Increase Traffic with Your Calgary Web Design

Increase Traffic with Your Calgary Web Design

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The goal of every website is to bring in more traffic which is then converted into leads. Many Calgary online entrepreneurs usually start thinking of boosting traffic after the site has been built and launched. However, you can still increase web traffic through Calgary web design. When most people think of web design, their minds quickly rush to various layouts, fonts, and graphics. Though these make an integral part of a web design strategy, some tactics can increase traffic. This is what we are going to discuss today. 

How to Increase Traffic through Calgary Web Design

1. Use a Responsive Design

Google has mentioned severally that it penalizes unresponsive web designs. If your website only works great on desktop but terribly on mobile devices, you will lose valuable traffic. If you want Google to rank your site higher and help you get more traffic, then ensure your site is responsive on both desktop and mobile. Partnering with a reputable web designer can ensure your website is responsive on all platforms.

2. Ensure Your Site Speed is Fast

The second method to increase traffic with your web design is by ensuring your site speed is fast. Slow site speed is just like an unresponsive web design. They all lead to higher bounce rates. Also, when Google algorithms discover this, your rankings will drop drastically. Optimizing website speed can improve user experience and get you higher on search engine result pages. You need to use content that won’t affect page load speeds within your web design strategy. Videos, for instance, are the number one culprit for slow site speed and using lots of plugins.

3. Avoid Clunky Web Design Code

When you hire inexperienced web designers, there is a huge chance that they will use clunky web design code or plugins. Such makes it impossible for search engines to crawl through your website. If you don’t have coding skills, you may not even know that your web design code is the source of your low traffic and ranks.

4. Add Sharing Features

Sharing icons and shortcuts have become a popular web design feature. When you create quality and informative content, your readers will share this information with friends and family members. Without sharing features, they will be forced to copy the link and paste it on social media. However, by adding these social icons to your site, all your readers have to do is click on the icon on your site, and they will be directed to the platform they want to share the content with. This leads to an increase in web traffic.

5. Create a Blog

Most businesses owners today have realized the importance of blogging. If you are running a business website, your design should also incorporate a blog section. You can write and share quality content related to your industry and niche. You won’t only be expanding your brand awareness through blogging, but it’s an opportunity to attract quality traffic to your site.

Calgary Web Design Brings More Traffic If Paired Alongside Quality Content

Above are various ways web design can attract quality traffic to your website. But what happens when you get the traffic and attention of search engines? Will your content retain the traffic and convert it? Content plays a critical role in increasing traffic as well as converting it. As you partner with reliable web designers who implement these features, you need to step up your content creation game. Make sure your articles are informative, engaging, and are up to date.

While Upgrading Your Web Design, Consider SEO

As you work on the design of your Calgary website, you must also pay close attention to SEO. SEO entails a set of tactics that can help you rank higher on search engine result pages. It involves using the right keywords, focusing on topic clusters, link building, and much more. Your web designers should work alongside SEO experts to optimize the site for search engines and visitors.

Finalize By Making Your Site User-Friendly

You may succeed at increasing traffic, but retaining them is the hard part. Ensure your site is user-friendly. Optimize page load speeds, make your site easily navigable and make it responsive on mobile devices.

You can always consult Marvel Marketing for all your web design needs. We understand that web design may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is why we have experts that are trained and skilled in helping you boost traffic through quality web design solutions. Contact: 1-800-427-7113.

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