The Top 3 Reasons Why SEO Results in SERPs Take More Time

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SEO is the process of optimising a website for Google search to earn higher web traffic levels and improve the site’s visibility. The process can be complex and time-consuming, particularly for new website owners who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of Google search. 

It is not uncommon for SEO results to take several months to show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Hence, several factors contribute to the length of time it takes for SEO results to show up in SERPs, and we’ll explore them in this article.

1. Competition for the Keywords  

There is a lot of debate in the SEO community about the impact of keyword difficulty on ranking. Some believe it is a major factor, while others believe it is relatively minor. However, one thing that most people agree on is if you are targeting highly competitive keywords, it will take longer to rank for them than if you are targeting less competitive keywords.

The reason for this is simple: more websites are competing for the top spot for highly competitive keywords, so it takes longer to rise and beat them. On the other hand, fewer websites are competing for the top spot for less competitive keywords, so it is easier to rank high.

Of course, this is not to say that you should never target highly competitive keywords. You can still rank for these keywords if you have a strong website with good content. It will just take longer. So, if you are patient and persistent, you can still succeed in ranking for highly competitive keywords.

2. Age of Your Website

Google gives preference to older websites when it comes to ranking in the search results. So, if you have a new website, it will likely take longer to see SEO results than if you have an established website. 

This is because it takes time for search engines to index and rank new websites. Additionally, new websites may not have as much authority as established websites, which can also impact rankings. However, you can do a few things to help your new website rank well in search engines. 

First, make sure that your website is well-optimised. This means using the right keywords, having compelling and unique content, and having a well-designed website. Additionally, you can submit your website to directories and search engines and build backlinks to your website.

Doing all of these things will help your new website rank better in search engines and see more traffic. However, it will still take some time to see results. Patience is key when it comes to SEO, especially for new websites.

3. The Amount of Effort and Resources

The amount of effort and resources you put into your SEO campaign will also impact the timeline for seeing results. Suppose you only do basic SEO, such as adding keywords to your website and building a few backlinks. 

In that case, it will take longer to see results than if you are doing a more comprehensive SEO campaign that includes things like content marketing, social media, and pay-per-click advertising.


Overall, there is no set timeline for how long it takes to see SEO results. It depends on a variety of factors, including the competitiveness of your keywords, the age of your website, and the amount of effort you are putting into your SEO campaign. However, if you are patient and persistent, you will eventually start to see your website climbing the search engine results pages.

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