Minimal Upfront Cost & Affordable Monthly Payments.

No big deposits required, use that money to grow your business! Get your business online now with only a 25% deposit. The remaining balance is paid with equal LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS over a 6 or 12 month payment term.

Everyone Is Approved With No Credit Checks.

Our website payment plans do not require any credit checks or other finance checks. Any website with the cost of $2,995 or higher qualifies for the payment plans.

How Our Website Payment Plan Works

  1. We provide you with a web design quote based on your requirements.
  2. You approve quote and sign payment agreement with desired payment term.
  3. You only pay a 25% deposit to get your website started. The website will take 30-60 days on average from start to launch. 
  4. The remaining balance will be spread across 6 or 12 months, depending on your choice of payment plan. The first monthly payment will start 30 days after your 25% deposit.
  5. When your website is launched, it will be 100% searchable and usable to everyone online.
  6. Once payments are fully paid, you will be granted full access and ownership transfer will occur.

Payment Plan Details

  1. The size of the monthly payment is dependent on your actual project cost, choice of payment term, and option of 0% Admin Fee payment plan.
  2. Payment plans DO NOT require any credit check or financial check.
  3. Website payment plans are available for all WordPress and Shopify website design and development projects with a minimum cost of $2,995.
  4. All payment plans require a deposit of 25% of the total website cost and the remaining balance will be broken into monthly payments for either 6 or 12 months. The payment plan must be secured with a Visa or MasterCard.
  5. Website payment plans have an Admin Fee of 12.00% for 6 month term, and 15.00% for 12 month term. The Admin Fee is calculated on the total cost of website before the 25% deposit.

Get Payment Plan With 0% Admin Fees!

Commit to any WordPress website maintenance service for 12 months paid monthly OR one-time annual payment and get 0% Admin Fee Payment Plan on any 6 or 12 Month Term. We DO NOT offer 0% Admin Fee Payment Plans for Shopify projects at this time.

Until Full Payment Is Made

  1. Marvel Marketing has complete ownership of the website.
  2. You will have restricted access to the completed website.
  3. If you need any other updates apart from the agreed scope, it will have to be done by Marvel Marketing.
  4. If the website payment plan fails to be adhered to and the customer is late with repayments for 30 days, Marvel Marketing will take the website offline until the debt is fully paid.

No-Fee Early Payout

Your situation might change. If you decide that you’d like to end the website payment plan early, there will be no early payout fees. All you have to do is let us know before the next installment rolls over. We’ll simply adjust the payment and let you know the final payout amount.

Example Scenerio

Johnny wants a new website for his business. Marvel Marketing provided Johnny with a quote for the new business at a cost of $5,000. Johnny approved the quote and signed the payment plan agreement for a 12 month term. Lets show numbers:

$5,000 (Website cost) x 15% (Admin fee) = $750
Total Cost for Payment Plan: $5,750**
$5,750 x 25% (Deposit %) = $1,437.50** (Deposit Payment)
Remaining Balance Due: $4,312.50
$4,312.50 ÷ 12 (Months In Payment Term) = $359.38** (Monthly Payment)

**Tax is not included.