Your Website Design Is Important

Nowadays, your audiences first impression of your company is situated nearly exclusively on your website… therefore redesigning your site isn’t a task to take lightly. It needs a good deal of time, and possibly cash, however, the up side is monumental and can pay off in a big way.

It is critical to note here that”re design” doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to improve each of one’s branding and image design elements. In actuality, re designs work with you and can entail making functional modifications that help your web site work for you. After-all, your web site is one of those aspects of your marketing strategy…I hope!

Website Redesign? 8 Reasons Why It's Time 1 website

While you can find many excellent reasons perhaps not to revamp your site, here are eight great reasons why you should get your redesign plans off the ground.

1) You’re not getting the outcome you want.
Is your website gorgeous, functional, and pixel-perfect? Great! But in the event that you still aren’t getting the outcome that you want, it’s simply useless web real estate. Your website exists to create your customer base, along with your computer data needs to show you are trending toward that goal.

It is time if you’re not pleased with the results. Assessing the conversion speeds — visitor-to-lead and being the very essential of your site — will provide you with a transparent idea of what needs to be corrected on it. Below are a few questions you should think about to direct your redesign process:
Does your call to action convert visitors into customers and leads?
Do your landing pages inspire visitors to discover more by digging deeper, more or are they simply aesthetically pleasing pages that convey little value?
Is the website overly text-heavy or riddled with corporate speak?
Does your website’s appearance and feel match your company’s voice and speak directly to your intended audience?

2) The purpose of one’s website has changed.
Your marketing strategy is fluid and reflects changes in results if you are like most organizations. It’s really a good idea to look at from time to time to make certain your site is still adapting with your promotion plans As you clearly won’t need to execute the site re design whenever you fix your advertising goals. Ask yourself questions like:

How frequently do you alter your marketing plan?
Do marketing strategy updates affect your conversion funnel?
When you haven’t transformed your marketing plan at some time, it could not be. 😉

Upgrade its design to be more in line with your goals if the purpose of your site has changed. As an example, if you are new aims are now to provide more lead generation content (perhaps some”how to” weblog posts and ebooks), make sure you include CTAs in your own site and other popular website pages.

3) Your website simply doesn’t do the job.
This might seem obvious, but you’ve probably stumbled on web sites every now and then that are dysfunctional, to put it lightly. Your site might not be on that level… however it may still not be as user-friendly as it might be. The truth is there might be parts and also you also could not realize that they’re making your site less effective.

Functionality should become a focus for you — leadgen efforts and your own traffic will suffer, whether or not it’s not. How you reply the following questions may point you at the management of a redesign:

Could a visitor readily locate the most basic things on your own website, such as contact details?
Is your site navigation confusing?
Can be the content hidden?
Are the product and service offers completely up-to-date?

4) You have a productive website design plan.
It’s possible you’ve learned a fair amount by what doesn’t work in the design process as you go along if you are already considering a redesign. As opposed to having one objective of a site redesign, take an iterative approach. Possessing this process is able to help you use the information that you’ve gathered about what works in your current site and plan accordingly. In other words, you’ll be able to tell if your users’ needs are being met.

You do not even notice the small changes some of these web sites you visit usually make on an everyday basis — major brands possess entire teams dedicated to iterating on every detail. As you might not need as much tools because these brands, make sure every change that you make has a purpose that is clear and solves a challenge. Questions like these can help you determine if you have difficulty to resolve and a function:

Will customers be angry by a significant overhaul?
Do you have all the answers you need from the clients to make a significant change?
Would you reduce costs by making minor changes to a significant feature?

Is your website mobile friendly?
Is your website mobile friendly?

5) Your website isn’t responsive.
52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones in 2018. If your website isn’t responsive yet (some content management systems such as HubSpot’s COS are responsive out of the box ), the chances you are losing leads and maybe even customers are high. Mobile users also have left it clear if it has been produced, and this should be a priority for your company — they wish to have a great UX on their devices — exactly the very same ones they have on laptops.

6) You want to incorporate a better content plan for your website.
Getting fantastic content in your website can improve everything from customer retention to SEO — and with ongoing changes to the algorithms of search engines, so it would be smart to employ a stable content program. Nevertheless, quality content is futile if your customers can’t readily find it.

Thus, if you’re planning to create some huge adjustments to your articles plan (perhaps boosting your blog production?) , a web redesign could be advisable. That way, your amazing articles, ebooks, and other articles can easily be found (as well as your leads database will grow the way you want it to). If you’re on the fence around a redesign in the name of One’s articles strategy, think about these questions:

Can your visitors easily find your articles?
Does your articles incorporate calls-to-action?
Can the search engines find and index your own content?

7) Your competition changed their website.
That you don’t have to provide your site a overhaul every time one of your competitors varies . Having said that, should they make changes that wind up pushing down you in searches and improve their rankings, it’s possible time to make some alterations.

If you devote some time onto the site of the competitor and understand that it might fulfill your goals better than your site does, it is the right time for you to roll up your sleeves and get busy. Maintaining an edge in search shouldn’t be your sole goal, but if you’re not near the top of SERPs because competing firm is keeping you out of there, then analyze what SEO adjustments you may make for your website.

marvel marketing website redesign
Website redesign Marvel Marketing

8) Your third-party tools are obsolete.
You’ve embedded tools which improve its functionality, such as shopping cart widgets if your site is similar to the majority of out there. But, if some (or all) of the tools on your site aren’t around modern functionality criteria, then you are best off updating them. Ask these questions to Find out whether you need to replace or eliminate some tools:

How are these third-party applications working?
Are you currently slowing down your site accelerate?
Have Been new-and-improved models now offered?


Your site is intended to bring you business – plain and simple. When it’s not doing this, it’s time to make alterations and have your website working for you again. If you fall into any of the above 8 reasons – I highly recommend you consider a website redesign. Marvel Marketing can help make this process easy and hassle free for you.

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Written by: Ryan McRae, Founder Of Marvel Marketing