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Who Are We? What Do We Do?

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Good Question!

We are Marvel Marketing, a digital marketing agency founded in 2014 in Calgary, AB, Canada, that specializes in digital branding and growth. We partner with businesses and its our job to take your marketing budget and get the best ROI as humanly possible. Our services include web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and PR strategies to name a few.

Website Design & Development

Our web design team is specialized in WordPress, Shopify, and custom development.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our local SEO services are well known and have helped countless businesses grow their local presence online.

Google Ads Management (PPC)

Get your brand in front of your target audience with Google Paid Ads. We manage and optimize campaigns for the best ROI.

Meet the founders of our amazing marketing agency below:

Ryan McRae - Marvel Marketing CEO (1)

Ryan McRae

Founder / CEO

Over 10 years of marketing industry experience with multiple 7-figure companies.

Noelle Payne - PartnerSr. writer at Marvel Marketing (1)

Noelle Payne

Partner / Sr. Copywriter

15 years of experience in professional writing and communications.

Marvel Marketing Founders

So...What Is The Loophole!?

It’s simple really. The Dollar Exchange.

Yes! The US Dollar Vs CAD Dollar.

Your 1 USD dollar gets you and average $1.25+ spending power here in good ol’ Canada.

1 USD to CAD - US Dollars to Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate - www.xe.com

We Are Giving YOU The Benefit!

All the marketing agencies here in Canada take advantage of this for themselves by charging US based businesses in USD. This way they get the “extra” 25% in their pockets…not yours!

Not Us! We ONLY Charge in CAD Funds.

We are still profiting the same as we would if we were working with a Canadian based business. So we aren’t losing. We want you as our client so we can help grow your business and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Not Sure About A Long-Distance Relationship? Dont worry!

We have you covered with Zoom Live Calls and Meetings 🙂

Plus, we have a rule with communication that we must reply within 24hrs to any email we recieve. We are known for our amazing communication and we want to keep it that way. Long-Distance is nothing new to us as we have clients across the country, in the US already, and even down in Mexico!


What Quality Of Work Do We Provide?

We dont like tooting our own horn, so here are a few video reviews!

And some of our reviews on trusted platforms…