The Pros & Cons of WordPress

The Pros & Cons of WordPress

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The Pros & Cons of WordPress

Before settling for any website builder and content management system, you must understand the merits and demerits it comes with. WordPress, one of the most popular website building and content management systems, has its share of goodness and faults. Through rigorous research, we have compiled WordPress and WordPress website advantages and disadvantages to help you decide to use it or not from an informed standpoint.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is software used to create websites or blogs with the help of ready-made designs and themes. When it comes to website building, the website wins in terms of ease of use, flexibility and convenience. Many firms and businesses have all over the world used WordPress to build their website at some point.

What is a WordPress website?

A WordPress website is simply a site that uses WordPress as its content management system. It has both the backend side, where the user logs to update or edit content and the fronted side containing the content to be viewed by visitors.
Several websites can be built using WordPress, including E-learning websites, blogs, business websites, E-commerce websites, Portfolio websites, and others.
Pros and Cons of a WordPress/WordPress website


1. Free to use
If you are looking for a cheap way to build your website, WordPress is the way to go as it is free to download, customize, edit and use. Although you may be required to spend a few coins on hosting, premium plugins and themes, the overall cost is very affordable.

2. Easy to use
Are you looking to have a website you can manage easily? WordPress is all you need as it provides you with an admin panel that enables you to access media, updates, plugins, entries and comments seamlessly. The technology used is not complicated and you can do all functions on your own.

3. Flexibility
WordPress is flexible as you create any website and get the opportunity to evolve with your website as you get more informed. This tool has been used to run complex sites for big companies, small businesses, and even personal blogs. It is also versatile as it supports different media such as video, documents, images, and audio.

4. Multiple users option
With WordPress, you can create a multiple-user website where you can assign an access level to different people as well as limit their capability. With this, you will be able to delegate responsibilities to other people, such as authors or editors, making it easy to manage your content.

5. It comes with many themes.
WordPress has thousands of amazing themes to allow you to customize and personalize your website as you wish. The themes have various types of letters, modules, and slides with a combination of different colors; this makes it possible to create a unique website.

6. Search engine optimization ready
WordPress is SEO-friendly; it uses simple, constant codes to build the websites, making it easy for search engines to read and index the site’s content. It is also possible for you to have a Meta title/ description on every page, image or post, allowing for very precise search engine optimization.

7. Constant updates
WordPress releases updates to improve the performance of websites, fix security issues, and correct errors from time to time. This keeps your website updated and also makes it more secured.


1. Similarity in themes
With free themes, it is possible to find different websites having the same theme, making them look duplicates. It is good to be choosy and use unique ones or purchase premium themes to avoid such.

2. Data security and vulnerability
Since WordPress is open-source, it gives room to potential hackers who might access your website. To counter this, you need to choose your themes and plugins carefully and install quality ones.

3. A website can go down without you noticing.
If you are not keen, your website may go down for a few hours or days without you knowing. Since this may negatively affect your business, keep close monitoring to avoid such.

Closing thoughts on using WordPress

In general, WordPress is an excellent website-building platform that you can leverage anytime you want to build a functional website affordably. Since its limitations can be navigated easily, it is only fair to say that WordPress is reliable software. Whether you are into blogging, e-commerce or business, you should give WordPress a try and see how the WordPress website you create will work for you.

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