Web Design Cost in Calgary- A Price Guide 2021

Web Design Cost in Calgary

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Web Design Cost in Calgary- A Price Guide 2021

In 2020, we saw many businesses in Calgary take their operations online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This huge shift has made website design and digital marketing highly relevant now more than ever. We expect this same trend to continue in 2021 and that’s why you need to have a working custom website as an online storefront that will put your business’s brand out there.

In this post, we will breakdown web design costs in Calgary for you to have an idea of what you will spend to have a custom website for your business.

Before we move to the prices, let’s understand the important things first.

Why choose a custom website build in Calgary?

There are more than enough reasons why you should hire web design services, especially when you are in business in Calgary. First, it is worth mentioning that there are free options when it comes to web design in Calgary. The free drag and drop options will, however, give you an OK website that will not keep up the competition that is currently facing the niche you are in regardless of your business level.

By hiring the right professionals for web design in Calgary, you will get a responsive, highly user/ mobile-friendly website that is individualized to match your business operations.

An experienced web designer in Calgary will come with the tactics needed to help your site rank well in search engine searches and convert visitors to your website into revenue for your business.

How much does a typical website design cost?

What is included in Calgary custom web design prices?

A custom website design-build will be done to match all your needs, including your budget. In general, you will get services such as user Interface Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Speed Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization. In addition, you can also get additional web development features such as plugins and client login portals.

You can also discuss with your custom web designer in Calgary to include in the prices, services such as web hosting, technical support, monthly maintenance of the website/ upkeep. A website design agency can also supply and update your website with SEO friendly content relevant to your business.

With this said, we can now look at the cost of custom web design in Calgary for various business levels and niches.

Note that all the prices in this guide are in Canadian dollars.

Business-level oriented web design in Calgary

• Small businesses or startup
If you are still in your initial stages of growing your business or company, you need a website to keep your little online presence relevant. Here a website with 5 to 15 pages will do the work of displaying your business information online.

• Medium-sized enterprises

If you are an established looking to leverage the vast market online, you need a website at this price range. These websites should focus more on Search Engine Optimization and come with tracking and analytics tools to closely monitor your crucial marketing campaigns.

• Large-sized enterprises

You will require extremely custom and solid web design projects if you have a large business in Calgary. Your heightened and scaled operations can only get online with a website with thousands of pages, hence the price. The average price will vary depending on the features you want included on the website.

Business-niche oriented web design in Calgary

• Real estate websites

The real estate field is booming in Calgary and you can only remain ahead of the competition if you have a working website for your real estate agency. A website in this niche will focus on property listings with the help of advanced MLS and IDX.

• E-commerce websites (Shopify, Amazon, Etc.)

Any other business niche will require an E-commerce website as a basic online storefront and inventory system. The price here will depend on your business’s scale and the features you want included in the website.

website design cost calgary

Final thoughts

Now that you know the average amount you will spend on web design in Calgary, you just need to find a reliable agency for the job. Critical qualities of good website builders in Calgary are several years’ experience, reliability, and most importantly, those that price their services fairly without compromising quality. Do your research well, read customer reviews online, ask for guidance from a friend and you will surely get a website designer in Calgary to build and fully optimize a website for your business.

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