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Marvel Marketing provides Calgary web design services that create engaging online experiences with your consumers.

Calgary Web Design

Creating Quality Websites In Calgary Since 2014

Marvel Marketing brings an approach to Calgary web design that helps our clients cut through the noise of their competition. A website that does not provide a memorable experience will have poor conversions. Marvel Marketing builds websites that are both desktop and mobile-friendly with designs that speak your audience’s language. Experience the benefit of working with Marvel Marketing that has a full spectrum online marketing team to make the web design process easier on you.

SEO & Mobile Friendly Calgary Web Design Services

Both SEO friendly and responsive web design is critical for online presence. Over 86% of online searches are done so from a mobile device, which makes having a mobile responsive website especially important. Consumers need to be able to find your website on the first page of google and this is done so through Search engine Optimization (SEO). Starting your SEO process with the web design and layout can have a tremendous effect of the success of your entire SEO campaign. Marvel Marketing takes both SEO and responsive design seriously when creating your website design to ensure the best chance of success for your business.

Who Do we Build Websites for In Calgary?

We are proud to say we have a talented web design team located right here in Calgary! We work with Calgary companies and businesses across Canada with their online presence by creating beautiful websites that help them achieve more growth, conversions, and sales. Our focus on web design is small to medium businesses who are looking for a website that will create remarkable web experiences for their visitors and clients. We love working with companies in all kinds of industries from finance to construction.
  • small and medium-sized businesses
  • Construction & Trades
  • Finance & Banking
  • Health & wellness
  • Personal Training & Gyms
  • Lawyers & Law firms
  • Retail and online brands

Web Design Templates

We create the perfect template for your website design that makes sense for your business. Our website design is focused on simplicity and mobile responsiveness to create easy navigation for users visiting your website.

Our Calgary Web Design Service Process

  1. Brief & Onboarding - This is generally the first contact between client and agency. An important step in the process to convey an accurate project definition, determine the target audience, and set project goals.
  2. Research & Planning - With the information received in step 1, we can now move on to the planning phase that will consist of research and brainstorming sessions. Marvel Marketing will outline ideas and concepts with you the client.
  3. Design & Experience - With step 2 complete the website can now start to take shape. This will include determining the color scheme and visual elements of the website design.
  4. Website development - The planning phase of the first 3 steps is now complete and its time for Marvel Marketing to start developing the website to meet the requirements determined in the planning phase.
  5. Official Site Launch - With website testing in its final stages, the site is ready to go live on the web. The website will be launched on the client’s official domain name.
  6. Website Maintenance - Websites very much like a car will require tune-ups and maintenance for optimal performance. This will include support and troubleshoot support as well as A/B testing for different elements and pages on your website.

Specializing in WordPress Web Development

For small and medium businesses, we believe WordPress is the best way to go for your web design project. WordPress allows you to be versatile, mobile-friendly, and SEO friendly which greatly benefits your business while keeping things simple. Website design provided by Marvel Marketing, also features easy to update content management systems which bring great value to your business team. Marvel Marketing vows to keep our Calgary Web Design to what we know and what we know provides great results for our clients. We are masters at WordPress website design.

E-Commerce Website Design in Calgary

Marvel Marketing is your Shopify and WooCommerce go-to web designer. Whether your starting from scratch with a new e-commerce website or looking to upgrade your existing e-commerce website design, we can help you! Going beyond 2020, more and more sales will be online as opposed to in-store due to advancing technologies and convenience to the consumer. Selling your products online with an e-commerce website can increase revenue and even lower your operating costs. E commerce web design agency calgary

Landing Page Web Design with High Conversions

An effectively designed landing page can be the make or break for your sales funnel. Having google ads or Facebook ads, you need a destination and that is where an effective landing page becomes important. Your pay per click ad did its job by attracting the consumer, now it is the landing pages job to close the sale with the consumer. A landing page design with engaging and enticing written content, attractive visual content, and a layout that makes it super simple for the consumer to make a purchase. Marvel Marketing can help you master the craft of designing a perfect landing page to increase conversions.
  • Landing pages can be a single page hosted separately.
  • Landing pages can be one-page, part of a larger website.
  • There is no rule to how long a landing page can be. This will depend on the product and the audience your selling too.
  • Increase your conversions by 300%+ with an effective landing page design.

Calgary Website Redesign Services

The average lifespan of an effective website is 3 years. After 3 years your online presence can be outdated and non-effective. We solve this by updating your existing website or designing a new website to better represent your brand and keep website engagement high. A website redesign can simply just be new photos and text, or it can be a complete redesign and layout of the entire website. Redesigning your website may also be needed when launching a new product or service, part of a partnership merger or updating your brand.

Diving Deeper in our Calgary Web Design Service

It's easy to say you can have a website built, I mean all you need is some photos and written content, right? Photos and written content are certainly part of the web design process but there are many other different aspects to consider when designing a website. Let's take a look at what we think is the top 3 web design principles aside from photos and written content.
  • Visual Weight (Contrast & Size) – Contrast is the difference between dark and light elements. With UX design you want to give more important elements higher contrast or darker color. This can be applied to buttons that you want your website visitors to click on. With seize and depth, humans tend to notice things that are close to us. On your website, a larger image will be perceived to be closer. The elements on the website that you want to have notices should be larger even on a flat website design. A mistake on lots of websites is making the logo too large which takes the attention away from your service or product on your website.
  • Website Colors – In real-life color is all around us and this causes us to perceive colors in different ways. The most effective website colors come from the traffic lights you see every day and the meaning behind those colors. Green, Yellow, and Red can have the same effects on your website as it does with the streetlights on the road. Other scenarios can be Blue and Red with blue having a colder feeling and red having a warm feeling, as well colors can be “loud’ or “quiet”.
  • Using Motion on your website – With website design, it has come extremely popular to add animation and motion to elements on your website. This can be effective but if the motion causes the consumer to wait, it's bad. The motion needs to be implemented to elements that you want extra attention drawn to such as an important sell button or phone number. The most important thing with motion is that it doesn’t distract the user from the important elements on your website.

Calgary Web Design Clients

Ready to Build a Website with Marvel Marketing?

Our Calgary based website design team is ready to work with you on building you the best website for your company. Our capabilities run from a single landing page to a fully operating e-commerce website or membership site. Using design psychology, website design experience, and brand vision, Marvel Marketing is excited to work with you and take on new challenges!