8 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Build Brand Awareness

Ways to Use Content Marketing to Build Brand Awareness

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By the look of things, content marketing seems to be becoming more powerful. Through content marketing, your business can generate lots of traffic which is one of the best ways to acquire new clients. This isn’t the only benefit of implementing a content marketing strategy. Besides increasing traffic generation, content marketing can build brand awareness. Below we will explore ways to use content marketing to build brand awareness.

But, What is Brand Awareness?

This is the level at which people are familiar with your business, brand, products or services. In most cases, new businesses often struggle with brand awareness since very few people have interacted with your brand. There are different ways you can increase brand awareness. Content marketing is one of the proven ways to help get your business on the map.

8 Content Marketing techniques to Boost Brand Awareness

1. Always Engage in Thorough Research

Research tells you more about your market and audience. As a result, you can write valuable content that resonates with them. Market research has become quite easy these days. Thanks to the wide range of research tools such as Google Forms. Surveys can teach you a lot about your target audience.

2. Come Up with a Unique Selling Proposition

Unique selling points are what distinguish your brand from the rest. As you may already know, the market is filled with thousands of businesses that are similar to yours. Examples of unique selling points include providing better customer service, higher quality products, a more affordable good or service. Be as creative as possible.

3. Create Non-Branded Searchable Web Content

If you are new to the market, chances are, very few people are familiar with your brand. In this case, you can use SEO to drive quality traffic to your website. But you have to create non-branded searchable web content. It would help if you used popular keywords in your niche. As a result, the more traffic you get, the more people learn about your brand.

4. Establish Tactical Partnerships in Your Industry

Partnerships are an excellent way for you to build brand awareness. If you stick to working only on your site, you will miss out on many brand awareness opportunities. Head out to LinkedIn and start making connections with potential clients. Be active on social media and frequently participate in Facebook groups.

5. Give Guest Posting a Try

Guest posting can help build brand awareness. If your business is fairly new, Google may take some time to rank your website higher. In the meantime, guest posting can increase your business’s popularity. Look for websites related to your business and ask the owners to let you provide them with content. Include unique selling propositions in those articles and promote your business. Avoid being too promotional, however.

6. Utilize Influencer Marketing

If you have a considerable marketing budget, don’t hesitate to utilize influencer marketing. An influencer already has a massive following. You can either pay them or provide incentives for them to sell your brand. This is mostly done through social media, and it can drive tons of traffic to your website.

7. Pay Keen Attention to Data

An integral part of content marketing entails data analysis. You need to check how your content is performing. If it’s not ranking, you either make changes or get rid of it, as it can hurt your SEO. Tools such as SEMRush and Google Analytics can offer you insight related to user behavior, demographics, and content performance.

8. Use Different Types of Content

Blogs and articles aren’t the only type of content you can create. Videos have also increased in popularity, and so have infographics. It’s important to try out different types of content and see which will work most in your favor. Other types of content worth looking into include email campaigns, interviews, podcasts and social media posts.

Incorporating these content marketing strategies can significantly build your business’s brand awareness. You must measure results and gauge performance. For all your content marketing needs, it’s important that you only work with the best in the industry. Marvel Marketing offers custom content marketing solutions. We have a team of creative, skilled and experienced content creators that will increase your site traffic and brand awareness. Contact us through 1-800-427-7113.

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