Marketing Audit Services

Using our marketing audit solutions, you can determine if your business is on the right path.

Marvel Marketing and its team can analyze your current marketing campaigns and give insight on whether they are effective or not.

Marketing Audit Informs You about Successful and Ineffective Marketing Strategies

Nearly all businesses perform financial audits. But, what about marketing? Isn’t it worth finding out how your marketing campaigns are progressing? Similar to finance, marketing plays a pivotal role in business success.

By seeking professional marketing audit solutions, you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. After all, not every marketing effort you implement is going to work. Marvel Marketing provides a thorough audit of your marketing techniques. We don’t just look at the campaigns. Our team zeroes in on target audience, competition, current customers, marketing tools used, and every other piece of information that will help us learn more about your marketing strategies. 

You will know which strategies you need to invest in and those that you should discard right away from a marketing audit report. It also helps you track the progress of your business in general. With a full marketing audit report, you can make more informed decisions in the future. 

Why Should I Seek Marketing Auditing Services?

There is always that bias associated with current marketing activities that have been created and implemented by your employees. Even if you were involved, you would always feel that you made the right call. However, that isn’t always the case. A fresh pair of eyes can see the faults in your marketing tactics. And it’s not just the negative; Marvel Marketing will identify the strategies that have performed exceptionally well.

Here is a quick overview of why you should get a marketing audit;

• You get an unbiased opinion of your current marketing campaigns

• You can identify which strategies are making a return on investment

• It allows you to detect marketing campaigns that are ineffective and are wasting your resources

• Audits help you measure how close you are to achieving objectives

What is Involved in Marketing Audit?

We understand that marketing audit isn’t a common practice in most businesses. Therefore, you may be a bit confused about what actually happens. This is how we conduct our marketing audit services;

Step 1 – Consultation

Here at Marvel Marketing, we are very keen on consultations. They establish the foundation of how we deliver services. Book a consultation today if you are interested in marketing audit services for your Calgary business. We will discuss how this can help your business, and we can schedule for the next step, which is very important.

Step 2 – Insight Workshop

This is the second step in the marketing audit where we meet your marketing department. How long this takes depends on how big your marketing department is. If it’s a big company, it will take us a little longer. You should know that Marvel Marketing treats all projects seriously, no matter the size.

We will try to uncover all about your marketing campaigns during this insight workshop. We use the SWOT analysis to measure strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In this step, we will only be asking questions and not giving feedback since we want to learn about your marketing tactics. We may inquire about your market environment, demographics, trends that you keep up with, competition, and most importantly, about your products and services.

Please note that we may also have to inquire about the marketing department and its contributions. Your marketing budget is also an essential factor and modes of communications used by your business. This information is confidential, and Marvel Marketing will not share it with third parties.

Step 3 – Data Review

After collecting everything we will need, a review of this information follows. Our team will review the documents and data that you gave us. If there were questionnaires involved, we will also look at those. During the review process, we may contact your business with some questions. The purpose of doing this is to fill in gaps. We may also contact some of your customers and get their feedback about your marketing tactics from their perspective.

Step 4 – Production and Provision of a Marketing Audit Report

For the years we have been in the marketing game, we know a strong marketing strategy when we see one. This report will give you an in-depth analysis of what we think about your marketing efforts. We will be as detailed as possible when discussing the strengths and weaknesses.

Marvel Marketing will not leave you hanging with a report, and you don’t know what to do after. Through our consultation services, we can go through the report together and plan what to do about the weak strategies. We are a full-house digital marketing agency, and from the report, we can create or edit your current strategies so that they can bring in more desirable results.

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Which Types of Businesses Can Benefit from a Marketing Audit?

All businesses can benefit from a marketing audit. Whether you are into tech, health, fitness, or education, your business still needs a reliable marketing strategy for it to thrive. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are in the public or private sector. You still need to perform an audit of your marketing campaigns.

Are Marketing Audits Intrusive?

Most business owners are afraid of marketing audits because they assume it’s intrusive. Though true to some extent, the service provider you hire should ensure you and your employees are as comfortable as possible. That is the only way we can obtain quality input. Marvel Marketing tries to be both professional and friendly when gathering data so our clients don’t feel uncomfortable.

About the audits, we ensure 100% confidentiality. Your data will remain private and won’t be shared by third parties. Marketing data is often very sensitive, and it can be detrimental if it lands in the hands of your competitors. You can be assured that your data is safe with us.

If you want to measure the success and performance of your marketing campaigns, an audit is the answer. For professional and confidential marketing audits, Marvel Marketing has the skill and experience to help you find out where you are as a business. Our audits are thorough, transparent, and reliable.

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