The Danger of Cheap SEO Services

The Danger of cheap SEO services

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The Danger of Cheap SEO Services

We are fond of going for cheap things anytime there is a chance to do so, but this should not be the case for Search Engine Optimization. When looking for SEO services, you should avoid the cheap ones as they will cost your business a great deal in the long run. Cheap SEO services will affect your service quality and may put your business at risk of ruining your company’s revenue, online presence, and reputation.

In this article, we will discuss all the negative outcomes of cheap SEO services and options if you are working on a budget. We hope you will consider the tips here when settling for your SEO services.

Before we get into why you should avoid cheap SEO services, we will discuss what cheap SEO services are.

What are cheap SEO services?

Generally, these are low-cost poor-performing SEO services in which you rarely get the return on the investment made but rather end up affecting your business negatively.

As the saying goes, cheap is not always good and herein, we will provide you with more reasons as to why you should not use cheap SEO services.

Reasons why you should not use cheap SEO services/agencies

1. Poor SEO services

Cheap agencies use copy and paste strategies in SEO, thus offering you services offered to everyone else as they don’t care about the long-run result. The standard SEO strategies may not work for your business as they are not unique to your brand or product. On the other hand, the agencies that offer reasonable-cost SEO services offer great deals for your business. They dedicate time to know and understand your brand while investing in customized strategies to build and sustain your business.

2. Inexperienced account managers

Agencies that offer cheap SEO services use copy and paste SEO strategies and therefore, they don’t need a specialist to run your website. They use low-paid inexperienced employees who are taught only basic strategies to optimize a website. These inexperienced account managers do not know customized strategies or target competitive keywords to employ when developing your website.

3. Uses Black-hat SEO tactics

The cheap agencies often go for black-hat tactics since they know copy and paste SEO strategy don’t work in most cases. These tactics usually trick the search engine into ranking your website on top, which is unaccepted. Once these black-hat tactics are identified, you will end up being penalized and your business will suffer.

4. Have no SEO assets

When using cheap SEO services, you have no assets as the copy and paste strategy used applies to any other website and is not unique. Agencies with reasonably priced SEO services work on using customized services for your website by invest in creating original unique content and developing backlinks for your website.

5. Frustrating customer services

With cheap SEO services, your opinions are not heard, and no efforts are made to improve on areas of weakness on your website. The cheap SEO agencies are notorious for this and you should avoid them.

You must then be wondering, what amount should you pay for your SEO services? Keep reading to find out.

How much for quality SEO services?

No set amount dictates quality services, but the higher the amount, the better the SEO services. It would be best to look out for a payment plan catering to content and backlinks development, as these are the critical factors to SEO strategies.

If your business can only afford cheap SEO services, there are other alternatives for your limited budget rather than going for the cheap ones.

Limited budget SEO services alternatives

1. Invest on SEO training

Train your staff on using SEO to use the skills for your business with little or no extra pay. This is more effective than using a cheap agency as you have control over your website and its direction.

2. Invest on crucial aspects

Hire specialists for specific tasks, such as a writer for content creation. You thereby don’t need an agency to run all your SEO activities, enabling you to run SEO under a limited budget.

3. Wait

Rather than rushing into cheap SEO services and, in the long run, negatively affecting your business, you should wait until you have enough resources to invest in quality SEO services.


From this article, you can see that cheap SEO is not a path you should follow as the drawbacks can affect your business in ways that are hard to recover. Invest in quality SEO services that will yield positive results in the long run. Still, if you are not in a position to do so, you can use the alternatives provided.

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