WordPress vs Wix Website Builder in 2022

wordpress vs wix

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WordPress and Wix may seem almost the same if you have never used either. However, WordPress is a content management system, and Wix is a website builder. Both come with advantages, and differentiating between the two will help you make a more informed choice.

Content Management Systems Vs Website Builders

The first difference between WordPress and Wix is that one is a CMS and the other is a website builder. Content Management Systems offer plenty of customization features. To set up a site on WordPress, you will need a web host. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern because there are many web hosting service providers out there. WordPress is what we refer to as open source. Anyone can modify it, and it’s free to use. You will have to pay for plugins, themes, and hosting, however. Wix, a website builder, is much easier to use and doesn’t require hosting services. However, it isn’t as customizable as WordPress.

Before we start comparing these two, you need to know that Wix and WordPress are two different tools that serve various purposes. None is better than the other. It is up to you to evaluate which one suits you the most. Let’s dive straight into the differences.

1. The Editor

When you use Wix and WordPress, the first difference you will notice is the editor. Remember when we said Wix is easy to use. That’s because it has a drag and drop editor. That makes it easier for you to move elements on your website. On the other hand, WordPress has a block-based editor known as Gutenberg.

Gutenberg isn’t very easy to use. For instance, it doesn’t display show footers, headers and sidebars. To track your progress, you will have to switch between the editor and the actual website during creation. Another difference with Gutenberg is that pages are embedded from a different interface using a shortcode.

With Wix, you actually get to see what you are editing. WordPress Gutenberg is complicated, and it may require some getting used to.

2. Open Source Vs Closed

Being open-source, anyone can contribute towards the development of WordPress. This can be quite beneficial for online entrepreneurs because you get access to thousands of themes and plugins created by the open-source community. 

The wide availability of many themes and plugins can be confusing for beginners. Plus, there is always the risk of incompatibility, affecting site performance.

When you head over to Wix, they have their app market where you can access apps. The number is much smaller than WordPress, but they blend perfectly with your Wix site. Unlike with WordPress open source, there are no incompatibility issues here, and you don’t have to tweak the codes.

The above makes Wix more user-friendly and suitable for both experienced and amateur online enthusiasts. This is a very important difference. You can decide to go with the easier choice or the one that is a bit complicated but more customizable.

3. Features

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Wix and WordPress have varying features. Wix features tend to appeal more when creating a conventional website. The vice versa goes for WordPress. Let’s take this example; you want to include a photo gallery on your website. Wix can provide you with such a feature. However, WordPress can provide you with a complex photo gallery that scrolls horizontally or has other unique functions that you can’t get from Wix. It’s not just Photo Galleries, but with WordPress, there is no limit to the number of features you can explore.

4. Themes

WordPress is the clear winner in this category since they have more than 10,000 themes, whereas Wix only has 500. When creating a website, you need to evaluate what matters most to you – compatibility or a more comprehensive selection.

5. Security

Cyber insecurity has become a big problem these days. These tools work around the clock to ensure their client sites are safe and secure. Between these two, you are assured of getting more security from Wix. Unlike WordPress, which is open-source, their in-house team handles all aspects of Wix. The themes and plugins on WordPress are often not coded professionally, making them vulnerable to hacks. If security matters most to you, go with Wix. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Wix is very different from WordPress. Both excel in various sectors, and you need to think wisely before choosing one. With the help of Marvel Marketing, we can analyze your business and recommend the tool that will serve you best. Give us a call via 1-800-427-7113, and we can explain more differences between these two and offer any marketing assistance you may need.

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