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A Leading Developer of Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

In today’s fierce and competitive digital marketing arena, your campaigns won’t deliver results if you don’t have a well-laid-out strategy. Nearly all business owners have realized the benefits of digital marketing. Therefore, if you are venturing into digital marketing, you need to have a plan to seize all marketing opportunities. 

Digital marketing strategy development services allow you to segment your audience and develop highly-converting digital marketing campaigns. A planned strategy is most likely to yield more results than one that was executed spontaneously. 

Marvel Marketing is equipped with the latest and most innovative digital marketing strategies to grow your sales and online presence. Leverage our digital marketing expertise to take your business to greater heights.

A Leading Developer of Effective Digital Marketing Strategies


Marvel Marketing Has Been Offering Digital Marketing Strategies Since 2014. During that period, our clients have witnessed the following;









Digital Marketing Strategy Development Services

Marvel Marketing follows a comprehensive approach when developing digital marketing strategies for our clients. Here are some of the critical services you can expect; 

Website Audit

A site audit is a crucial indicator of potential issues affecting your campaigns. Therefore, when you hire us, we will use advanced tools for auditing your website. Our team of experts will look into both technical and non-technical errors. From the audit, you will be presented with a detailed report of our professional recommendations. 

Evaluation of Current KPIs

Our team also needs to evaluate your KPIs to create an effective digital marketing strategy. This evaluation gives us insight into how effectively your business is achieving its goals. This information is useful in enabling us to gauge your current campaigns and whether they meet your business objectives. 

SEO Strategy Development

SEO is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing. Therefore, if you want to reap more from SEO, you should develop a reliable SEO strategy. If you have no clue what SEO is or have been unsuccessful, our team can craft a highly effective campaign that will boost website traffic and increase your rankings on search engine result pages. 

SEO Keyword Research

You will need keywords in your digital marketing campaigns to reach your target audience and increase sales. When you partner with Marvel Marketing as your strategy developer, we will perform thorough keyword research for your brand. Our team uses advanced keyword research tools to find top-performing search phrases. This will do wonders for your SEO. 

Advert Strategy Development

To succeed in digital marketing, you need to rely on organic and paid search strategies. That’s where advertising strategy development comes in. Thanks to our experience in PPC, we can develop a unique advertising strategy for your business that will bring in more clients and ensure your expenditure remains within budget. 

Ecommerce Strategy Development

if you own an online store, you need to be more invested in digital marketing than those who own brick-and-mortar shops. Ecommerce relies heavily on online marketing. Marvel Marketing can create a strategy to promote your online brand to potential clients. We can also help you beat the competition and get more sales. 

Online Marketplace Strategy Development

Not all online businesses have an eCommerce store. Some sell their products in marketplaces such as Amazon. You can also benefit from our digital marketing strategies if you fall under this category. Our agency can customize aggressive marketing strategies to place your products at the top of these marketplaces. Also, we will be keen to ensure the strategy is in line with marketplace standards. 

Local SEO Strategy Development

Does your business serve people of a specific geographical location? Our local SEO strategies can put your business at the top of local search engine results and the Google local pack. Marvel will analyze your audience based on demographics. We will research competitive keywords to ensure every potential client is directed to your business. 

International Marketing Strategy

We are also skilled in the development of international marketing strategies. If your business serves clients located all over Canada or other countries, we can also implement a strategy that reaches a wider audience. We are well-versed with what it takes to establish a solid online presence internationally. 

A Leading Digital Marketing Strategy Development firm


How Much Does Digital Marketing Strategy Development Cost

How Much Does Digital Marketing Strategy Development Cost?

The total amount you will pay for a professional digital marketing strategy will depend on the following factors; 

  • Your business KPIs 
  • The level of aggressiveness of the campaign 
  • The elements you want us to cover in the strategy 
  • And finally, your expected outreach

Therefore, the rates do vary from one business to another. However, when you have a team as skilled as Marvel Marketing developing your digital strategies, you are assured of a high return on investment. 

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Development Process

Now that you know what’s involved in developing our digital marketing strategies, here is a quick overview of the process. 

Step 1: Evaluation

This mainly entails the website audit and evaluation of KPIs. Our agency can only build an effective strategy by starting with an assessment of the brand. We will begin by monitoring the technical aspects of your website. This includes site speed, errors, backlink issues, your Google Business Profile, and server settings. These are some things most businesses usually overlook but can significantly hurt your digital marketing campaigns. 

We then measure the metrics of your key performance indicators and verify if they are in sync with your objectives. 

Step 2: Assessment of Data and Identification of Recommendations

With the data obtained from step 1, our team will assess that information and identify suitable recommendations. For instance, our team can discover the technical issues your site is experiencing. We can also determine the best approaches for your business. It could be that your website needs better search engine optimization or a more converting landing page or CTA. 

The primary purpose of the assessment is to identify any grey areas or missed opportunities. All these recommendations will be aimed at increasing traffic and user experience. 

Step 3: Presentation of the Strategy

This is the final step, and we will compile the issues we found, a list of recommendations, and a clearly laid out strategy that advises you on the way forward. Marvel Marketing understands that not everyone is a marketing expert. Therefore, our digital marketing strategies are presented in a simple language that is easy to understand. Also, our plans follow an integrated approach to digital marketing. You will find plans for SEO, paid search, local SEO, eCommerce, and much more. 

If you want to maximize the benefits of digital marketing, contact us today and get an optimized strategy that will bring you more traffic and leads. 

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Just because you are using a particular keyword in your content or running a paid ad, that doesn’t mean it will grow your online business. Digital marketing has become quite competitive over the years. With millions of people using digital platforms, brands need to have a specific strategy if they want to get measurable results. A plan guarantees long-term success. 

If you run campaigns blindly, you should know that your competitors have a strategy. That could be the reason why they are getting more clients than you. All businesses need a unique strategy built from a thorough research of keywords, KPIs, and audiences. Digital marketing does more than scale your business. It allows you to achieve your goals faster and generate more revenue while expanding outreach. Therefore, this is a highly beneficial service that is worth investing in.

Can You Implement this Strategy by Yourself?

Even though you can borrow the tips, we have shared above and implement these strategies on your own. It’s a good idea to work with a professional. Marvel Marketing has been offering digital marketing solutions for eight years. Therefore, we are exceptionally experienced in developing and implementing efficient strategies. 

As experts, we have the knowledge and tools needed to audit your site and KPIs. When you hire us, you don’t just get access to these tools. We will also make your work much more manageable. If you have no experience in digital marketing, engaging in such projects can be stressful and time-consuming. Isn’t it better to work on other aspects of your business and let us provide you with proven digital marketing strategies? 

Why Choose Marvel Marketing As Your Digital Marketing Strategy Development Agency?

Access to a Wide Range of Digital Marketers

A brilliant team of experienced digital marketers will develop your strategy. As if that's not enough, our agency comprises digital marketers skilled in various experts. Headed by our founder, Ryan McRae, Marvel Marketing is home to SEO experts, web designers, social media marketers, PPC specialists, and much more. After consultation, this team works together to create a strategy that exceeds your expectations.

You Don't Have to Commit to Our Services

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that will force additional services after offering a strategy, with us, you don't have to commit to any service. Our goal is to create a unique and effective digital marketing strategy. Whatever you intend to do with the plan is entirely up to you. It's this transparent approach that has made us the best developer of digital marketing strategies.

Guaranteed Results

Our digital marketing strategy development process is quite rigorous. The reason behind that is to offer you a well-laid out that delivers results. From audit to presentation, our team doesn't leave any stone unturned. We will provide you with valuable insight that will build your brand, increase audience outreach and improve sales.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies

Every business is unique. It doesn't matter whether you are in the same niche or industry. Because of this, Marvel Marketing offers custom digital marketing strategies designed specifically for your business. This is why our process often starts with an assessment of KPIs.

Cohesive Plans for All Your Campaigns

It's normal for businesses to run several campaigns simultaneously. For instance, you may be working on SEO and, at the same time, social media marketing and PPC. When hired, we will provide you with a unified plan for all your campaigns. This promotes cohesiveness amongst your internet marketing strategies.

Guaranteed ROI

All companies that Marvel has developed a digital marketing strategy for, have realized a significant return on investment. Our plans are well-structured and customized to set your campaigns apart from the competition. Our experienced team of digital marketers work around the clock to develop a strategy that meets your objectives.

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