Top 5 Business Benefits Of Content Marketing

top content marketing benefits

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We can define content marketing as the process of attracting, engaging, and retaining an audience through the creation and distribution of articles, podcasts, emails, videos, and many other forms of media. Content marketing portrays your company’s or business’s expertise in that area. If done right, it can put your brand on the path to success.

Today, content is found everywhere. Many brands have utilized this approach, and you can be left wondering, is this strategy worth exploring? After all, content marketing isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of time and resources. If you doubt whether content marketing will make a return on investment, here are five benefits you get from it.

1. Organic Search Authority and Visibility

The day your website achieves the ‘authority’ status, you will have joined the big leagues, and your business will be at the peak of success. But, how do you get there? Through content marketing!

The more you produce quality content that your audience appreciates and finds valuable, the sooner you will develop domain authority in your niche. As you do this, Google will reward you with a top spot in search engine pages.

Your content must be above standard to qualify for the top position on search pages. It should show expertise, authoritativeness, and, most importantly, trustworthiness. While building authority, your website will be more visible to users searching for the keywords you are using in the content. This results in brand awareness and revenue increment.

2. Content Drives Organic Traffic to Your Website

Many internet users click on the websites on the first few pages of Google search results. Very few people will go past page four or five. Do you see why you must claim the top spots on search pages?

Through content marketing, your website ranks higher, which means that more people will click on your posts or web pages. This is what we refer to as organic traffic. And that’s not all. Because you have ranked for those keywords used by a consumer, there is a huge chance that you will answer their questions or offer a solution. When you incorporate a strong call to action, you increase your odds of converting that reader into a client.

Content marketing can also boost referral traffic. This is one of the unique things about creating amazing content. If a reader is blown away by your blog post, they will be inclined to share that content without any incentive. This increases referral traffic.

3. Improves Social Engagement

If your content is being shared, that is a signal of social proof and authority. One of the end goals of content marketing is to improve user engagement. Quality content will have users talking about your product or brand even when you aren’t involved. This is one of the ways on how you can climb the hierarchy of online authority.

You need to interact with your audience on all platforms to improve social engagement. The more outlets, the better. The younger generation prefers to check social media when buying from a particular brand or business. If you are not present, there is a high chance of missing out on the sale.

4. Guarantees High Conversion Rates

A well-thought-out content marketing strategy can contribute significantly to boosting conversions. Organic traffic paired with the authority status guarantees that more than three-quarters of the people visiting your page can convert into customers. You will get more revenue with high conversion rates, and content marketing will have made a return on investment.

5. Saves You a Lot of Money in the Long Term

The main reason why many business owners shy away from content marketing is the high initial cost. Creating content needs a lot of effort and time. Some online entrepreneurs hire content creators, which can be pretty expensive. However, this is a strategy that promises to return on investment. Secondly, once your content marketing efforts kick-off, you will spend way less than you would have on paid advertising.

All the above benefits are achievable as long as you develop an effective content marketing strategy. If you don’t know where to start, give us a call. Marvel Marketing has got years of experience in creating marketing content for businesses.  

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