How You Can Use Social Media for Your SEO Strategy

Social Media for SEO

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When it comes to SEO, we need to be aware of which approaches are most effective and have the greatest impact. While most people settle for backlinks or content creation, there is also a great number who believe in the power of social media. However, it has long been debated whether social media does have an impact or not on local SEO. To learn more about this, keep reading below.

What Impact Does Social Media Have on Local SEO?

The truth is, there is no direct impact when it comes to social media and SEO. While there is no guaranteed answer to why, the commonly accepted reason is that there are over 50,000 posts made on social media platforms in a second, and Google has no time to crawl through that.

While there is no solid figure as to how many pages Google crawls through in a day, it is widely accepted that social media is safe from these crawls. If Google had to include social media posts and pages, this would require going through billions of pages. So it is safe to accept that social media has no direct impact on local SEO.

How to Use Social Media to Level Up SEO Strategy?

While it is true that there is no direct effect, social media can still be used to make an impact on your SEO strategy. Read our tips below.

1. Promote Content

One way to use social media to your advantage is to promote content. This can be done through Facebook and Twitter. However, you have to ensure you have a solid plan in place. Plan your content release, ensure it is engaging, and make sure you have a list of people who will share it. There you will see the results of your efforts.

2. Enhance Brand Visibility

To enhance your company’s visibility, you can use social media platforms. While this cannot be guaranteed, social media is a far better platform than print ads. When you share your content, it has a better chance of being seen. This will also increase your visibility as a brand.

3. Generate Qualified Leads

Social media can be used to generate leads. The more engagement you get and the more people you network with, the more leads you will get. Social media can be used to create a pool of leads that you can work on.

4. Add Links in Bio or About Me

If you have an online business, you can put links within your bio. By doing this, you can direct people to your website from your social media profile. While this is not an ideal solution, it can prove to be effective in generating traffic.

5. Get Engagement

Social media works best when you get engagement. The more engagement you get, the more traffic you will get. To this end, you can use social media to get engagement. This can be done by sharing content that is engaging, responding to comments, and by posting regularly.


While there is no direct impact when it comes to SEO and social media, you can still use social media to your advantage. To make the most of social media’s potential, you must have a solid plan. Once you have the plan, it is time to take it out to the market and reap your rewards. For the best results, make sure you have a solid plan in place.

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