How to Set Up Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

How to Set Up Google My Business (GMB) Listing

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There are many reasons why you should set up your Google My Business Listing. First, it’s an essential part of local SEO. Most people who usually search for a product or service using the terms ‘near me’ often make a purchase on the same day. Google My Business can help you be more visible to search clients. Secondly, GMB can improve your rankings on search engine result pages.

Before we get started with how to set up a Google My Business Listing, it’s vital that we define this tool to those who aren’t familiar with it. GMB is a free tool that allows you to create a profile for your business on search engines and Google Maps. It’s a miniature of your site that comprises essential details about your business. Creating a GMB listing is easy and fast. Therefore, there is no reason why you should be missing out on these benefits.

Step 1 – Create a Google Account

To use all Google services, you must have an account. It’s free to open, and you only have to provide your date of birth, gender, and phone number. From there, you can head over to create a GMB listing.

Step 2 – Open

It’s essential to save this URL as a bookmark since you will frequently visit it. Look for the Manage Now button and click on it.

Step 3 – Key in the name of your business

Before creating a GMB listing, you must provide Google with your business name. This is to check if another business with the same name already exists. If it’s not, you can then claim your business on Google listings.

Step 4 – My Business Name Already Exists (Only Applies if the Business is Claimed)

This step is for those whose businesses have already been claimed. You will know this after keying in your business name in the above step. This shouldn’t worry you because you can still claim it. Navigate the page till you see ‘Request Access’ and click on it. A form will pop up which you should fill in all your business information. Google will reach out to the email of the current owners. This may take about a week. You can always confirm with Google Business Support.

From the above, Google can confirm your ownership. They can also deny it. But rarely do such incidents occur because most businesses often pick a unique name.

Step 5 – Provide a Location

After providing the name of your business, if it’s not claimed, you will be asked to give its location. Enter a location if your business entails physical interaction with clients. For companies that deliver goods or services, there is a box below the form you should tick. There is also the option to hide your address if you don’t have an actual store.

Step 6 – Identify the Areas Your Business Operates In

In this step, you have to tell Google the areas your business will be serving clients. You have the freedom to add one or a couple of ZIP codes, cities, or regions.

Step 7 – Select the Category of Your Business

The information you provide here is crucial. It will appear on your profile and determine the search terms your business appears for. Ensure that you select the most relevant category. You can have a look at the category chosen by your competitors. This will help you choose the right one.

Step 8 – Provide Contact Details

Even though this is optional, providing contact details goes a long way in ensuring you reap all the benefits of Google My Business listing. Add your phone number and website URL.

Step 9 – Finish and Verify Your GMB Listing

See how quick setting up your Google My Listing was? But before you embark on another local SEO technique, you will need to verify this listing. It’s only after verification that clients can discover your business through Google Maps & Search. Verification will also allow you to market your business using pictures, answer customer reviews and manage your business analytics.

Verification can be done via phone, email, or postcard. The latter is often available to most businesses, and a postcard will be sent to the address provided. Your business website must have been verified using Google Search Console to be verified via email or phone.

Setting up a GMB listing is mandatory for any business that wants to grow. Should you come across any challenges? Marvel Marketing is always here to help you set up a Google My Business Listing. We can also help you optimize it by writing captivating business descriptions. Contact us today, and let’s have a chat on how to promote your online business presence.

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