Will Reviews Help with Your Calgary SEO?

Will Reviews Help with Your Calgary SEO

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Reviews have always affected business success, even before search engines were created. A decade ago, if your customers here in Calgary had only bad things to say about your company, you would miss out on a lot of sales, which could lead to closure. Reviewers also play a critical role in the current era of SEO. Negative reviews can ruin your brand’s reputation and affect your Google rankings. Today’s discussion centers on the relationship between Calgary SEO and Google reviews.

Why Do Google Reviews Matter for Calgary SEO?

Before clients buy a product or service from you, at least 90% will look at reviews. These reviews help gauge the authenticity and quality of your business and products. It’s not just potential clients who look at your reviews. Google algorithms also do the same when ranking your website. To date, word-of-mouth marketing still applies in the digital environment.

You shouldn’t be shocked when you find out that search engines rely on reviews in ranking your website. Your audience and Google have one thing in common. They both want relevant information in the shortest time possible.

Because of the above reasons, reviews matter significantly when it comes to implementing a Calgary search engine optimization strategy.

Google relies on three factors when showing results. They include relevance, distance, and prominence. Your company reviews are under the prominence category. This is why all businesses strive so hard to establish authority in their niche and industry. This gives you prominence.

If a consumer in Calgary is searching for the best local HVAC technician or plumber, the business with the most positive reviews will rank the highest. It goes without saying that Google only shows the best. And in this case, reviews make you the best option in your market.

What Impact Do Reviews Have on SEO?

Search engine optimization are tactics used by a business to rank higher on Google search results, more specifically on page one. On the other hand, reviews have been discovered to be amongst the top 5 factors that determine website rankings. The impact of reviews on SEO keeps on increasing every day. This is mostly driven by consumers’ reliance on reviews when making a purchase decision.

That’s not all. Google has integrated reviews with Google maps. As companies optimize their GMB (Google My Business) listings to gain brand awareness, Google algorithms still pay close attention to reviews when ranking businesses. A rating of above four stars cultivates trust amongst potential customers. Search engines also note that and use it to rank your business for various search queries.

The Importance of User-Generated Content

A while back, SEO only leaned towards content produced by the website owners. As long as you integrate the best SEO techniques in content creation, you will enjoy higher rankings. However, when Google reviews came in, everything changed.

The introduction of user-generated content also affects SEO. Examples of user-generated content include Q&As, videos, and photos found alongside Google reviews. Search engines also crawl this information, and they use it to determine prominence.

As your customers share photos or videos of your business, products, or services, Google gets new information about your authority in that niche or industry. It’s important to understand that these search engine algorithms can distinguish hard-selling portrayed by fake customers. Therefore, it’s best to rely on genuine reviews.

Quantity vs. Quality of Google Reviews

In this case, Google looks at both the quantity and quality of reviews. If you can get lots of reviews with higher ratings, your ranking should go higher. The more positive reviews you get, the more relevant keywords that relate to your business will be used. As you devise ways to boost the quality of Google reviews, try to get as many as you can.

Can My Business Benefit from Online Reputation Management?

It is the wish of every business to amass lots of positive reviews. However, occasionally you may get a couple of negative reviews. The more negative reviews your business gets, the lower your website will rank. Google analyzes the authenticity of negative reviews before downranking a website. Some negative complaints will have more impact, such as financial errors or missed deliveries.

Marvel Marketing offers online reputation management solutions that strive to resolve negative reviews. Whether the review is posted on Google My Business, Trust Pilot, or social media, we can get in touch with that particular customer and try to solve the issues you had. We can also recommend methods to help your website generate more positive reviews. Our online reputation managers work closely with SEO analysts to ensure every strategy implemented contributes to improving your Calgary rankings. Get in touch with our online reputation management experts via 1-800-427-7113.

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