4 Things You Need to Do to Optimize Google Ads for Mobile

Google Ads

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By 2022, there will be over 6 billion smartphone users worldwide. As a result, smartphones are already owned by more than 83% of people worldwide, and this percentage is only expected to rise.

Most people prefer to shop and browse the internet on their smartphones. Companies must therefore make sure that their mobile ads are optimized. 

Your knowledgeable Calgary marketing company goes into great detail about how to do that

Create Text For Mobile Advertisements

Remember that your ads are meant for a mobile audience when writing them. Make it mobile and desktop friendly. You’ll be able to draw in the most clients if your advertisement text is clear on both screens.

Make sure the following are mentioned in your advertisement’s text:

  • A powerful CTA
  • A brief description of the services your business provides
  • Describe your suggestion in more detail
  • A gain for the purchaser (even for the desktop ad)
  • Clearly stated in the heading
  • In brief, descriptive headlines, mention the name of your business, service, and offer.

To make your advertisement more engaging, think about including an image. This will help you speak more personably and maintain the user’s interest.

If you want to know more, you can also consult with Calgary SEO solutions. 

Use A Landing Page That Corresponds To Your Advertisement

Utilize landing pages that are mobile-friendly and match your advertisement. Doing this can prevent users from clicking your advertisement and going to another website. This disconnect might lead to the “death-end” of your advertisement and possible lost revenue.

Using responsive landing pages, which automatically adjust to different screen sizes on smartphones and other devices, you can stop this from happening.

Don’t forget to add the pertinent details to your landing page. Concentrate on a compelling summary of your company or product, a clear offer, an obvious call to action, and call-to-actions that are simple to understand.

Use The Proper Mobile Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are the extra information you can include in your advertisements. They should improve your ads by responding to the inquiries of your target audience and encouraging clicks and purchases.

Ad extensions for installing mobile apps should be included in your campaign. This gives searchers crucial details like app names, screenshots, and categories. 

However, you can also include the Responsive Display Ad extension if you anticipate a disproportionately high number of mobile searchers. As a result, you can modify your ads to cater to searchers’ needs regardless of the device they use.

Upgrade Expanded Text Ads

More people favour mobile devices than just the majority. Google has also improved its text ads to display more information on the same amount of screen space as before. You must create expanded text ads to use this feature.

Google has provided an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to do this. Even though you can make simple text ads with this tool, you might still want to get help from a professional, especially if your account requires extensive or difficult optimization.


Most people prefer using mobile devices, especially when browsing and shopping online. Businesses should make their advertisements as mobile-friendly as possible if they don’t want to lose out on potential customers. Make sure that you follow the tips above to accomplish this. Making sure that your ads are executed properly can be helped by a seasoned company that offers PPC services in Calgary. 

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