WordPress vs Squarespace in 2022

WordPress vs Squarespace

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If you are on the hunt for a website builder, it’s no surprise that you have landed on these two options. WordPress and Squarespace are popular tools amongst online entrepreneurs. On the surface, these two may seem similar. But there are plenty of differences that make each option perfect for various situations.

WordPress is a content management system that grants its users various customization features. It’s powerful, but it can get technical sometimes. Squarespace is a simpler website builder that’s easier to use and doesn’t require any technical skills or knowledge.

Even before we get to the nitty-gritty, we must differentiate what’s better about these two website builders.

Who Should Use Squarespace and Why?

Squarespace was created for the not too tech-savvy individuals. It’s the perfect website builder if you want to create a website fast and don’t want to code. Squarespace provides its users with web templates to choose from. And with this tool, you can get an exact estimate of how much you will spend on building a website. They also have some unique web template designs.

Who Should Use WordPress and Why?

If you plan on creating a website that will incorporate tons of features and content, then WordPress should be your go-to site. WordPress grants its users plenty of customization features. It also needs some coding knowledge and experience. By providing you with access to limitless third-party themes and plugins, you can build the perfect site for your brand. WordPress was made for folks who aren’t afraid of technical tasks.

With that in mind, let’s go through a comparison of WordPress and Squarespace.

Squarespace vs WordPress

Web Design

When building a website, design is a critical factor. Between these two builders, Squarespace is the outright winner. Even though they don’t have as many templates and themes as WordPress has, their designs are pretty impressive. That, however, doesn’t mean WordPress web design templates are below average. They are good, but you will need some coding skills to get a better design.

Ease of Use

This is another category that Squarespace stands out in. This builder features a drag and drop website builder. Even if it’s your first time using such a tool, you won’t encounter any problems. With Squarespace, there is no need to hire a professional web designer since it’s a user-friendly tool. With WordPress, it’s the exact opposite. You will need some coding skills or hire someone who possesses such. For beginners, it may take some time before you perfect the art of using WordPress. 

Value for Money

Regarding value for money, WordPress has a more flexible pricing plan. For starters, this tool is free. The only things you have to pay for are hosting, plugins and themes. You may also have to pay an expert if you lack coding skills. On WordPress, these extra tools are affordable. There are also pricier options. Squarespace costs from $12 to $40 per month. If you calculate these fees on a long-term basis, it can be quite expensive.


WordPress doesn’t have a lot of in-built features, but your mind will be blown away by the thousands of third-party plugins available. Even though Squarespace has more in-built features, they are no match for the numerous WordPress plugins.

SEO Features

A website would be incomplete without SEO functionalities. The good thing about this is that both Squarespace and WordPress provide you with powerful SEO tools to improve your rankings.

Ecommerce Functions

If you want to create an ecommerce store, we would advise you to go with Squarespace. WordPress is hard to navigate, and considering the fact that it lacks customer support, it may not be the ideal website builder for an online entrepreneur. Squarespace has got excellent built-in sales features. This builder can accommodate a large inventory of products. They also have excellent customer support. 

Blogging Support

Despite its technical difficulties, WordPress is a popular choice for bloggers. It features tons of plugins that can make it easier for you to blog. Squarespace may have graphically appealing blogging templates, but it doesn’t have come close to WordPress.


If you want an easy-to-use and quick website builder, chances are, you have no time for updates and maintenance. That’s where Squarespace comes in handy. The management does all maintenance. With WordPress, you are responsible for everything.

What Website Builder Should I Choose?

As you can see from these differences, both web builders appeal to different online entrepreneurs. If you are still struggling to choose, get in touch with Marvel Marketing. Our web designers can analyze your website needs, and goals then recommend which tool is ideal for you. If you go with WordPress and lack coding skills, our web developers and designers can offer a helping hand.

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