A Look Back at Marvel Marketing’s Clutch Year In Review for 2021

A Look Back at Marvel Marketing’s Clutch Year In Review for 2021

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For over seven amazing years, Marvel Marketing has been carefully crafting clever web design and digital marketing solutions to help businesses of all sizes. Located in the heart of Calgary, Canada, the Marvel team focuses on creating user-friendly technologies and human-centric strategies that drive excellent results

“For us, having our clients’ approval and appreciation is important. It’s because of them that we’re here today to share with you our marvelous Clutch Year In Review for 2021!” 

Washington DC-based review and rating platform, Clutch helps browsers cut through the nitty-gritty of the B2B industries by providing truthful content. The site sees millions of browsers that want to learn more about the IT, marketing, and business solutions spaces.

In the 2021 list of Clutch leaders, Marvel Marketing lands a prime spot in Calgary’s best-performing SEO firms thanks to our clients’ testimonials.

“We are thrilled to be chosen and recognized as one of the top Advertising and Marketing companies by Clutch. We will continue our dedication to providing positive results for our clients!” — Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Marketing


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Marvel Marketing qualified on Clutch’s leaders’ rankings because of the outstanding reviews they earned throughout the year. It’s a great feeling to receive an award but to be recognized because of our partners is a different achievement.

Another notable feat that Marvel unlocked with their clients is the remarkable NPS scores.

When leaving a review, clients are asked to give their honest rating on five different variables — one of them being the NPS scores, a metric that determines their willingness to endorse or refer the vendor.

“Hearing our clients say that they’re willing to recommend us is an overwhelming feeling. We are truly honored to have such appreciative and supportive partners who believe in us.” – Ryan McRae, CEO/Founder

Thank you so much! The entire Marvel Marketing team is proud to have the opportunity to work with you. Rest assured that we will continue to strive and do our best this 2022.

Grow your sales, generate more leads, and improve your visibility with Calgary’s finest digital marketing team! Send Marvel Marketing a message and let’s help you push the limits of explosive growth. 


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