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Instagram advertising connects you with more than two million people across the globe

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Second Largest Network

Instagram is the second most popular social network. Over one billion people access it every month, and more than 500 million Instagram stories are posted daily. We will help you develop and increase your presence on this platform. Trust us to create content that will give your business maximum exposure through Instagram.

71% of US Companies Use Instagram

Instagram advertising is worth your time; no business should miss out on the opportunities it offers. In the US alone, 140 million people use Instagram. Being one of the biggest networks, users browse for at least 53 minutes every day.

What do Our Customers Say About Our Services?

Reasons to Choose Us


In addition to giving your Instagram channel a priority, we guarantee you excellent results. Marvel marketing works for you while you concentrate on other business management activities. We will budget and use all possible advantages to give you outstanding results through Instagram adverts.

Real ROI

Our Instagram advertising services help you increase number of leads, the website traffic and boost your sales. All these combined; give you some return on your investment.


Working with Marvel marketing ensures your advertising campaigns on Instagram are handled by people who know all about digital marketing. We use proven strategies; we will not guess anything because we know it’s your hard-earned money at work. We aim at helping out customers achieve their targets within the first month. Our strategies quickly put you on the first page of a search, which translates to increased sales.


Marvel Marketing is a company that believes in integrity and respect for our customers. None of our staff will force you to use a service that you do not need. We discuss everything with our clients, explain the benefits, and only apply them if you agree. Our primary dedication is to help you achieve higher ROI and grow your business.

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What We Do For You

Attract More Followers

Our Instagram adverts will help you attract more followers. By growing your fan base, you increase your market reach. We do this efficiently by targetting people who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Upload Content For You

Marvel Marketing will create Instagram stories, schedule and upload images for you. This is what keeps your followers engaged and markets your brand.

Manage Multiple Accounts

I have multiple Instagram accounts; we will manage them effectively. You can trust us with up to 10 Instagram accounts for your different businesses.

Communicate With Your Followers

We will keep your Instagram community-engaged and continuously updated on your products or services. It is the secret to growing online.

Track Growth

Marvel Marketing keeps you updated on your Instagram audience growth. We also use this information to create better Instagram adverts and increase your impact.

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