, don’t hesitate to hit us up. 

We Combine Both Experience and Expertise

One of the main reasons we are the leading social media agency in Ottawa is because we only hire the best of the best. Every social media guru in our agency is highly experienced with utilizing various platforms to market brands to relevant target audiences. 

We are Vert Good at Identifying and Adapting to Your Brand Voice

All your social media campaigns need to have a cohesive tone. Before executing any strategy, our team takes the time to familiarize itself with your brand tone and then we use it in all your messages. This adds a human touch to your brand which can significantly boost engagement and loyalty. 

Creative and Innovative Solutions

Marvel Marketing doesn’t offer cookie-cutter social media services to businesses in Ottawa. We only deliver innovative services that are packed with creativity. 

We Can Manage All Your Social Media Accounts At Once

We have a very dedicated team that can efficiently juggle all your social media handles. Understandably, most businesses in Ottawa tend to have a profile on nearly all social media platforms. When you hire us, we will not neglect any platform and we will always ensure that they’re all in sync. 

A Guaranteed Boost in Engagements

Social media marketing isn’t only about posting content and ads. It also requires engagement with the target audience. The type of content we create is designed to promote engagement, thus leading to a boost in brand awareness and sales. 

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