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What is a landing page?

A landing page in simple terms, is a standalone web page that a user “lands’ ‘ on after clicking through from a digital location, an email or an ad. Once they get to the landing page, they are encouraged to join your list or purchase a product. If the user takes the specified action, your landing page has succeeded in getting them to convert.

Globally, industries are using the digital space to market their products and services. A landing page enables the business to create effective marketing strategies to boost their sales. A landing page is therefore a crucial part of the design process and targets to entice users.

Types of landing pages

Landing pages can be classified in two main categories.

1.Lead generation landing pages

This type of landing page focuses on collecting lead data that is the customer’s information. It asks the users for data like phone numbers, email addresses, and names. This information will enable you to contact leads and nurture the customer’s needs in your business.

Moreover, the data enables you to know your contacts. You can channel your marketing campaign, and target the people who match them, and make them convert. This increases your Return on Investment (ROI)

2.Click-through landing pages

Click through landing pages are Control To Action (CTA) in nature. Clicking the button redirects the user to a page where they can complete your desired action. These landing pages generally have persuasive information like user testimonials, and product details to further engage the customers.

Benefits of a landing pages

In addition to increasing conversions, improving ad campaigns, and yielding new audience insights, landing pages can:

1.Reinforce your brand

Maintaining consistency in your website’s appearance, style, and tone creates a strong brand identity. This enables users to remember, respond, and recommend you to other people.

2.Boost your credibility

Generally, users appreciate clear, simple texts that explain the value of what you are offering. A well-planned landing page shows users that you have the best interests in mind, hence increasing conversions.

How to create an effective landing page

An effective landing page web design has to be excellent for it to attract customers to purchase or subscribe. Below are tips on how to come up with such a web design.

a.Offer discreet content

The content on the landing page must be straight to the point with highlighted Unique Value Proposition. This content depends on the good or service that you are marketing. The first few seconds are very critical in convincing the users that your services or products are worth pursuing.

It is important to note that too much information could overwhelm visitors and push them to leave the site immediately. Communicate using plain language by use of:

  • Heading: The heading is the first thing that is seen by the visitors. Use it to tell them exactly what they get on the landing page. Be clear, and state the biggest benefit of the product or commodity you are selling.
  • Subheading: The subheading could be used to further explain and share the Unique Value Proposition. It has to complement the heading. When users land on the page, they are able to clearly understand what the service does and they click the call-to-action button immediately.

  • Call to action: Offer captivating and clickable Call-to-action (CTA) buttons which motivate visitors to purchase, sign up or request a demo. The CTA has to be textually and logically linked to the headings and subheadings. CTAs are most attractive if they change color or have animations to engage the visitors.

b. Provide a simple layout

An awesome landing page web design is minimalist and attractive presenting information non-intrusively. To avoid redundant visual elements, a clean, simple design with a lot of white space could be a good tip in keeping people on the site.

Use of a big font makes it easy for visitors to read and get what the landing page entails. Make sure that the design does not increase the loading time and that people with older monitors can see the heading and the CTA with ease. For more information, most visitors scroll down, you may add blocks to show when the page is scrolled.

c.Use alluring imagery

The visual reasoning skill enables people to process and interpret images. Provide high quality shots that show the best sides of the product or service. Photos enhance the way visitors will engage with the site.

d.Develop a trustworthy identity

Good landing pages use a lot of trust marks, testimonials, and badges. Trust marks are classic trust signals that reassure the visitors. Trust badges employ use of logos of brands, endorsements, and recognitions. All these will give more confidence to the customers.

e.Perform the A/B test

To check if your landing page is properly functioning, you have to perform the A/B test to get valuable analytics on how the user will interact with the site. What exactly to test depends on your objectives. Perform the test on the following:

  • Headings
  • Images and graphics

  • CTAs

  • Navigation links

  • Press quotes

  • Buttons (look, location, test)

  • Trust signals

  • Placement of page elements (blocks)

f.Adhere to mobile-fast principles

Brands have adapted mobile-fast principles to widen their reach since most of the web activity comes from the mobile. A good landing web design is responsive to increase the conversion rate. The landing page ought to be attractive on mobile devices, load quickly and clickable.

g.Encourage social media sharing

Social media icons should be included so that your customers can spread the word about your brand. Use only buttons for social platforms that are used by your target audience to avoid cluttering.

h.Use video to showcase the UVP

People respond positively to emotional cues that encourage them to click. Video landing pages include embedded videos to illustrate the Unique Value Proposition. The use of the video is optional but can enhance viewership in ways that images and texts cannot.

Videos provide entertainment, elicit emotions, and add unique value. You may create short catchy films to market your brand or create a memorable experience for the user.


The role of the internet in connecting customers and brands cannot go unnoticed. Landing pages provide an opportunity for brands to develop focused, consumer-oriented marketing campaigns. The key is in how professionally the are designed.

Effective landing pages must have well-structured content to increase conversion rate. Every detail is important and has an impact to the visitor. The neater, and simpler the landing web design page is, the higher the chance of converting users into leads.

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