How to Use Article Marketing to Improve SEO and Drive More Traffic

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Article Marketing has faced its fair share of criticism in the past. This is mostly because of how certain content creators have abused this strategy. However, if used well, article marketing can help you generate traffic consistently for a very long time.

But, What is Article Marketing? And How Can It Improve SEO?

This strategy thrives on writing and sharing your content with various outlets. The writer of the article then gets backlinks to their website and boosts the visibility of their brand. Article marketing is no different than the same old content creation strategy where you write and publish blog posts.

The only difference is that content is distributed to other outlets. With article marketing, when you write captivating and optimized blog posts, your website will rank higher on search pages, and that’s what SEO is all about.

Article marketing can improve SEO in the following ways;

1. Establishes authority or dominance in a particular niche. This, in turn, builds trust.
2. Help drive organic traffic from other websites.
3. It allows you to rank for many keywords.
4. Other than written content, you can also rank for video and image search.
5. Your site will receive important backlinks from other websites.
6. Finally, article marketing assists with converting visitors into clients.

Are Search Engines the Only Place Article Marketing Can Help You Drive Traffic?

One of the perks of article marketing is that it can help you drive traffic from more than just search engines. If you take this technique seriously, you can drive tons of traffic from social media, paid and email campaigns.

Why Should You Focus on Multi-Channel Article Marketing?

Article marketing can look like a lot of work, especially if you venture onto other channels. What people don’t realize are the benefits of using content to attract visitors from as many platforms as you can.

Multi-channel article marketing can;

• Help you drive a significant amount of traffic from many channels. Remember, the more traffic, the higher the ROI.
• Grant you the opportunity to convert as many clients as you want from the long list of visitors you will be receiving.
• Boost user engagement on various channels.
• On multiple channels, you can re-share content and reach a bigger audience.

In summary, article marketing is an opportunity for your business to expand its outreach.

How to Succeed in Article Marketing?

The common factor here is content. And once you figure out how to write engaging and high-quality content, as well as how to share it with different outlets, your business website will be on the path to success. We have compiled a few pointers on writing and sharing awesome content.

Pick your topics carefully

The topic is the first thing you have to identify before writing content. Ensure that it will suit your potential readers. The topic must revolve around your niche. Make it as close as possible.

Engage in keyword research

After figuring out a topic, the next step is to perform keyword research. Use the right keywords to make your content more visible to your readers. You can get help from keyword research tools.

Write your article

With a set of keywords and a topic, you are now ready to write content. This step may not be easy for most people, hiring a digital agency can help with creating quality content.

Optimize the Content

Before publishing and sharing, optimize the content using on-page SEO techniques. This entails incorporating a click-worthy title tag and meta description. The use and proper formatting of headlines.

Spice up the content with some media

Plain written content can at times become boring. To avoid that, add Gifs, photos, videos, and infographics.

Publish and share

You are not yet done. Here is where the core concept of article marketing chips in. Share your content on various platforms. This can be Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. As you share, don’t forget to add linkable assets. These attract links back to your site, and that’s how you can grow into an authority site.

Request to be re-published

Social media platforms may not be enough, and that’s why you have to request to be re-published by other websites. For this to happen, you will have to ‘pitch’ to other sites or ask for a favor from websites you have working relationships with.

Don’t share an article and forget about it. Engage with readers by replying to comments. Re-share the article to reach more readers. Article marketing is an excellent strategy that can drive lots of traffic to your site. If you are struggling with getting started, Marvel Marketing SEO specialists can craft the best article marketing approach for your company.

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