Do Google Reviews Matter?

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Google reviews offer your potential clients and search engine algorithms information about your business. These reviews appear when a user opens your Google My Business Profile in Search and Maps. For a business that is just starting or one that has been around for a while, Google reviews are an opportunity for you to prove yourself to potential customers. 

The modern consumer is aware that marketing campaigns tend to be over-hyped. Before buying from your business, they may be tempted to go through Google reviews and see what other people say about your business. Because the information posted on Google reviews comes from their peers, it’s often considered genuine and honest. 

It’s important that a business creates a GMB listing and gets as many positive reviews as possible. If you are doubting the impact brought about by Google reviews, here are some of the ways your business can benefit from them. 

Google reviews;

Boost Your Local SEO

They are an integral part of your local SEO. Search engine bots can determine how good your business is through online reviews. Obviously, you have competitors within your niche. Google reviews can help your business stand out. As you amass more positive reviews, that indicates that your products or services are remarkable. Your business will appear at the top on maps and local search results. 

Improves Trust and Credibility

You can boast of how credible your business is on your website. But many consumers have had their fair share of negative experiences and know too well not to trust everything they come across on the internet. That’s where Google reviews come in. Google is the most trusted search engine amongst millions of consumers. Reviews posted on Google are more credible than those posted on your site since they are written by fellow customers. And they are posted on a third-party platform, meaning that they can’t be altered to favor the business. Earning your clients’ trust is critical for any business, and Google reviews can assist in proving your credibility. 

Influence Customers Purchase Decision

This is a tricky benefit. Let’s assume you own a restaurant. When customers see lots of positive reviews, they are most likely to buy from you. However, if they come across reviews such as ‘the food was terrible’ or ‘the customer service needs to be improved, they will definitely think twice about visiting your restaurant. As much as getting Google reviews is important, you need to ensure that the messages passed across are positive. It’s also important to know that search engine bots are also watching. Negative reviews will lead to lower rankings. 

Google Reviews Need to Be Incorporated into Your Marketing Strategy

Google reviews play a critical role in a client’s buying journey. They are very important because they determine the credibility of a business. Besides that, Google reviews even the playing field for local SEO. As long as you offer a better experience to clients and ask for reviews, you will have a better chance of beating the competition. 

These days, you don’t even have to ask for reviews. A customer that feels appreciated will feel obliged to write a positive review about your brand. In the process, you also receive feedback from customers. Knowing what your customers think about your business enables you to make amends whenever you do something wrong. 

How Can I Get More Google Reviews?

It’s clear that Google reviews matter. And not just any type of review but only positive ones. Bad reviews can mess up your rankings. You need to ensure that your products are of the best quality and that your service delivery is flawless. It’s important to ensure your customers have nothing bad to say about your business. 

If you are struggling with getting Google reviews, Marvel Marketing can help you out. You can contact us via 1-800-427-7113, and we will help you set up your Google My Business Listing. You will need the GMB listing because that’s where clients will be posting reviews. From there, we can run marketing campaigns geared towards boosting the number of reviews your site receives. If you have some negative reviews, our Public Relations team can handle the matter and ensure your brand’s name isn’t tarnished. 

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