How Much Should My Website Design Cost?

Website Design Cost

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Any successful business requires building a top-notch website design that can generate leads and gain customers. The Global Entrepreneurship survey from GoDaddy shows that 60 percent of small businesses manage a website, and 58 percent of Canadian businesses integrated their websites with online stores and advanced marketing content during the pandemic.

This is why creating a website design that stands out among competitors in the same industry has become a vital aspect of growing a business. Read this article to learn more about professional web design rates and how much this service will likely cost you.

Basic Web Design


With this price, you can already build a website that is unique for your brand. Small businesses especially benefit from a basic website because of its cost-effectiveness. It gives you a user-friendly platform that can drive user traffic and convert to purchases. 

Average Web Design


An average web design can include extra features, including SEO and a custom theme, designed to fulfill your business’s specific needs. Opt for an average web design if you are a small- to a mid-sized company to help you obtain targeted results. This will allow you to boost your digital marketing efforts from existing measures.

Premium Web Design


This price will give your business a customised and innovative web design that will bring more visitors to your platform. This level of web design brings various features, such as eCommerce functions and many more. 

Premium websites are ideal for corporations that aim to increase their sales in a competitive market. 

Factors That Affect the Price of Your Website

  • Custom graphics
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Installation and setup
  • Live chat
  • Maintenance 
  • Number of webpages
  • SEO copywriting
  • Social media integration
  • Template or custom design
  • Web analytics

Why You Need a Comprehensive Web Design

A survey conducted on 1,000 Canadian consumers showed that 63.3 percent of them will not purchase a product or service from a business with either no website or a poorly designed one. In general, websites without updated content and seamless navigation resulted in the lower trust of consumers in a company. Additionally, most consumers today have developed digital shopping behaviours and easily switched to brands with an excellent online presence and functionality. 

The data above make it clear that businesses should invest in building a high-quality website for their potential customers. The digital age is changing the business landscape, and enterprises should adapt to thrive and grow. 

Choosing a Web Designer 

Most web design services base their rates on experience and background. This should help you choose the right one for your business and budget. Make sure to hire web designers who can grasp your vision for your website and incorporate necessary features into it with ease.

Employing the help of professionals in web design will benefit you in the long run and allow you to focus precious time on developing and improving other aspects of your business. Web designers have years of experience and know how to make your website effectively bring in more leads.


The costs of your web design will heavily depend on the size of your business. Getting a basic website design, for example, does not necessarily mean you are getting a less-functioning platform. Instead, this means that you are building a website that suits your objectives, capacity, and demands. You do not want to spend money on elements you do not need anyway. 

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