The Difference Between HTML and CSS and PHP

The Difference Between HTML and CSS and PHP

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Whether you are getting started with web design or want to learn the terminology used in this field, HTML, CSS and PHP are some of the terms you will commonly come across. All web pages on the internet use these coding languages. If you are in the process of building a website, familiarizing yourself with these three terminologies will ensure you have a better understanding of what’s happening and the role each coding language plays. 

What is PHP?

PHP is the short form for Hypertext Preprocessor and is responsible for your site’s functionality. Every function in your website works because of PHP. For instance, if you want to search for a product, service, or blog post on a website when you enter the details on the search box. PHP is what brings you the results. 

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style sheets. Its role is to style the layout of your website. Through CSS, web developers can design the look of your website. Without CSS, websites would look dull and plain. CSS revolves around font type, color, pictures, and other elements of your page layout. 

This particular coding language is a bit more straightforward. That’s because you can edit CSS through the editor on content management systems such as WordPress. Some themes allow you to edit CSS visually. For novice web designers and developers, using CSS is not usually challenging since there isn’t any coding involved.

What is HTML?

Out of these three coding languages, HTML is the most popular amongst internet users. It’s the short form of HyperText Markup Language. HTML plays a crucial role in web development since it’s the building block of your web pages. Basically, HTML allows you to include text, images, pictures, and other types of content on your website. Through HTML, you can integrate different aspects of your website to work together to express a particular objective. 

What are the Differences Between CSS, PHP, and HTML?

As mentioned earlier, these three are often used together. However, each coding language is assigned a different task. For instance, HTML deals with the content displayed on your website, and CSS is responsible for the styling and layout. Anything on a website that is readable is coded through HTML. The overall feeling a person gets when they visit your site is due to CSS. 

PHP, on the other hand, deals with functionality. There will be shortcuts on your website to other pages which users can click on to be redirected. Or, if they want to search for something, they will navigate to the search dialogue box. PHP ensures these functions are executable.

The Bottom Line

These three coding languages may be different. But if you are building a website, you will need to use CSS, PHP, and HTML to build a functional website. These are just the surface definitions. However, coding content through HTML or styling a website with CSS is a bit more complex, so you should hire a web design agency that understands how to use these three coding languages. 

When you hire Marvel Marketing, you won’t have to develop a headache trying to use these three coding languages. We have a team of well-trained and experienced web developers who will deliver a functional and visually appealing site filled with content that reflects your brand and niche. 

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