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What are Social Signals?

Social signals can be defined as the views, shares, and likes you get on social media posts. By now, as a brand, you must be aware of the benefits of social media presence, so we aren’t going to dig deeper into that. Social signals prove to search engines and your audience that your content is relevant and useful. As a result, your posts become more visible, thus boosting interactions and engagements.

It is very important that you gauge and analyze your business’s social signals as they indicate whether you are heading in the right direction or not. Below, we will look at how social signals relates to SEO and how to improve them.

Social Signals and SEO

As mentioned earlier, likes, comments, shares, and views on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform will show search engines how valuable and quality your content is. But, what can it do for SEO?

Social signals will not affect your Google rankings, but they will boost your social media rankings. A post with many likes, views, and comments is more visible to other social media users. As a result, you can drive more traffic to your website if you are persuasive enough.

Social signals inform Google that your content meets your audience’s search intent. The more social signals you get, you also establish your brand as an authority in that niche. Plus, it also generates more backlinks to your content through shares.

Bing, Google’s main competitor, uses social signals as a ranking factor. We all know that Google is the go-to choice for most internet users, but Bing does have its fair share of clients. If you want to get to the top of Bing results, you must develop an effective strategy to improve social signals. This strategy will also prove to Google that your content is popular, relevant, and authentic. This will significantly boost organic SEO for your website and content.

As you can see, working to improve your social signals doesn’t just make your brand famous on social media. Each like, share, retweet, or view your content gets directly impacts SEO.

How Can I Boost My Social Signals?

You are now aware of social signals’ role in search engine optimization. When you look at your current social signals, will they help you boost traffic and user engagement? If the answer is no, here are tips to help you out.

Post Content Regularly

A brand that posts regularly on social media tells Google that your brand is active. The algorithms, therefore, ensure you retain visibility. Posting frequently doesn’t also ‘please’ Google algorithms. It also shows your dedication to clients. If the last time you posted something on Facebook was in 2019, your audience wouldn’t be so confident with your brand.

Ensure Your Content is Relevant and Beneficial

Google uses social signals to check the relevance and value of content. If your content lacks these two, you won’t notice an increase in social signals. The content you share must be relevant to your brand, product, and services. This will guarantee your posts meet users’ search intent.

Secondly, your content must have value. Be it a short post, picture, or video. It needs to offer some benefit to the reader or audience. You have to learn how to communicate efficiently.

Engage with Your Followers

Nobody likes interacting with a robot on social media. Learn to be social with your followers. If someone comments, make time to respond. If you also come across useful content, share it with your followers. Through engagement, you will win the trust of your clients.

Optimize Your Social Profile and Content

It would be a waste of time if you get many social signals and haven’t optimized your profile or content. Where necessary, it is important to add links to your website. This will boost traffic to your site.

Getting the social signals your business deserves needs effort, dedication, and hard work. Social signals can improve your SEO by informing Google about the quality and relevance of your content. This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. If you are struggling with getting social signals, Marvel Marketing has the best social media managers that will develop effective campaigns for your brand.  

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